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Moville City Council Minutes — October 3, 2018

Moville City Council
October 3, 2018

Mayor Jim Fisher called the meeting to order at around 6:00 pm. Roll Call: Bruce Schmidt, Tom Conolly, Nate Bauer, Paul Malm, and Mike Ofert are present. Malm motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Ofert. Ayes, motion carries. Malm motioned to approve minutes from the last meeting, seconded by Bauer. Ayes, motion carries. Council reviewed the Urban Revitalization Tax Abatement application from Scott and Lori Linden for their new garage at 521 S. 4th Street. Bauer motioned to approve this permit, seconded by Conolly. Schmidt votes No. Ayes, motion carries. The council reviewed the Utility Billing Trial Balance for September; Conolly motioned to approve, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Guests include Chad Thompson, Kent Baker, Dave Christensen, Clint Thomsen, David Gleiser, Dianne Everhart, and Megan Cross.

During open forum, Dianne Everhart requested the council consider changing the proposed Vacant and Abandoned Building Ordinance to disallow Mayor or Council from entering and inspecting the buildings affected by this ordinance. Clint Thomsen requested the council review the bill he received for sewer work done on his property at 610 Circle Dr. He maintains the City has a responsibility for work done because of incorrectly marking the utilities. Council requests this be added to next agenda as an action item.

No Police Department update as Chief Muller is unable to attend.

Council reviewed payroll rates effective July 1, 2018. New payroll rates proposed during budget discussions are as follows: Per hour: Jodi Peterson $20.16, Megan Cross $18.04, Pat Smith $20.62, Greg Manker $18.78 Annual Salary: Mike Weaver $59,356.48, Jereme Muller $45,755.70; Edgar Rodriguez $40,625.00. Bauer motioned to approve these payroll rates effective July 1, 2018, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries.

Council discussed the proposed Budget Amendment 1 for FY 18-19. Ofert motioned, seconded by Conolly to set public hearing for Budget Amendment #1 for October 17th at 6pm. Ayes, motion carries.

Megan Cross presented an update on the Community Visioning Grant process that we have been involved in. She presented several options proposed by the group and requested the council consider which they are most interested in pursuing. Will add to next agenda for possible action.

At around 6:50 pm, Malm motioned to go into Closed Session to discuss possible real estate purchase pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21.5.1 (j), seconded by Ofert. Ayes, motion carries. At around 7:15 pm, Malm motioned to leave closed session and return to regular session, seconded by Schmidt. Ayes, motion carries. No further action taken.

Council considered
Resolution 2018-41
authorizing acceptance of utility easement agreement
with Lyle Nissen regarding the 5th Street Trailer Park.
Schmidt motions to pass this Resolution, seconded by Conolly. Ayes, motion carries.

Regarding the installation of a sidewalk at Motorville, 18 S. 1st Street, the City and Nixons have both received sidewalk permits from the IaDOT. The City plans to complete their work before October 20th weather permitting. Council requests Thompson draw up a letter giving Nixons permission to install their section of the sidewalk as long as the old section is completely torn out and re-formed up and then call the City for approval before pouring new. Council would like to give Nixons 30 days after the City section is done to complete their work. Thompson will draft and send.

Clerk Peterson reviewed progress at 212 S. Pearl Street. The Bush Estate is working with the mortgage lender and prospective buyers to potentially sell the house.

Attorney Thompson gave third and final reading of
Ordinance Chapter 58 of City Code
addressing Abandoned/Vacant Buildings.
Bauer motioned to approve this first reading, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Inspector Christensen would like council to consider allowing Fire Inspections of all Commercial buildings in town.

Council discussed possible review of sidewalks by the inspector and addition of sidewalks in sections of town. No action taken. Council reviewed nuisance parking of vehicles in back and front yards. No action taken.

Council reviewed Casey’s General Store Liquor License update to sell wine. Bauer motioned to approve this permit, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Council will wait until

Chief Muller can attend to discuss the next proposed Code section as it covers administration of the traffic code.

Attorney Thompson requests a special meeting Wednesday October 10th at noon to approve details for the Urban Renewal Plan.

With no further business Bauer motioned to adjourn at around 8:00 pm and Malm seconded. All ayes, motion carries-meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 11, 2018

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