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Robert (Robbie) Loftus

Robert Elliott Loftus, a.k.a. “Decker”.  Born: 1950.  Passed: 2017.   67 years old. Member of the Lawton-Bronson Class of 1968.

Retired Air Force, 23 years; Retired Correctional Officer, 21 years. Vietnam Veteran USA — Executive Chief of Las Vegas Master Sergeant. Enlisted 1969. Honorable Discharge 1992.

Meritorious Service Medal — 1991 — 1992  554th Red Horse Civil Engineering

Married Ann M Baker Loftus. Mom – Mary Patrick. Dad – Leo Loftus. Both from Iowa.

Robert/Bob was born with a hole in his heart. Doctors said he would not survive to make it to his 10th birthday. Changes in medicines led to a test surgery at age 5. It worked; at age 7 it was repeated and the repair to the heart was performed.

I was required to get doctor’s permission to go into the military, but having done that, I spent 23 years 7 months in Air Force seeing the world.

On this retirement, I did not want to be bored so I found a job being a Correctional Officer; this was anything but boring.  On this retirement, I found that I truly missed the people that I worked with.

My friend, my family — Jerry W. and I are proud winners of many 1st place trophies of American Shooters League. I will miss Jerry more than I can say.

With my battle with Prostate Cancer done, I will miss my loving wife Ann; my grandson Emryk; my daughter Beth; Eddie of Deland, FL; my family, my friends, and all the games I played on the computer. I fought a hard battle with Agent Orange, and I give prayers to all who continue this hard battle.

I lost both parents, Mary and Leo Loftus; my brothers: Do and John Arthur; and my sister Judy.

Not exactly the way I wanted to go out of this world, but sometimes we do not get to choose.

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