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City of Bronson — Ordinance 2018-02 (Yard Waste Disposal Area)

City of Bronson
Ordinance Adding Bronson Use of
City Yard Waste Disposal Area
ORDINANCE  2018-02


SECTION 1.  Definitions:
City Resident.  Any person residing within the corporate limits of the City of Bronson, Iowa

Yard Waste Disposal Area.   An area of land owned and controlled by the City of Bronson and designated by the City for the disposal of yard waste.

Yard Waste.  Vegetation, grasses, garden cuttings, yard grass cuttings, branches and trunks of trees originating with in the corporate boundaries of the City of Bronson.

Prohibited Materials.  Any tree trunk or branch greater than 30 inches in diameter.  Any Yard Waste originating from sources outside the corporate city limits of the City of Bronson. Garbage including food stuffs purchased for consumer use are prohibited.  Building materials including all wood, natural or pressed are prohibited.

Designation of Yard Waste Disposal Area.  The City hereby designates  the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, Section 29, Township 86 North, Range 46 West of the 5th PM, Woodbury County, Iowa as the disposal area. Said area is owned and maintained by the City of  Bronson

Commercial Use Prohibited.  Commercial use of the designated disposal area is prohibited, for disposal of branches or trunks in excess of 3 inches in diameter; for disposal of any yard waste originating outside the City of Bronson regardless of  the location of the business conducting the commercial business.

Attention to Signage Required.  The City may direct where in the Yard Waste Disposal Area yard waste is to be deposited.  This designation may be changed from time to time or the area may be closed from time to time depending upon conditions and the needs of the City.

Burning Prohibited. No City Resident or other person may ignite  a fire or attempt to burn yard waste they have placed in the disposal area or other persons have placed in the area except a member of the City Staff or the Township Fire Department acting at the request of the Mayor.

Wrongful Use.  Any use determined to be in violation of the provisions of this ordinance may be enjoined by direction of the Mayor and continued use or failure to remove materials when directed to do so shall constitute a continuing infraction and each day thereafter shall constitute a new violation until the matter is corrected.

Emergency Usage.  In the event of a wind event of general impact the Mayor may by proclamation waive the limitations and prohibitions set forth in this Ordinance to the extent necessary to promote the public welfare and for such period of time as necessary to clear yards and public streets of debris.  The proclamation shall specifically describe the prohibited items which may be deposited in the disposal area and shall provide a beginning and projected ending date for such use.

Municipal Infraction.  Any use in violation of this ordinance shall constitute a municipal infraction and shall be carry the following Civil Penalty:

First Violation:  $100.00
Second thru Fourth Violation:  $200.00
Fifth or greater Violation:  $500.00

Violations are cumulative for 24 months such that any repeated violation within 24 months of the previous violation is deemed to  a second or subsequent violation of the provisions of the Ordinance.

Lindy Jessen, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, September 27, 2018

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