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Maple Valley/Anthon-Oto Minutes — May 13, 2019

Maple Valley-Anthon Oto

Date:  Monday, May 13, 2019
Time:  7:00 PM
Place:  Superintendent’s Office, Mapleton, IA
Present: Wimmer, Flanigan, Kennedy, and Clausen
Absent:  Mead
Others:  One guest

I.  Opening of Meeting
A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum
President Wimmer called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 7:00 PM.

II. Communications
A. Public Forum
B. Correspondence

III. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Agenda
B. Minutes
C. Financial Summary
D. General and Schoolhouse Bills:  General $453,803.46; Management $1,371.59; PPEL $43,537.69; Activity $24,115.89; Hot Lunch $52,638.86; Infrastructure $39,274.24; Extra & Hourly Pay $84,680.38
E. Activity Account
F. School Meal Program
Clausen moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the consent agenda.  4 ayes.  Motion carried.

IV. Action Items
A. Employee Resignations/Contract Modifications/Hiring Resignations:  Flanigan moved and Clausen seconded to approve the resignations from Sarah Buschelman from her teaching position, Carmen Herzberg from her teaching and coaching positions, Denny Muckey from his custodian position, Brittany Hermsen from her head volleyball coaching position, and Jordan Scholl from his assistant Girls Basketball position.  4 ayes.  Motion carried. Kennedy moved and Flanigan seconded to approve the following hirings:   Kera Morgan Full Time custodian, Jordan Scholl middle school assistant football coach, Andy Tirevold high school assistant football, Emily Low high school head volleyball, Brian Brown half time middle school teacher, and Melissa Davis-Vermeys elementary teacher.  4 ayes.  Motion carried.

B. Registration Fees/Meal Prices for 2019-2020 — Clausen moved and Flanigan seconded to increase the hot lunch prices by $.05 which is required by the Federal Government.  All the rest of fees we will leave the same.  4 ayes.  Motion carried.

C. Appointment of Designated Person for Asbestos – Wimmer appointed the head custodian at Mapleton as the designated person for asbestos.

D. Appoint Child Abuse Investigators – Wimmer appointed our counselors and principals as our child abuse investigators.

E. Policy Revision 705.1 & 802.2 – Flanigan moved and Kennedy seconded to revise policies 705.1 and 802.2 as presented.   4 ayes.  Motion carried.

F. Approval of Safety Plan
Flanigan moved and Clausen seconded to approve the MVAO safety plan.   4 ayes.  Motion carried.

G. Approval Master Certified Contract
Clausen moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the master contract with the MVAO education association with a 2.47% increase.  4 ayes.  Motion carried.

H. Non-Certified and Administrative Contracts
Flanigan moved and Clausen seconded to approve the non-certified and administrator contracts with a 2.47% increase and other changes as presented.   4 ayes.  Motion carried.

I. Consideration of Keyless Door Entry System
Flanigan moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the quote from Thompson Innovation for $69,158.54 for new electronic door locks.  4 ayes.  Motion carried.

V. Discussion Items

VI. Reports
A. Principals/School Improvement Coordinators Reports

VII. Future Agenda Item Requests
A. Consideration of Chromebook Purchase

VIII. Announcements
A. Staff Appreciation Week – May 6-10
B. School Board Recognition Month – May
C. Commencement – 2:00 PM, Sunday, May 19, 2019
D. Last Day of School for MVAO – Thursday, May 30 – 2 hour early out for students
E. Jane’s Retirement Invite
F. Staff Appreciation Brunch – Friday, May 31, 2019 – 8:00 AM – Mapleton
G. Next Meeting – Monday, June 17, 2019 – in Anthon

IX. Adjourn – President Wimmer adjourned the meeting at 7:51 PM.

MVAO Board President – Wimmer
MVAO Board Secretary — Klingensmith

Published in The Record
Thursday, May 23, 2019


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