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Pierson City Council Minutes & Disbursements — August 20, 2018

Pierson City Council

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Monday, August 20th, 2018.  Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 7PM. All council were in attendance. Motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Swanson, seconded by Todd; all voted aye; motion carried.

Airgas  oxygen    $145.66
Alek Krier  labor    $85.00
Badger Meter  meter reading    $169.10
Beelner  labor    $224.45
Bomgaars  supplies    $74.47
Cathy Leering  labor    $27.00
City of Pierson – Utility  utilities    $141.42
Fox Valley Paint  street paint    $292.63
Frontier  phone/internet    $169.90
Iowa DNR  NPDES permit    $210.00
IPERS  pension    $827.10
Jeanette Beekman  mileage    $240.75
Knife River  cold mix    $298.20
Mahoney Auto Repair  ambulance maint    $157.55
Mid American  electric    $1,826.64
New Coop  propane    $200.00
New Coop  fuel    $537.13
O’Halloran  tanker repair    $1,522.96
O’Halloran  parts    $28.57
PCC  billing    $43.62
REC  electric    $25.17
Rolling Oil  tire repair    $40.00
Staples  supplies    $52.99
The Record  publishing    $369.48
United States Treasury  withholding    $1,060.50
Veenstra and Kimm  engineering fees    $3,797.56
Verizon  internet    $106.15
Wellmark  insurance    $2,363.44

Expenditures by Fund: General $2048.00, Special Revenue $3012.06, Proprietary Funds $1361.00.

Revenues by Fund General $15383.62, Special Revenue $3861.31, Debt Service $851.96, Proprietary $17995.12

Bridget Durst from the Conservation Districts of Iowa Source Water section presented council with an opportunity to create a Source Water Protection Plan for Pierson. The purpose of the SWPP is to unite a community with the common goal of protection their Source Water. A SWPP works to ensure clean drinking water by addressing and preventing contamination and cut down on the costs of treatment. Motion by Bubke, seconded by McQueen to move forward with creating a plan; all voted aye; motion carried.

The clerk presented a quote from ATC for asbestos inspection. Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to approve the quote, all voted aye; motion carried.

The clerk presented the Street Financial Report. Motion by Sistrunk to approve
RESOLUTION 2018-9 Approving the Street Financial Report,
seconded by Todd; all voted aye; motion carried.

The Annual Financial Report was approved upon a motion by Bubke, seconded by Todd; all voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by McQueen to approve upon proper application the liquor license for the Gas Lantern, seconded by Sistrunk; all voted aye; motion carried.

Three bids were reviewed to repair the street by the post office. Motion by Swanson to approve the low bid and have the city attorney contact the property owner, seconded by Sistrunk; all voted aye; motion carried.

The action on choosing a grant writer and administrator was tabled until the September meeting.

Future budget items discussed: basketball courts and street repairs. The parks and streets committee will check and make recommendations.

The clerk informed the council that a letter from IDNR was received indicating a water system violation for Nitrite level MCL exceedance.  The city had resampled within 24 hours and the second sample had passed.

Motion by Swanson to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Todd all vote aye; motion carried.

Jeanette Beekman
City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 30, 2018

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