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Cushing City Council Minutes/Claims — June 4, 2019

Cushing City Council Minutes
June 4, 2019
Cushing City Hall – 200 Main St.

The regular meeting of the Cushing City Council was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Mayor Don Joy Jr.

Council members present:  Alex Rabbass, Shawn Joy, Jim Porter, Dustin Schlenger.  Absent:  Ray Endrulat.

Also present:  Sgt. Carthwright and Sandy Bendixen

Motion by Schlenger, seconded by Porter to approve consent agenda, which includes:
1) Meeting agenda
2) May 7, 2019 Minutes
3) Financial Statement & Budget Report
4) Claims as Presented
5) Building Permits – none

AT&T  Firemen Cell    46.10
Berkadia  Sewer Loan Payment    8354.00
EGR Insurance  Insurance for new city pickup    381.00
Feld Fire  Fire Station Supplies    1412.00
Mike Frahm  Mowing Payment #2    787.50
Elaine Droegmiller  Library-Books/Mileage/chair    219.97
Nicole Huisinga  Mileage to meeting    40.66
Iowa Finance Authority  Water Loan Payment    4349.92
ISG  Operator Services/Main Break    1050.58
MCI  Telephone    29.50
Gary Merkel  Mileage to Meeting    29.96
Mid-American  Electricity    861.51
New Coop  Fire    91.01
NW REC  Standpipe Light    126.60
Bob O’Connell  Weed Killer    13.67
One Source  City Envelopes    89.09
PCC  Ambulance Billing    88.39
The Record  Publishing    210.31
Schaller Telephone  Phone Service    53.99
USPS  stamps    110.00
Woodbury Co. EMS  Ambulance Assist    600.00

Revenues by Fund:
General    7763.89
Library    1128.00
Road Use    1868.43
Water Fund    84,379.15
Sewer Fund    1695.00
Solid Waste Fund    2125.00
Fire Fund    9528.00
Total Revenue:    108,487.47

Mayor Joy opened the Public Hearing on the proposed budget amendment #1 for FY18-19 at 8:00 p.m.  No verbal or written comments were received.  Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 8:04 p.m. p.m. Clerk will forward budget amendment information as required by law to the County Auditor.

Sheriff’s Report.  Sgt. Carthwright reported there were 2 calls to Cushing, and deputies spent 11 hours in the River Valley School District.

Library.  The Summer Reading Program is starting in June.  Story time will start in July.

Clerk.  The clerk reported to the council and mayor that Cushing will have auditors from the state here at the end of June.  Also this fall will be time for elections for mayor and 2 council positions.
Motion made by Rabbass to approve Reports as given.  Seconded by Porter.  Motion carried 4/0.

Old Business
General Business
• ISG.  Sievers joined us by phone conference.  Project nearing the end.  Substantial completion to date.  Final pay requests are coming in.  Brooke Sievers discussed how to modify standpipe to stop overflow while high amounts of water being run through.  4 options were given:  do nothing, well timer, radio read measuring at standpipe, and adding a tank to hold excess water.  Sievers and Grafft will be in town on Friday to look at options, and will meet with Councilmen Joy and Rabbass.  Council will need to decide in the near future.   Sievers also discussed the lift station project.  Still working on engineering report.  Hoping to submit in September 2019.
* Section 1:  Pay Request #8
Motion made by Porter to approve the payment.  Seconded by Rabbass.  Motion passed 4/0
* Change Order:  SCE #1
Motion made by Joy to approve the change order.  Seconded by Schlenger.  Motion passed 4/0
* Certificate of Completion for SCE and Schmitt
Motion made by Rabbass to approve both certificates of completion.  Seconded by Schlenger.  Motion passed 4/0

• Fireworks Distributor.  Clerk shared that Mike Barkel would like to set up a stand to sell fireworks at the old school.  Motion made by Schlenger to deny permission to sell fireworks in Cushing.  Seconded by Joy.  Motion passed 4/0.

• Old 20 Bar & Grill.  Sandy Bendixen presented everything she has prepared to host a dance on July 27, 2019 on Main Street in Cushing.  She has hired security, band, and porta-potties.   Clerk will need to send a letter to the county to receive permission to close Main Street for the evening.  Motion made by Joy to approve the street dance hosted by Old 20 Bar & Grill on July 27, 2019.  Seconded by Rabbass.  Motion passed 4/0.

• Old Computer.  Bids will be accepted for next meeting.

• Library Board Member Approval.  The library board is recommending Megan McCann for an empty library board position.  Motion made by Rabbass to accept McCann.  Seconded by Schlenger.  Motion passed 4/0.

Resolution 2019:05:  
A Resolution to close streets for Old Fashioned Wednesday Night on June 26, 2019.  
Motion made by Joy, seconded by Porter.  Motion passed 4/0.

Resolution 2019:06: 
A Resolution to amend current budget for the first time for FY ending June 30, 2019.  
Motion made by Schlenger, seconded by Joy.  Motion passed 4/0.

Resolution 2019:07:
A Resolution to set a Public Hearing for Budget Amendment #2 FY18-19.
Motion made by Joy, seconded by Porter.  Motion passed 4/0

Ordinance 31-2019:  Motion made by Joy, seconded by Porter to Consider and Approve First Reading of
Ordinance 31-2019
pertaining to Water Rates.
Ayes:  Rabbass, Schlenger, Porter, Joy.  Nays:  None.  Absent:  Endrulat.    Motion carried 4/0

Ordinance 32-2019:  Motion made by Porter, seconded by Joy to Consider and Approve First Reading of
Ordinance 32-2019
pertaining to Sewer Rates.
Ayes:  Porter, Joy, Schlenger, Rabbass.    Nays: None.  Absent:  Endrulat.    Motion carried 4/0

Next regular meeting has been set for Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.

With no further business, there was a motion by Schlenger, seconded by Joy to adjourn at 9:25 p.m.

Mayor Don Joy, Jr.

Attested by:
City Clerk Nicole Huisinga

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 20, 2019

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