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Woodbury County Extension Annual Report

Woodbury County Extension
Agricultural Extension District    
Published Report – Operating    
07/01/2018 to 6/30/2019

Balance: July 1, 2018

Contributions Revenue    $8,085.80
Grant Revenue    $86,691.26
Interest Revenue    $547.68
Other Revenue    $5,996.62
Other Tax Revenue    $23,438.36
Program Fee Revenue    $184,806.61
Property Tax Revenue    $491,828.55
Rental Revenue    $425.27
Resale Revenue    $1,651.38
Utility Tax Replacement Excise Tax    $51,952.58
Total Receipts:    $855,424.11

Total Beginning Balance and Receipts:    

4Imprint  Program Exp.    $514.15
4T Tack & Boot  Program Exp.    $1,485.00
A Step In Thyme  Program Exp.    $300.00
A.J. Phillips Publishing Co., Inc.  Program Exp.    $725.00
Aatrix  Subscription Exp.    $24.95
Absolute Screen Art  Program Exp.    $170.30
Aggies, Inc.  Program, Mtg. Exp.    $1,841.95
Alejandra Ortiz-Orellana  Program Exp.    $28.56
Alex Erwin  Program Exp.    $50.00
All Telephone Comm., Inc.  Equipment Exp.    $550.00
Alona Zermeno Lechleidner  Program Exp.    $275.72
Amazon  Program Exp., Supplies    $2,389.93
American Popcorn Co.  Program Exp.    $14.00
American Red Cross  Prof. Dev. Exp.    $60.00
American Youth Foundation  Program Exp.    $50.00
Andrea Mitchell  Program Exp.    $164.82
A-Team Irrigation Facility    $174.90
Avery Outdoors  Program Exp.    $1,317.00
B & H Equipment  Equipment    $1,996.97
Barb Johnson  Grant Expense    $750.00
Bekins Fire & Safety Services  Equipment    $87.70
Best Buy  Supplies    $187.97
Best Western – Ames  Travel    $188.00
Bethany Hobbs  Program Exp.    $50.00
Bethany Widman  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Blanche Lawn Care  Facility    $4,152.00
Blue Snap-BLS  Program Exp.    $396.00
Bomgaars Program Exp.    $158.43
Brambleberry  Program Exp.    $195.99
Brinkerhoff, Katelyn  Net Wages and Travel    $31,287.73
Bush Cleaners  Equipment    $102.72
CableOne  Telecom Exp.    $5,086.68
Cameron O’Connell  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Casey’s  Program, Mtg. Exp.    $209.77
Cenex  Program Exp.    $2.91
Central Catering  Program Exp.    $988.20
Century Business Products Inc.  Equipment Exp    $425.00
Century II Apartments  Program Exp.    $1,919.60
Chick-Fil-A Program Exp    $739.29
Chromalable  Background Check Exp.    $32.85
City of Anthon  Program Exp.    $85.00
City Of Sioux City  Facility    $4,840.12
Claussen Goup  Grant Expense    $300.00
Clay County Extension  Program Exp.    $40.00
Coffee & Nosh  Program Exp.    $188.00
Community Action Agency  Prof. Contracted Svcs    $600.00
Cordell Schemmer  Program Exp.    $368.30
Counsel  Equipment    $6,811.77
Country Inn  & Suites  Travel    $138.88
Craig-Beyerink, Christine  Net Wages and Travel    $19,923.80
Dakota Graphics  Facility    $180.00
Daktronics, Inc.  Facility    $11,520.00
Davenport Cleaners  Program Exp.    $10.27
Dee McKenna  Program Exp.    $153.35
Delta Hotels  Program Exp.    $4,859.28
Deluxe  Supplies    $310.41
Devin Phaly  Program Exp.    $150.00
Directions EAP, LLC  Program Exp.    $350.00  Program Exp.    $280.50  Program Exp.    $1,585.65
Dollar Store  Program Exp.    $302.28
Don Poggensee  Program Exp.    $69.60
Donna Uhl Program Exp    $150.00
DRI Printing  Program Exp., Mktg.    $2,522.31
Earl May  Program Exp.    $150.82
Ebay  Supplies    $8.47
EconoLodge  Travel    $183.08
Elijah Stocking  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Eventbrite  Program Exp.    $23.16
Faber, Lujean  Net Wages and Travel    $29,424.43  Program Exp., Mktg.    $331.21
Fairfield Inn  Travel    $122.08
Fareway Stores  Grant Exp, Supplies    $582.50
Farm News  Marketing Expense    $583.00
Farrell’s Heating & Air Conditioning  Facility    $1,378.81
First Advantage  Background Check Exp.    $3,462.96
Five Star Awards & More LLC  Program Exp.    $3,970.11
Five Star Professional Cleaning  Facility    $3,943.13
Fleet Farm  Program Exp.    $33.21
Gabrielle Jansen  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Gateway Hotel  Travel    $833.28  Prof. Dev. Exp    $239.00
Gladys Smith  Program Exp.    $100.00
Google  Marketing    $75.11
Goosmann Law Firm  Prof. Contracted Svcs    $8,863.35
Grand Stay  Travel    $783.23
Great Western Rentals  Program Exp.    $442.95
Gwenyth Hoogendyk  Ed Incentive    $500.00
H2O 4 U  Supplies    $556.50
Hand2mind  Program Exp    $73.64
Harbor Freight  Supplies    $27.80
Hardina, Steven  Net Wages and Travel    $27,654.85
Harpenau, Kassidy  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning  Facility    $374.00
Heidi Kammer Hodge  Program Exp.    $100.00
Hewitt, Molly  Net Wages and Travel    $44,881.68
Hilton Garden Inn  Program Exp.    $13,117.56
Hobby Lobby  Program Exp., Supplies    $472.88
Home Depot  Program Exp., Supplies    $422.90
Hoy, Allison  Net Wages and Travel    $505.20
Hy-Vee Food Stores Inc.  Grant & Prog Exp, Supplies    $7,045.98
Iowa 4-H Foundation  Program Exp.    $2,110.25
Iowa Extension Council Ass’n  Dues, Benefit Exp    $680.00
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation  Program Exp.    $1,396.00
Iowa Public Employee Retirement System  Retirement Plan    $52,323.67
Iowa State University  Sh Support, Prog., Exp.,  Supplies    $118,266.86
Iowa Workforce Development  Unemployment Ins    $2,513.06
Iron Hill  Program Exp.    $59.59
Jaclyn Arens  Program Exp.    $150.00
Jane Hey  Program Exp.    $112.52
Jessica Davidson  Program Exp.    $51.08
Jessica Kratz  Ed Incentive, Prog. Exp    $583.59
Jill Sokness Program Exp.    $44.96
Jim Kessler Program  Exp.    $390.00
Jimmy Johns  Program Exp., Mtg. Exp.    $840.08
Johnson, Laura  Net Wages and Travel    $27,976.86
Kathi Backus  Program Exp.    $42.76
Kathleen Cue  Program Exp.    $110.20
KCAU-TV  Marketing    $320.00
Kenny and Sherry Tietsort  Grant Exp    $750.00
KES Productions  Program Exp.    $240.00
Kingsbury Electronic  Equipment    $1,246.44
Kitchen Dressings  Program Exp.    $2.99
KQNU-FM  Marketing    $250.00
KTIV  Program Exp., Mktg.    $1,701.99
Lauritzen Gardens  Program Exp.    $121.80
Leann Smith  Program Exp.    $284.88  Program Exp.    $42.09
Little Caesars Pizza  Program Exp.    $59.39
LMC Insurance & Risk Mgmt.  Program Exp.., Ins.    $560.64
Lowe’s  Program Exp.    $928.94
M&M Copy Quick  Program Exp.    $116.31
Madison Jochum  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Mailchimp  Marketing    $340.00
Mara Scott  Meeting Exp    $56.00
Marco Technologies LLC  Equipment    $272.00
Maria Ortiz Tapia  Program Exp.    $49.32
Marion Cain  Program Exp.    $200.00
Marshalls  Supplies    $139.09
Mead  Supplies    $68.79
Menards  Program Exp.    $102.84
Michaels  Program Exp.    $418.42
Microtel Inn & Suites  Travel    $69.44
MidAmerican Energy Co.  Facility    $5,163.68
Mikayla Boeshart  Ed Incentive    $500.00
MinuteKey  Facility    $12.84
Mitchell Electric LLC  Facility    $466.60
M’s on 4th  Program Exp.    $1,057.28
MWI  Program Exp.    $495.39
National 4H Council  Program Exp.    $79.00
National Rest Assn  Program Exp.    $21.66
Nebraska  Extension – Dakota County  Program Exp.    $23.45
Noah Roerig  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Northwest AEA  Program Exp.    $105.13
Old Time Wooden Nickel Co.  Program Exp.    $184.25
Olive Garden  Program Exp.    $205.88
Omaha Zoo  Program Exp.    $1,750.00
Palmer Candy  Program Exp.    $44.76
Panera Bread  Meeting Exp.    $44.74
Papa Johns  Program Exp.    $321.77
Partnership for Food Safety  Program Exp.    $650.00
Paypal  Supplies    $7.48
Petersen, Bart  Program Exp.    $825.00
Pflanz  Facility    $107.00
Pioneer Bank Facility    $72,809.80
Pitney Bowes  Postage    $995.87
Pizza Hut  Program Exp.    $62.44
Pizza Ranch  Program Exp.    $284.75
Plymouth County Extension  Program Exp.    $1,267.36
Polk County Extension  Program Exp.    $100.00
Powell Broadcasting  Program Exp.    $2,329.20
Prairie Meadows  Travel    $127.68
Premier Global Services  Meeting Exp    $137.46
Printing Services Inc.  Program Exp.    $37.13
Prof. Pool & Spa  Program Exp.    $4.55
Quill  Supplies    $5,798.21
Ralston, Alan  Travel    $144.60
Randall Burnight  Program Exp.    $560.36
Rawlings, Ellwanger, Mohrhauser, Nelson & Roe, LLP  Prof. Contracted Svcs    $76.00
Rebecca Wallace  Travel    $77.94
Regalia Manufacturing  Program Exp.    $100.21
Reldine Backyard Storage  Program Exp.    $300.00
Restaurante La Salsita  Program Exp.    $300.00
Riggenbach, Jan  Program Exp.    $200.00
Rock, Paper, Scissors  Program Exp.    $590.61
Ronald B. Roybal  Program Exp.    $3,000.00
Rudy Navarrete’s  Mtg. Exp.    $175.00
Sallys Beauty Supply  Program Exp.    $9.80
Sam Thomas  Program Exp.    $45.00
Sam’s Club  Program Exp., Supplies    $2,528.10
Sam’s Mini Mart  Program Exp.    $4.00
Save A-Lot  Program Exp.    $26.02
Sergeant Bluff Advocate  Prog. Exp., Legals    $303.75
Shirley Schuett  Program Exp.    $24.00
Sign Pro  Marketing    $529.00
Signs By Tomorrow  Mtg. Exp.    $69.00
Sioux City Journal Communications  Advertising Exp    $1,345.65
Sioux City Schools  Program Exp.    $8.75
Siouxland Chamber  Marketing, Dues    $355.00
Siouxland Chapter of SHRM  Prof. Dev. Exp.    $20.00
Siouxland Lock And Key  Facility    $125.88
Siouxland Woman  Program Exp.    $600.00  Marketing    $79.98
Sister Shirley Fineran  Program Exp.    $100.00
Staples  Program Exp., Supplies    $484.52
Staybridge Suites  Grant Exp.    $249.52
Stockfleth, Beth  Net Wages and Travel    $27,591.96
Sulsberger, LLC  Program Exp.    $410.61
Sunkist Bakery  Meeting Exp.    $63.00
Sunnybrook Program Exp    $60.99
Sunshine  Program Exp.    $24.50
Target  Program Exp., Supplies    $635.07
Terra Heilman  Ed Incentive    $500.00
Terri Christensen  Program Exp.    $825.38
Tess Lord Program Exp.    ($22.47)
The Cornucopia  Grant Exp.    $750.00
The Mapleton Press  Marketing    $291.67
The Stirring  Mtg. Exp.    $10.33
The Wheelhouse Facility    $773.85
Thomas, Jim  Program Exp.    $512.36
Tori Engelhardt  Program Exp.    $300.00
Treasurer State of Iowa  Payroll Taxes    $12,770.00
Tucker Hill Program Exp.    $150.00
Tyler Vohs  Ed Incentive    $500.00
U.S. Dept. Of The Treasury  Payroll Taxes    $74,699.15
U.S. Postal Service  Postage    $469.38
United Way of Siouxland  Prof. Dev. Exp    $10.00
Uptown Wedding/Event Rental  Program Exp.    $462.20
Van Zanten, Kristin  Net Wages and Travel    $24,201.79
Visa  Annual Fee    $36.00
Vista Print Program Exp.    $246.05
Walgreens  Program Exp.    $86.09
Wall Of Fame  Program Exp.    $685.75
Walmart  Program Exp    $1,426.60
Water Rocks!  Program Exp.    $500.00
Webstaurant Store  Program Exp.    $1,930.67
Western Disposal Inc.  Facility    $725.00
Wimmer, Megan  Net Wages and Travel    $1,209.68
WNAX Radio  Program Exp.    $420.00
Women Aware  Program Exp.    $100.00
Woodbury County Fair Ass’n  Marketing    $256.00
Woodbury County Human Resources Dept.  Ins. Benefits Exp.    $53,739.17
Woodbury County Sheriff  Background Check Exp..    $36.00
Woodbury County Conservation Board  Prof. Dev. Exp    $35.00
Wrenn’s Plumbing & Heating  Facility    $82.00
Xerces Society for Invertebrate Cons.  Program Exp.    $468.44
Yareli Flores  Program Exp.    $522.99
YMCA  Program Exp.    $300.00
Yockey, Emily  Net Wages and Travel    $11,683.04
Zortman, Cindy  Net Wages and Travel    $7,877.20
Total Disbursements    $822,401.84

Net Balance: June 30, 2019

STATE OF IOWA – Woodbury County Extension
I, Erin Cron, Chair, and I, Alan Ralston, Treasurer of the Woodbury County Extension Agricultural Extension Council, being duly sworn on oath, state to the best of our knowledge and belief, that the items included in the foregoing Financial Report are true and correct statement of receipts and expenditures of the Woodbury County Extension Agricultural Extension Fund.
Signed, Erin Cron, Chair
Signed, Alan Ralston, Treasurer

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 15th day of July, 2019
Kristin L. Van Zanten
Notary Public

Published in The Record
Thursday, August 1, 2019

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