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Bronson City Council Minutes — June 11, 2019

Bronson City Council Minutes
June 11, 2019

The Bronson City Council met in session on Tuesday June 11, 2019 at the Bronson City Hall.  Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Thompson.  Council members answering roll:  Chad Merchant, Doug Williams, Jason Garnand, and Jamie Amick.  Attorney Metcalf was present.

Visitors:  Lt. Charles Hertz, Woodbury County Sheriff’s report.  During the month of May, in the town of Bronson, deputies conducted direct patrol totaling 27 hrs. and 39 minutes and responded to 2 calls for service.  Additionally, deputies spent 7 hrs. and 24 minutes performing school related activities in the Lawton-Bronson district.

Alice Gordon and Buddy Gordon were present.  Buddy reported that he will be opening up the body shop soon.  Alice asked what is left to be done from the work that the City did when it was flooding this spring.  CJ reported that the Fire Dept needs to blow out the culvert that runs from the bar to across the street to the south.  CJ will then seed with grass where needed.  Alice thinks there is a leak.  Sump pump in the house she owns across from the bar runs constantly and the concrete is undermined in front of the house.  Council discussed the matter and will have Nick look into finding the leak if there is one.

Lori Hinds was not present but she had given the Clerk a list of things that need done.  Thermostat at shelter house needs looked at.  Mayor Thompson will look into it.  Women’s toilet at the concession stand rocks back and forth and needs to be fixed.  CJ will look into that.  Lori reported that there was a hand-made concrete bench that was donated to the park by the Johnson family has been broken.  After much discussion, Mayor Thompson and Councilman Garnand will go down and look at it.

Ambulance:  Dillon Hinds was not present for the ambulance report.  Discussion was made about making sure the signs are put up over the 4th of July saying “residents cannot shoot off fireworks on public property.”  Councilman Amick will try and find them at the Fire Dept. from last year.

Maintenance:  CJ was present.  Wanted to know how much money was available for Frank’s Asphalt to come and seal cracks this year.  Council felt around $6000.00.  Council discussed the matter that Front Street needs some work.  Mayor Thompson will get with Frank’s Asphalt to see what it would cost to overlay some of the bad spots on Front Street.  Discussion was made about selling the old town dump truck.  Councilman Merchant and Garnand will put it on Craig’s list to sell.  CJ reported the dixie chopper has been breaking down and the town has put a lot of money into it lately.  After much discussion, there was a motion from Councilman Merchant and second from Councilman Garnand, with all council present voting yes, to purchase a new dixie chopper from S&S Equipment at around $8300.00 if the Treasurer says we have the money in the budget to do so.  CJ asked if it was possible that the coaches drag the ballfield after every practice and game and also pull the bases.

Water/Sewer Operator report:  Nick was not present at the meeting but gave the Clerk things to mention.  The City’s 3 year water inspection will be on June 13th at 1:00.  He would like a representative from the City to be present as well.  Councilman Amick said he could be there.  Nick will be doing lead and copper testing this month.

  BY FUND                BY FUND
Interest earned
5,605.51                      9,284.11
1,954.68                      4,573.56
Road Use Tax
3,030.10                      4,649.38
1,451.06                       4,084.10
6,185.35                       1,516.44
1,969.62                       2,128.18
Local Option Sales Tax
3,437.71                       1,583.33
0.00                               0.00

There was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman Merchant, with all council present voting yes, to approve the Treasurer’s financial report.

Minutes:  There was a motion from Councilman Merchant and a second from Councilman Amick, with all council present voting yes, to approve the minutes for the May 14th regular meeting.

CHN  garbage    $1,520.42
City of Bronson  water bill for city hall    $76.00
Siouxland District Health  bacterial testing    $42.00
WIATEL  telephone bill    $52.87
Moville Record  publication of minutes    $251.38
Menards  culvert    $329.98
Concrete Products  flag pole at park    $441.00
IMWCA  dues    $1,316.00
Iowa League of Cities  dues    $357.00
Metcalf  attorney fees    $929.00
Counsel  work on copier    $133.75
Morningside Plumbing  leak    $2,259.49
Bronson Fire Dept.  donation for fireworks    $1,000.00
Postmaster  6 rolls of postage stamps    $330.00
Midstates Electric  lift station    $85.00
Hy-Vee  reimb. Lindy for funeral flowers    $80.25
Post office  reimb. Lindy for postage    $7.35
Sam’s Club  reimb. Monica for office supplies    $43.82
ACCO  chlorine    $254.40
Emergency Medical Products  supplies for ambulance    $201.43
Green Acres Flower Shop  flowers for park – reimb. Lori    $92.65
Bomgaars      battery for lawn mower to drag ballfields    $100.98
American Underground  water supplies    $519.82
S&S Equipment  Dixie chopper    $296.44

There was a motion from Councilman Garnand and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to approve to pay the aforementioned bills.

1. Ash Borer ordinance:  Attorney Metcalf went over this with the council.  After much discussion, council would like Attorney Metcalf to bring back to the next meeting as an ordinance the council would like to pass.

2. Update on Municipal Codes:  Municipal codes are supposed to be updated every 5 years.  After much discussion, council would like Attorney Metcalf to republish our municipal code book.

3. Councilman Amick on brush pile:  tabled until the next regular meeting.

4. Discussion on replacing swing set at the park:  MHRD fall grant opens mid July and the Clerk will make sure we apply for the grant in order to replace the playground set at the park now.  Councilman West will bring some quotes to the next meeting.

5. ICAP grant:  Clerk Jessen will apply for this $1000.00 grant.  The money is to be used for safety measures.  Council decided that new break away bases are needed at the ballfield.  This would prevent kids from getting hurt when they slide into the bases.  The cost is around $550.00.  Council said to get more barriers for the streets with the rest of the money.  Clerk Jessen will apply for the grant.

6. IMT Insurance Community Contest:  IMT Insurance is sponsoring their IMT Community Contest again this year.  They will be giving awards ranging from $250-$500 to town projects and organizations in need of funding.  In addition to these awards, they will be awarding five DIAMOND awards in the amount of $1000.00.  Council would like Clerk Jessen to apply for getting a new sign put up at the end of town out by Hwy 141.  Clerk Jessen asked Councilman Merchant to take a picture of the old sign out there to show how badly we need one.  Clerk Jessen will then apply for the money.

Anything from Councilman Merchant:  Asked if the City could buy a new rake for down at the ballfields.  There was a motion from Councilman Garnand and a second from Councilman Amick, with all council present voting yes, to purchase a rake for around $64.00.

Anything from Councilman Williams:  no

Anything from Councilman Amick:  Flags need to be put back up around town.  CJ said that he needs a lift in order to replace the rope on the flag pole at the shelter house.  After discussing the matter, the city will probably rent a lift when old banners are taken down before the 4th of July, so they will replace the rope at that time.

Anything from Clerk Jessen:  no

Anything from Treasurer Junge:  not present

Attorney Metcalf:  Talked about the town passing an ordinance on time of sale inspections of the owners’ sewer tanks.  Also council needs to look at sewer rates.  These matters are tabled till the next regular meeting on July 9th.

Since there was no further business to discuss, there was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman Merchant, with all council present voting yes, to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Tony Thompson, Mayor


Lindy Jessen, City Clerk

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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