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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Bills

Kingsley-Pierson Community School

Aberson, Berwyn  Official    150.00
Aberson, Joshua  Official    260.00
Advanced Systems Inc.  Copier Service    1,334.92
Alarcon Adame, Arturo  Reimbursement    35.10
All Iowa Honor Drill Team  Entry Fee    608.50
American Pop Corn Co.  Supplies    180.50
Bailey, Amy  Reimbursement    23.63
Beelner’s Service Inc.  Service    796.00
Benson, Matthew  Reimbursement    219.39
Bousema, Harlan  Official     105.00
Cam Community School District  Tuition    7,921.94
Canon Financial Services Inc.  Equipment Lease    673.00
Card Service Center  Credit Card Pymt.    4,835.29
Central Lyon Comm School  Entry Fee    50.00
Chesterman  Fund Raising Supplies    1,198.32
Chet’s  Supplies    75.92
Christensen, Chris  Reimbursement    21.06
Christensen, Elizabeth  Reimbursement    7.02
City Of Kingsley  Water/Sewer    185.98
City Of Pierson  Water/Sewer    138.36
Clark’s Hardware LLC  Supplies    70.93
College Board  Supplies    384.00
Country Inn And Suites Ames  Lego League Lodging    665.28
Davidson, George  Official    105.00
Dean Foods North Central  Supplies    452.41
Dolieslager, Terry  Official    105.00
Dunne, Marinda  Reimbursement    96.95
Dunwell LLC  Service    3,781.17
First Cooperative Association-Corp  Supplies    1,345.95
Frontier Communications  Telephone Service    662.16
Gateway Hotel  Lodging    127.68
Goodwin, Nicole  Reimbursement    148.99
Greenway Lawn Care  Service    379.75
Hackett, Chuck  Reimbursement    42.47
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc.  Supplies    220.00
Hobart Sales & Service  Service    220.13
Hoffman, Erin  Reimbursement    64.30
IA Assoc. School Business Offic.  Dues/Fees    90.00
IA High School Speech Assoc.  Entry Fees    146.00
Iowa Communications Network  Services    54.28
Iowa School Finance Information Service  Service    741.00
Jenness, Lloyd  Official    150.00
JW Pepper & Son Inc.  Supplies    65.59
Kingsley Chamber Of Commerce  Dues/Fees    50.00
Kingsley State Bank/Jody Reinking  Lego League    238.50
Kraft Kleaners LLC  Service    227.00
Kreber, Chris  Official    105.00
Lammers Automotive  Services    1,319.69
Loreth, Heather  Reimbursement    13.65
Lumber Pros  Supplies    85.14
Lunchtime Solutions Inc.  Food Service    22,653.13
Malsam, Jennifer  Official    105.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.  Supplies    150.04
McGregor, Doug  Service    250.00
McQueen’s Soft Water Corp.  Services    18.40
Mid American Energy Company  Gas/Elec. Service    12,768.21
Moville Record  Publication Expense    220.53
New Cooperative Inc.  Fuel, Maintenance Supply    5,539.16
Northwest AEA  Supplies    212.50
OA/BC-IG Comm. School  Entry Fee    100.00
Oriental Trading  Supplies    59.46
Pfaffle, David  Official    245.00
Powell, Suzanne  Reimbursement    46.80
Presto X Company  Pest Control    110.00
Ranniger, Royce  Official    105.00
Ray’s Midbell Music  Services    566.49
Really Great Reading Company, LLC  Supplies    945.30
Rick’s Computers  Services    99.00
River Valley Comm. School  Open Enroll/Spec. Ed    19,760.65
Riverside Community School District  Entry Fee    15.00
Rolling Oil Co.  Gasoline-Oil/Service    3,304.83
Roto Rooter  Service    369.69
Salker, Jim  Official    195.00
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies    397.81
Sanitary Services  Garbage Service    1,191.80
School Administrators Of Iowa  Dues/Fees    110.00
School Specialty Inc.  Supplies    517.17
Schroeder, Colin  Official    80.00
Schroeder, Jackie   Reimbursement    99.96
Schultz, Kevin  Official    105.00
Schuttler, Mark  Official    105.00
Schweitzberger, Laurie Reimbursement    154.54
Secure Benefits Systems  Flex Plan Fees    3,664.93
Seggerman, Wendy  Reimbursement    40.00
Slaughter, Jason  Official    105.00
Sportsengine, Inc.  Entry Fee    75.00
SportsGraphics  Wrestling Mats    220.00
Staples Advantage  Supplies    872.99
Supplyworks  Supplies    1,334.32
Thomas Bus Sales Of Iowa Inc.  School Bus    295.00
Thompson Innovation  Services    400.00
Timberline Billing Service LLC  Medicaid Services    571.51
Vonhagel, Curt  Official    195.00
Waverly-Shell Rock High School  Entry Fee    15.00
Western Valley Conference Conference Gate Receipts    2,335.00
Wetz, Mark  Official    105.00
Wiatel  Services    427.38
Wiese, Rob  Reimbursement    411.15
Wilcox, John  Official    150.00
Zahnley, Douglas  Official    75.00
Zalme, Mark  Official    105.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, February 21, 2019

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