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Moville City Council Minutes — July 2, 2019

Moville City Council
Wednesday, July 2, 2019

Mayor Jim Fisher called the meeting to order at around 6:00 pm. Roll Call: Bruce Schmidt, Nate Bauer, Tom Conolly, Paul Malm, and Mike Ofert are present. Ofert motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Bauer motioned to approve minutes from the last meeting, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. No permits to review. Bauer motioned to approve the Utility Billing Trial Balance, seconded by Conolly. Ayes, motion carries. Guests include Chad Thompson, Kent Baker, Chief Jereme Muller, Fire Chief Jerry Sailer, Gene and John Groetken, Maggie Butler, Ashley Hautt, Chris Rich and Angie Sleezer.

During Open Forum, Chris Rich asked permission to block off part of the street near his house on Pinney Road for an upcoming neighborhood block party. Council and Police Chief are agreeable to the idea and will provide barricades for safety. Ashley Hautt and Maggie Butler asked questions about how MYRA is set up and related to the City, regarding non-profit status and other details. They would like more details and information on MYRA’s accounting system including expenses and revenues provided by sport. Angie Sleezer requested a discount for families with multiple family members registered. Ofert states that all board member contact information and financials are on the MYRA website and welcomes anyone to contact board members with any questions or feedback. Jerry Sailer presented a Fire Department update. Muller presented thePolice Department update verbally. Statistical report will be available later in the month. Council discussed pet ordinance — no changes at this point.

Council discussed the sidewalk project at 18 S. 1st Street in front of Motorville. Property owners had installed a portion of the new sidewalk but because of the condition and slope of it, were not compliant with ADA requirements. Contractor Matt Jackson was hired to remove and replace that section of the sidewalk. Attorney for the property owner had written Attorney Thompson a letter regarding this work; Thompson will draft a response and send. Mayor Fisher updated the council that the asbestos testing for the Motel 20 property at 631 Frontage Road had been begun today and should be finishing up tomorrow.

At around 6:37 pm, Malm motioned to enter Public Hearing regarding the matter of an auction to sell the furnishings from Motel 20 property. Seconded by Conolly; Ayes, motion carries. No comments made before or during the meeting, so around 6:38 pm Malm motioned to close public hearing, seconded by Conolly. Ayes, motion carries. Council discussed several options for selling the property including auction, a rummage-style sale, or taking bids. Mayor Fisher will talk to Public Works Superintendent Mike Weaver about options. Will add to future agenda for discussion, no decisions made at this point. Attorney Thompson has not received a response from the last letter to William Brooks regarding repayment agreement for police training during previous employment. Council requested Thompson send another letter outlining agreement and requesting payment. Council discussed the condition of Circle Drive and wishes to gather input from Weaver before any decisions are made.

With no further business, Bauer motioned to adjourn at 6:53 pm, Malm seconded. All ayes, motion carries — meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 18, 2019

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