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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Minutes — April 8, 2019

Kingsley-Pierson Community School
APRIL 8, 2019

• The meeting was called to order by President Bubke at 7:00 p.m.

• Present:  Members Haggin, Pratt and Collins.

• Motion was brought by Haggin, seconded by Pratt, to approve the agenda.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• Motion was brought by Pratt, seconded by Collins, to approve the minutes of the March’s meetings.  All in favor, motion carried.

• Addressed questions regarding payments to Beelner’s Service, Roto Rooter, and H&H Roofing.  Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt, to approve listed bills in the amounts of $96,749.61 from the general fund, $10,197.71 from the schoolhouse funds, $12,793.94 from the Kingsley activity fund, $22,919.92 from the lunch fund and $2,000.50 from the Pierson activity fund.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• The 2019/2020 proposed budget was published in The Moville Record on March 21, 2019, which meets the required 14 days before the public hearing on April 8, 2019.  Since the budget was approved, the Plymouth County auditor will certify the budget by April 15, 2019.  The Time Clock Plus software upgrade will be tested in April and will potentially role out in May.  IASBO Spring Conference was held in Ames March 27-28.  The financial actual reports reflected expenditures under the budgeted amounts to date.  Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Haggin, to approve the financial report.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• Mr. Wiese updated the board regarding several 7th & 8th grade students attending the KP to DC trip April 16-18.  On May 21, the Middle School students will be having their Spring concert, 7th & 8th grade awards and 8th grade graduation.  The Middle School Track season starts April 9 and April 15 will be the first home meet.  The “Making a Difference” Field Trip to Arnold’s Park will be May 21 for all 5th-8th grade students.  The Elementary Music Concert and Kindergarten graduation will be May 13.  Kindergarten Round-up was held April 5 with 25 students.  Special thanks to Kingsley State Bank for sponsoring the poster winners.  Ms. Loreth honored two 8th grade students, Allie Schweitzberger and Even Neumann at the Annual Honors Luncheon in Sioux City.

• Mr. Bailey congratulated the Jazz Band which placed 3rd at the competition.  Congratulations to Mr. Snakenberg and the kids.  The SAVE bill (HF 546) is waiting for approval by the Senate Way & Means committee.  If approved, this secures SAVE funding until 2050.  The Foundation committee met regarding scholarships applications to graduating seniors.  Applications were sent out to parents and students on April 5.  The safety committee met in Kingsley and Pierson to discuss current plans and provided tours of the buildings.  Members of the committee included: Police, Fire Departments, Emergency Management, Administrators and School Board Members.  On April 6, students had a lot of fun during the Grand March, meal and dance.  Students attended After Prom and a fun time by all.  Track and Golf season are in full swing.  The first Drivers Education class started April 6 with over 40 students signed up.  On May 3, KP will be hosting the Large Group Music contest.  Senior graduation will be May 19 at 2 p.m.  The last day of school is scheduled for students scheduled for May 30th.

• None

• Wrestling Sharing Discussion:
Kingsley-Pierson shared the wrestling program with Remsen St. Mary’s this past year and had one participant.  Our head coaches would like to continue the wrestling sharing arrangement.  Remsen St. Mary’s School Board recommended that the Kingsley Board waive the sharing between the two schools, this would allow Remsen St. Mary’s School Board to determine which program is best for their students and the overall program at St. Mary’s.  After some discussion, the Board came to the conclusion they needed to support the coaches and our wrestling program.  Motion was brought by Haggin, seconded by Pratt to approve the wrestling sharing agreement with Remsen St. Mary’s School District.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• 2019-2020 Budget Hearing:
Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt to open the meeting for public comment.  All voted aye, motion carried.  There were no written comments.  There were no public comments regarding the proposed 2019/2020 budget.
Motion was brought by Pratt, seconded by Collins to close the meeting for public comment regarding the 2019/2020 budget hearing.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• 2019-2020 Budget Adoption:
Discussed the proposed levy rate and surrounding school district’s levy rates.  Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt to adopt the 2019/2020 budget with a levy rate of $12.02927.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• Resignations:
Kevin Hardie resigned his position as Assistant Boys Basketball Coach.  Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Haggin, to approve the resignation of Kevin Hardie as Assistant Boys Basketball Coach.  All voted aye, motion carried.  Kourtney Miller resigned her position as Middle School Math Teacher at the end of the school year.  Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt, to approve the resignation of Kourtney Miller.  All voted aye, motion carried.  Mr. Bailey thanked both for their work for the district.

• Facility Projects:
Lawn Mower: Motion by Collins, seconded by Pratt to approve the purchase of a Laser Z E series lawn mower for $5,999 to trade with the option of an air-ride seat if less than or equal to $650 from Bottjen Implement and a stipulation to provide a loaner mower during service.  All voted aye, motion carried.

Camera monitoring:  Thompson Innovation will be upgrading the camera monitor system in Pierson and Kingsley.

Fire Alarm System: Motion by Haggin, seconded by Pratt to approve the monitoring of the Kingsley and Pierson buildings for $930 the 1st year and evaluate after the first year.  All voted aye, motion carried.

Water Heater/Boiler:  Motion by Collins, seconded by Haggin to approve the replacement of the existing two electric water heaters/boilers with one gas water heater/boiler from Mpire for $33,000.  Beelner’s Service will assist in the removal of the existing water heaters.  MidAmerican Energy will assist with gas line of the gas water heater/boiler.  The project cost not to exceed $45,000.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• Superintendent Pre-Evaluation Material:
Mr. Bailey discussed the Superintendent evaluation instrument and procedure.  Individual meetings were set-up.

• Fundraiser Request: Motion by Collins, seconded by Pratt to approve the Kingsley-Pierson Dance Team pizza fundraiser.  All voted aye, motion carried.

• May Board meeting will be May 13th at 6:00 a.m.

• At 9:04 p.m., motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt, to adjourn. All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Laurie Schweitzberger, Board Secretary
Matt Bubke, Board President

Newspaper Report — April 2019
Vendor Name/Description    Amount
After Prom Committee  After Prom Expense    25.00
Anstine, Randi  Reimbursement    6.24
Bailey, Amy reimbursement    11.50
Bailey, Scott  Reimbursement    264.81
Barnes & Noble Inc. Books    71.90
Beelner’s Service Inc.  Plumbing/Heating Repairs    4,343.28
Bomgaars  Supplies    149.99
Bryan Rock Products Inc.  Gravel/Rock    1,381.96
Buena Vista University  Entry Fee    250.00
Canon Financial Services Inc.  Equipment Lease    673.00
Card Service Center  Credit Card Pymt.    3,067.99
Cherokee Comm School District  Entry Fee    85.00
Chesterman  Supplies    110.75
Chet’s  Supplies    120.35
Choice Supply  Supplies    294.02
City Of Kingsley  Water/Sewer    176.35
City Of Pierson  Water/Sewer    123.82
Clark’s Hardware LLC  Supplies    1,023.30
Demco  Library Supplies    43.22
Dunwell LLC  Services    253.57
First Cooperative Association – Corp. Office  Supplies    249.80
Fleet US LLC  Supplies    144.00
Frontier Communications  Telephone Service    658.12
Frosting With A Side Of Cake  Prom Supplies    353.00
FRS Works  Supplies    338.92
Gateway Hotel  Lodging    1,226.40
Grahams Graphics  Printing Supplies    299.00
H & H Roofing  Roofing Services    685.00
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc.  Supplies    120.50
Hobart Sales & Service  Repairs/Service    320.56
Hoffman, Erin  Reimbursement    38.62
Homer Community School  Entry Fees    75.00
Hy-Vee Food Stores  Supplies    1,970.00
IA Assoc. of Agricultural Educators  Instructional Supplies    425.00
IA High School Music Assoc.  Entry Fees    215.00
Impact7g  Registration     125.00
Instrumentalist Awards  Instr. Supplies    199.00
Iowa Communications Network  Services    66.15
Iowa Division Of Labor Services  Boiler Inspection Fees    80.00
Iowa School Finance Information Service  Subscription    1,100.00
Johnson Controls Security Solutions  Fire Alarm Monitoring        169.39
Jostens, Inc.  Supplies    1,299.09
JT Enterprises  Services    573.75
JW Pepper & Son Inc.  Supplies    369.59
Kraft Kleaners LLC  Services    104.00
Lammers Automotive  Vehicle Repairs    2,637.95
Lindgren, Stanley  Reimbursement    24.00
Lumber Pros  Lumber Supplies    58.29
Lunchtime Solutions Inc.  Food Service    22,599.36
Marcus Meriden Cleghorn Remsen Union  Entry Fee    160.00
Mathematically Minded LLC  Instructional Supply    468.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.  Instr. Supplies    150.04
McGregor, Doug Services    350.00
Medical Enterprises, Inc.  Drug Testing Supplies    24.00
Menards – Sioux City  Supplies    150.41
Mid American Energy Company  Gas/Elec. Service    11,093.68
Moville Record  Subscription    344.32
Nebraska Educational Technology Association Conference..318.00
New Cooperative Inc.  Supplies    3,857.68
Northwest AEA  Instr.  Supplies    1,860.00
Pash, Dale  Official    175.00
Perma-Bound  Supplies    431.49
Phonak  Services    405.00
Powell, Suzanne  Reimbursement    37.44
Pratt, Stephanie  Reimbursement    226.50
Presto X Company  Pest Control    110.00
Ray’s Midbell Music  Services    606.86
Rick’s Computers  Services/Equipment    3,213.00
Ridge View Community School  Entry Fee    180.00
Roepke, Gregg  Reimbursement    664.03
Rohde, Annie  Services    10.00
Rolling Oil Co.  Gasoline-Oil/Service    4,329.16
Roto-Rooter  Plumbing Service    767.50
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies    251.62
Sanitary Services  Garbage Service    595.90
School Bus Sales  Repair Parts/Service    303.50
School Specialty Inc.  Instr. Supplies    213.18
Schroeder, Jackie  Reimbursement    24.96
Schroeder, Mark  Reimbursement    99.84
SDSU Athletics Entry Fee    250.00
Secure Benefits Systems  Flex Plan Fees    3,390.70
Seton Identification Products  Supplies    105.09
Snakenberg, Seth  Reimbursement    542.49
Staples Advantage  Supplies    151.42
Stumps  Prom Supplies    729.91
Supplyworks Maintenance Supplies    965.94
Timberline Billing Service LLC  Medicaid Services    501.81
Tri-State Sew & Vac Inc.  Equipment    36.00
Vondrak, Jayne  Reimbursement    177.18
Walsworth  Year Book    3,117.40
Western Iowa Tech Comm. College  Dues/Fees    3,075.30
Wiatel  Phone service    375.38
Wiese, Rob  Reimbursement    325.80
World’s Finest Chocolate Inc.  Fund Raising Supply    1,880.00
Wurth, Melissa  Reimbursement    703.54

Published in The Record
Thursday, April 18, 2019

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