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Plymouth County Board of Supervisors — May 14, 2019 Minutes & Claims

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
May 14, 2019
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Boardroom on May 14, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.  All members were present.  All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated.  Chairman Don Kass called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the May 14, 2019 agenda.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Anderson, to approve the minutes of the April 30, 2019 meeting.  Motion Carried.

There was no meeting on May 7, 2019 due to lack of agenda items.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton, to approve payroll dated May 3, 2019 and May 15, 2019 and approve claims dated May 7, 2019.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve
Resolution #051419
and the consenting acknowledgment to assignment form for a new trustee, escrow agent and paying/transfer agent for county general obligation bonds from Bankers Trust to UMB (United Missouri Bank).  Anderson-aye; Meis-aye; Kass-aye; Horton-aye; Loutsch-aye.  Motion Carried.

Alan Lucken, Zoning Administrator, discussed rates for a new Plymouth County Zoning fee structure.

Motion by seconded by Anderson, seconded by Loutsch, to approve the amended zoning fee structure with the following changes effective June 1, 2019.  Re-zoning permit increases to $500 from $300.  Variances and conditional use permits increase to $350 from $200.  Communication tower permits increase to $500 from $250.  Wind turbine permit fee increases to $1,500 from $1,000, and a house over $250,000 changes from a flat $250 fee to a $250 fee plus $1.00 per additional $1,000 of house cost over the $250,000 with no cap.  Motion Carried.

The Board reviewed a minor subdivision, Schiefen Addition, in Section 13 of Johnson Township with Fred Schiefen.  He will revise the survey plat and resubmit for approval with the Board after adjusting lot lines to make them square.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Horton, to approve
Resolution #051419-2
Plymouth County Segregation of Duties Policy and Plymouth County Fraud Reporting Policy.  Anderson-aye; Meis-aye; Kass-aye; Horton-aye; Loutsch-aye.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve a permit for a tile crossing in Section 13 of Johnson Township and Section 18 of Washington Township on Hickory Ave.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton, to approve a permit to Long Lines Limited in Section 2/11 of Plymouth Township on C-44.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Loutsch, to approve a permit to Wes Tel Systems in Section 32 of Fredonia Township on 160th St.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve a permit to Premier Communications in Section 29/30 in America Township on Lake Ave. & C-38.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Loutsch, to approve right of way projects for LC-141303, LC-373609 and LC-270510.  Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors and Tom Rohe reviewed the micro-surfacing and seal coat projects.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 11:27 a.m.

Stacey Feldman,
Plymouth County Auditor

Don Kass, Chairman

Plymouth County – Claims paid on 5-7-2019
A & M Laundry  floor mats    58.00
Accurate Reporting  deposition    76.00
Advanced Systems  copier maintenance    78.12
AgriVision Equipment  parts for lawn mower    54.87
Noel Ahmann  mileage, 911 salary    1114.52
City of Akron  SUNDRY    96.48
Akron Hometowner  publications    414.82
Kent and Sheri Allen  RIGHT-OF-WAY    593.50
Allied Oil & Tire  oil    2700.00
Alpha Wireless  cable kit, radios    461.57
Craig Anderson  mileage    288.26
Anthony Plumbing, Heating  gutter pipe    1448.48
Arnold Motor  PARTS    143.88
Autry Reporting deposition..113.40
Bankers Trust  Wells and Ethanol bonds    1,019,972.50
Cristi G. Bauerly  transcript    16.00
Beelner Service  BUILDINGS    457.64
Bekins Fire & Safety  annual hood inspection    105.75
Bentson Pest Control  pest control    100.00
Bohle Construction  debris removal    15,585.00
Bomgaars  supplies    691.71
Matthew & Jodi Brown  RIGHT-OF-WAY    1151.50
Mark Brown  RIGHT-OF-WAY    558.00
City of Brunsville SUNDRY    52.20
Carroll Construction Supply  PARTS    251.79
Casey’s General  fuel    4386.69
Century Link  line transfers    538.46
Chapman Overhead Door  BUILDINGS    172.00
Cherokee Co. Sheriff  service    78.60
Cornhusker International  PARTS    1297.28
County Binders Inc.  VA office binders    510.74
Creative Product Sourcing  DARE supplies    472.70
Culligan Water Conditioning  water cooler    44.77
D.A. Davidson & Co.  disclosure update    1000.00
The Dailey Stop  fuel    164.26
Dakota Riggers & Tools  CHAINS & CABLES    183.76
Dean Foods  kitchen supplies    210.99
Dell  PC replace/update    7403.85
Eakes Inc  supplies    279.60
Dave Erdmann  MEETING FEES    25.00
Farmers Coop-Craig fuel    1350.05
Fastenal  supplies    239.49
Stacey Feldman  mileage/cell phone    71.60
Floyd Valley Hospital  SAFETY    20.00
Frank Dunn Co.  ASPHALT CONCRETE    1598.00
Frontier  phone services    2020.32
Randy Galles Seeds  EROSION CONTROL    5537.25
GCC Alliance Concrete  BOX CULVERTS    260.00
Jolynn Goodchild  cellphone, mileage, supplies    163.24
Hardware Hank  supplies    123.96
Jamie Hauser  mileage    350.32
Heiman Fire Equipment  fire inspection    165.00
Holiday Inn  lodging    366.24
Bob Hughes  MILEAGE    16.24
Hydraulic Sales & Service  PARTS    330.08
Ida Co. Sheriff  service    39.50
Indoff  SUPPLIES    377.96
Interstate Battery System  BATTERIES    111.95
Iowa County Attorney’s Assoc.  attorney conference    325.00
Iowa Dept. of Public Safety  Iowa System    2526.00
Iowa Prison Industries  SIGNS    4250.49
Iowa Secretary of State  notary renewal    30.00
Iowa State University  Mental Health conference    75.00
ISCTA  Treasurers Conference    140.00
I-State Truck Center  FILTERS    849.36
Jack’s Uniforms  uniforms    360.75
Jami L. Johnson  transcript    117.25
Jensen Motors  2019 Dodge Durango    26,110.00
Jim Hawk Truck Trailers  PARTS    122.92
Jim Jones  VA training    1058.76
J-W Tank Line  fuel    1751.00
Bobbi Kellen  meals, mileage    285.22
City of Kingsley  SUNDRY    27.59
Knife River  ASPHALT CONCRETE    1102.00
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    4275.00
L.A. Carlson Contracting  debris removal    1175.00
City of Le Mars  utility assistance    263.74
Le Mars Chamber of Commerce  parade entry fee    10.00
Le Mars Daily Sentinel  publications    443.35
L.G. Everist Inc.  GRANULAR    41,443.93
Lincoln County Sheriff  service    18.00
Matheson-Linweld  WELDING SUPPLIES    57.62
Mail Services  MV renewal notices    840.10
Mangold Env. Testing  OUTSIDE ENGINEERING    72.00
MCI  line transfer    9.85
Menards  supplies    49.97
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    4148.87
Midwest Lubricants  OIL    1344.00
Midwest Wheel  PARTS    284.03
Mike’s Inc.  fuel    4675.99
Sharon Nieman  gas, cell phone    106.05
Northern Lights Foodservice  kitchen supplies    202.61
Gary Nussbaum  RIGHT-OF-WAY    1288.00
O’Halloran International  PARTS    578.55
Amy Oetken  postage, mileage    44.63
Office Systems  copier maintenance    484.00
Okoboji Commons Hotel  lodging    571.60
Shawn Olson  weather equipment    1016.29
One Office Solutions  office supplies    332.50
Owens-King Co.  microfilm storage    6.75
City of Oyens  SUNDRY    42.00
Platte County Sheriff service    9.00
Carolyn Plueger  transcript    99.75
Leonard Plueger  SW tower rent    1000.00
Ply. Co. Board of Health  pass thru grant    6001.18
Ply. Co. Sheriff  fees    2395.28
Plymouth Co. Solid Waste Agency  assessment/hauling    26,907.64
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex benefit reimb.    1791.17
Premier Communications  cable box    801.46
Presto-X-Co.  pest control    55.00
Primebank  data processing fee    7.50
Quality Lawn Care  snow removal    140.00
Darin Raymond  meeting expenses    367.50
Northwest REC  park utilities    1035.42
Regency Villa Apts.  rent assistance    471.00
City of Remsen SUNDRY    475.46
Remsen Bell Enterprise  publications    326.04
Road Mach. & Supply  PARTS    633.85
Thomas Rohe  MEALS & LODGING    856.97
Rolling Oil Co.  oil    4024.74
Sapp Bros.  fuel    22,709.42
Schorg’s Amoco  fuel    1492.61
Trudy Seng  insurance reimb.    454.83
Sherwin Williams  supplies    12.00
SHRED-IT USA  shredding    42.95
Simpco  Hazmat services    11,160.00
Elizabeth Singer  mileage    33.06
Sioux Automation Center  PARTS    1190.70
Sioux Rivers Regional MHDS  2nd ½ region dollars    204,508.00
Sioux Sales Company  uniform    263.75
Siouxland Dist. Health Dept  well testing    75.00
Shelly Sitzmann  mileage, lodging, cell phone    548.68
Southern Sioux Co. RWS  Hillview water    154.75
US Postal Service  stamped envelopes    306.25
Stan Houston Equipment  PARTS    124.65
Luke Steeg  SUNDRY    140.00
Steffen Truck Equipment  PARTS    86.22
Storey Kenworthy  office supplies    499.95
Amy Ten Napel  postage    8.30
The Record  publications    177.32
Thomson West  CLEAR services    168.29
Total Motors  TIRES & TUBES    24.53
Total Truck Care  PARTS    13.43
Transit Works  SUPPLIES    1340.00
U.S. POSTAL SERVICE  NCOA cards    21.75
Unity Point Health SAFETY    42.00
Van’s Sanitation  garbage hauling    299.00
Vander Meer Bakery  SAFETY    72.90
Verizon Wireless  cell phones    883.49
VISA  misc. sheriff’s expenses    1307.81
Wagner Auto Supply  tools/parts    39.19
Wal-Mart  supplies    473.50
Wal-Mart  election supplies    53.73
WesTel Systems  phone    46.44
Wex Bank  fuel    5868.20
Wilcox Electric  BUILDINGS    388.98
Woodbury Co. Sheriff  service    131.00
Northwest Iowa YES Center  shelter care    10,944.00
Ziegler Inc. 2 loaders    301,453.10

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 6, 2019

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