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Representative Tom Jeneary — Week Three

Last week concluded the third week of the 2019 Iowa Legislative Session. We have been assigned bills by the Committee Chairs and have begun the process of meeting in subcommittees to vote whether or not to advance the bill to the full committee. These are some items that will be of interest to the people of the 5th District:

Soybean grain in the United States may now be used for biofuel in the European Union.

This is great news for Iowa soybean farmers. The U.S. has been exporting soybeans to the European Union for animal feed, but the soybean oil byproduct had been shipped back to the U.S. because Europe does not allow it to be used for fuel.

A new rule that is part of the on-going trade talks between the Trump administration and the European Commission changes that.

Iowa ranked as the best state for jobs in the U.S. based on data from the Bureau on Labor Statistics. The ranking judged states on the following criteria: improvement in unemployment over the past year, the state’s unemployment rate currently (2.7 %), how home prices compared with median income and residents income improved year-over-year.

Again this year, bills will make their way to the House and Senate floors as lawmakers seek to either ban or regulate traffic cameras. There are several ideas being explored to deal with this issue.

The key to representative government is communication between constituents and their elected official. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments or concerns, my contact information is

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