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Moville City Council Minutes — January 21, 2019

Moville City Council
Monday, January 21, 2019

Mayor Jim Fisher called the budget meeting to order at around 6:00 pm. Roll Call: Paul Malm, Tom Conolly, Nate Bauer, and Mike Ofert are present. Bruce Schmidt arrived around 6:05. Malm motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Ofert. Ayes, motion carries. Ofert motioned to approve the Claims, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Malm motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Bauer. Ayes, motion carries. Guests include Mike Weaver, Jereme Muller and Jerry Sailer. No input during Open Forum.

Council did not discuss MCDAI issues but did sign up for Committees. Council reviewed Fire Department Budget, Police Department Budget, Revenues, Expense and Debt, Wages and City Hall Budget

With no further business, Malm motioned to adjourn at around 7:40 pm and Schmidt seconded. All ayes, motion carries – meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, January 31, 2019

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