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Kingsley City Council Minutes & Bills — August 6, 2018

Kingsley City Council
August 6, 2018

The Kingsley City Council met in regular session on August 6, 2018 at Kingsley City Hall. Mayor Rick Bohle called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Councilmen Rolling, Bohle, Jasperson and Mathers. Peters was absent.

The agenda was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Minutes of the July 2, 2018 meeting were approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Rolling, all voted aye, motion carried.

Public Forum: Amy Benson talked with the Council about promoting the school through sign advertising.

The following list of bills was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.
Acco, pool chem. Diving board    3,809.75
Rolling Oil, June & July chgs.    2,010.49
Justin Baker, Amb. reimb.    17.20
Barco, signage    742.98
Best Buy, Lib. refrigerator    413.78
Keith Bohle, mileage    47.00
Rick Bohle July expenses    100.00
Bottjen Repair, mower repairs    376.50
Bound Tree, Amb. supplies    1,317.21
Brown Supply, valve box risers    272.74
Casey’s, Amb gas & food    617.45
Cash, reimb petty cash    26.79
CNH Capital, Titan (parts)    4.05
Debby Jantz, reimb. Plan F & D    151.80
Doug Koch, June & July cleaning    243.75
EFTPS, Fed/Fica tax    8,571.60
F.S. Repair, repair diving board    625.00
First Co-op, June & July gas & chemicals    1,614.57
Frontier, phone bills    303.61
GIS Benefits, June & July life/disab.    46.08
Hawkins, water chemicals    3,130.29
Indoff, toner    419.98
Iowa One Call, locates    27.90
Ipers, July Ipers    5,624.88
Steve Jantz, reimb. cell phone    40.00
Kingsley Post Office, water bill postage    160.65
Kingsley State Bank, Fica/Fed tax    1,026.11
Kingsley Vol. Amb., meal stipend    150.00
Lammers, oil & filters    138.96
Lewis Drug, Amb. supl.    10.46
Mangold, water & sewer testing    1,125.00
Matheson, Amb oxygen    66.57
Mid-American Research, lagoon chemicals    2,767.00
MidAmerican, utilities    7,374.46
Norlab, toilet dye packets    79.00
NW Iowa Chimneysweep, clean park chimney    395.00
Overhead Door, fix amb. door opener    200.00
Presto-X, pest control    101.00
Quill, ofc. supl.    252.96
Schwan’s, pool concessions    206.26
Shane Semmler, stump grinding    812.50
Simmering-Cory, Draft of code development    2,800.00
Simpco, annual dues    1,590.45
Siouxland District Health, pool inspection    463.00
Vicki Sitzmann, reimb Plan F & D July & Aug    309.00
Treasurer State of Iowa, 2nd Qtr. sales tax    2,979.00
United Healthcare, Aug. health ins.    5,349.14
UPS, shipping chgs    49.80
Treasurer State of Iowa, 2nd Qtr SWH    1,505.00
Ply. Co. Solid Waste, July tonnage    3,737.75, Lib. supplies & books    840.80
Dirt Road Design, NW Iowa Outdoors ads    304.00
O.C. Sanitation, porta-pot rent    150.00
Iowa DNR, annual NPDES fee    210.00
Wiatel, phone/internet    620.07
Certified Amb Group, Amb. billing    260.05
Kingsley Vol Amb, individual runs    1,760.00
Storey Kenworthy, laser checks    425.48
Chet’s, supplies    18.87
Matheson, Amb oxygen    436.89
Beelner Service, wiring repair, Cem meter, lagoon    698.35
Diamond Vogel, striping paint    674.70
Julie Culler, reimb Lib. supplies    68.06
State Library of Iowa, Bridges E-Book platform    60.00
Overdrive, Inc., Bridges E-Book content    423.43
State Library of Iowa, Database subscription    109.66
Lisa Laird, Lib. entertainment    275.00
Demco, Lib. supplies    185.82
Baker & Taylor, Lib books    912.09
Verizon, Amb hotspot    22.84
Shane’s Glass & More, Comm. Bldg doors    10,120.00
Lumber Pros, sackcrete    4.86
Clark’s Hardware, supplies    472.18
Digital Ally, police radio warranty    499.00
Gall’s, fingerprint kit    126.99
Woodbury Co. REC, pole at tennis court    1,860.18
The Record, publications    357.39
Hach, water chemicals    377.78
AT&T, police phone    169.26
KMEG, advertising    1,240.00
KPTH, advertising    850.00
Bohle Const., level recycle container area    1,174.00

From Library Special Fund:
The Great Courses, Yoga & Relaxation DVDs    222.07
Gale/Cengage, Lib books    160.93
TOTAL    89,286.87

Total Expenses by Fund: General, 97,982.18; Road Use, 10,367.55; Employee Benefits, 6,533.40; Local Option, 0.00; TIF, 0.00; Library Spec Inv, 221.11; Fire Dept Spec, 0.00; Ambulance Spec, 0.00; Fire Truck Spec, 0.00; Debt Service, 147,339.75; Perpetual Care, 0.00; Water, 11,408.75; Sewer, 8,452.25; Lagoon Sinking, 0.00; Solid Waste, 25,370.95. Total: 160,336.19.

Total Revenues by Function: Charges for Services, 50,664.24; Operating Grants, 65,198.46; General Revenues, 26,857.55. Transfers In/Out, 0.00. Total, 142,720.25.

Maintenance Report: Jantz told the Council they will be painting traffic strips this week, finished with valve exercising, discussed future of city wells and how much property will be required around each well.

Police Report: The July report was distributed and discussed.

Pool Report: Pool heater will have to be replaced next spring, free swim will be offered on August 11th from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.. Closing will probably August 14th. We are on list with Acco for pool closing.

Request to extend property lines at 105 Rutland will be discussed at the September meeting.  Buyer will pay for survey.

Storm drain and grate at the Kingsley C-Store will be repaired. Rebuild box, resurface and new grate will be installed.

Street grinding and patching prices were not available for the meeting. Will discuss next meeting and use Local Option Fund to pay for project.

Treasurer’s Report was approved on motion by Rolling, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Dumpster has been delivered to Daniel White residence. Costs will be reimbursed to City by Mr. White.
Ordinance #236
(All Terrain Vehicles)
was introduced by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson. Roll call vote: Rolling, nay; Bohle, aye; Jasperson, aye; Mathers, aye. Motion carried. Third reading of ordinance was done by Attorney Thompson. Motion to adopt Ordinance #236 by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson. Roll call vote: Rolling, nay; Bohle, aye; Jasperson, aye; Mathers, aye. Motion carried. Minimum fine will be $100.00 and is considered a municipal infraction if rules are violated.

Chamber events will now be included on the City’s liability insurance. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Rolling, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Rolling, seconded by Jasperson, to approve the permit for Scootch’s Bar to have a beer garden in front of their business at 118 Main St. on Saturday, August 11, 2018, subject to Scootch’s Bar filing the necessary paperwork with the Iowa Alcohol Beverages Division for a permit to have an extra outdoor service area. Seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye. Area must have restricted boundaries.

Resolution #18-7
Ordering the construction of
Kingsley Ambulance Facility,
Fixing date for hearing
thereon and taking of bids.
Bids will be received by 2:00 p.m. on August 31, 2018 and will be considered and acted on by the City Council at the Hearing set for September 4th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Council would like a written commitment from Kingsley Ambulance on amount of money they are pledging to this project. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers to approve Resolution #18-7. Roll call vote: Rolling, nay; Bohle, aye; Jasperson, aye; Mathers, aye. Motion carried.  City Council will meet in the City Hall on the 4th day of September, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., at which time and place a hearing will be held on the proposed plans and specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the Kingsley Ambulance Facility.

Doosky’s liquor license was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.
Kingsley Volunteer’s liquor license will be transferred to West 2nd Street for Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th. Paperwork has been filed with the Iowa Alcohol Beverages Division. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Rolling, to approve transfer, all voted aye, motion carried.

Catholic Church property will be discussed at the September meeting. Council will be making an offer on the thirteen acre site.

City maintenance will be ordering and applying sealant for the Freedom Rock.

Building Permits: Dan Kremer, garage.

Adjourn on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Next meeting will be September 4, 2018.

Rick Bohle, Mayor
Vicki Sitzmann, Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 16, 2018

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