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Cushing City Council Minutes & Claims — November 6, 2018

Cushing City Council Minutes
November 6, 2018
Cushing City Hall – 200 Main St.

The regular meeting of the Cushing City Council was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Don Joy Jr.

Council members present:  Ray Endrulat, Shawn Joy, Dustin Schlenger.   Absent:  Jim Porter, Ben Rabbass

Also present:  Lt. Charles Hertz, Brooke Sievers, and City Clerk Nicole Huisinga

Motion by Joy, seconded by Schlenger to approve consent agenda which includes:
1) Meeting agenda
2) October 2, 2018 Minutes
3) Financial Statement & Budget Report
4) Claims as Presented
5) Building Permits – Joel Tyler, Brennan Hoaglund

ACCO  Liquid Chlorine    871.90
AT&T  Firemen Cell    46.21
Barnes & Noble  Library Books    152.66
Barry Motor Co.  Ambulance Repair    999.91
Boerner & Goldsmith  Legal Fees    306.67
CBC  City Hall Maintenance    516.42
Corner Hardware  City Supplies    62.81
Don’s Pest Control  Fire Station Treatment    43.00
Elaine Droegmiller Library supplies/mileage to meeting    58.55
Nicole Huisinga  Mileage to lawyer/city hall supplies    60.23
IA League of Cities  Budget Wksp    45.00
ISG  Eng./Operator Services    1754.79
Don Joy Jr.  Toilet/Vanity for city hall    178.69
LP Gill  2nd Qtr. Landfill Fee    1047.20
MCI  Telephone    28.57
Met  Water Testing    39.00
Mid America Publishing  Help Wanted Ad    14.20
Mid-American  Electricity    691.61
MPLC  Library Movie License    135.00
New Coop  Fire-fuel    225.22
PCC  Ambulance Billing    66.12
Quality Pump & Control  Annual Pump Service    460.00
The Record  Publishing    107.50
Rehab Systems  Vac Lift Station    550.00
Rick’s Computer  Vipre Subscription    104.30
Schaller Telephone  Phone Service    54.45
Stevenson Hardware  batteries    6.99
Terry Clarkson Excavating  Burial    300.00
USPS  Stamps    100.00
Jerry Wittrock  Fuel reimbursement    100.00

Revenues by Fund:
General    19,331.84
Library    372.12
Road Use    1389.18
Water Fund    2882.98
Sewer Fund    1724.75
Solid Waste Fund    1956.25
Fire Fund    0.00
Total Revenue:    27,657.12

Sheriff’s Report.  Lt. Hertz reported deputies conducted 23hours of Directed Patrols and responded to 3 calls.
City Maintenance.  Council discussed the resignation of Jerry Wittrock, and replacement options.  No decision was made.
Motion made by Endrulat to approve Reports as given.  Seconded by Joy.  Motion carried 3/0.

Old Business
• Library Roof Repair.  Mayor Joy will work on getting Wiese Construction to look at roof and give an estimate.
General Business

• ISG.  Brooke Sievers gave an update on the project.  Everything going great
Section 1 & 2:  Pay Request #1.  Motion made by Joy to approve the $18,354 & $11,200 payments.  Seconded by Endrulat.  Motion passed 3/0

• Fire Dept Liquor License.  Motion made by Schlenger to approve the license request.  Seconded by Endrulat.  Motion passed 3/0.

• Building Permit Expired.  Upon further review, the building permit is not expired.  Council did discuss the structure being built does not match what was approved in the building permit.  Clerk has been instructed to send a letter to the resident.

• Rehab Systems.  Council discussed the need for televising/cleaning pipes.  Clerk is instructed to find out if they would still come out in the colder weather.

• Comprehensive Plan.  Clerk shared some dates given to us by Simmering-Cory to have a community meeting to get some input from the public.  The date chosen is November 26, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

• Computer Upgrade.  The clerk expressed concern with being short on memory once the new water meter program is installed.  Council discussed the new computer estimates sent by Rick’s Computers.  Clerk is instructed to get whichever computer will best fit the city’s needs.

Ordinances — Ordinance 30:  
An Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Cushing, IA by Amending the Residential Dwelling Standards 150.12 (A)
A “Dwelling” is any building used as a living quarters for one or more families, not including motels, hotels, or motor homes.
1. Recreational vehicles parked or stored on a premise or any lot shall not be used for permanent human occupancy.  Recreational vehicles shall only allow human habitation for not more than 14 days in a calendar year.
Motion made to approve first reading by Joy, seconded by Schlenger.  Passed 3/0.  Motion made to waive second reading by Endrulat, seconded by Schlenger.  Passed 3/0.  Motion made to waive third reading by Schlenger, seconded by Joy.  Passed 3/0.

Next regular meeting has been set for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

With no further business, motion by Endrulat, seconded by Schlenger to adjourn at 8:10 p.m.

Mayor Don Joy, Jr.
Attested by:  City Clerk Nicole Huisinga

Published in The Record
Thursday, November 22, 2018

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