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Pierson City Council Minutes — September 16, 2019

Pierson City Council
September 16, 2019

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Monday, Sept. 16th, 2019.  Council in attendance: Bubke, Sistrunk, Swanson, McQueen.  Discussion was held on the appointment of a council person to fill the vacancy left by Darren Todd. Notice to fill the vacancy was published as required and Alex Krier appeared showing interest in filling the vacancy. A motion by Swanson to appoint Alex Krier, seconded by Bubke, all vote aye; motion carried. Mayor Struve administered the oath of office to Mr. Krier.

Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 7PM.   Mayor Struve opened the public hearing on the CDBG Application for the 4th Street Sewer Project.  Mayor Struve made the following announcements: The need for the proposed sanitary sewer line project is due to the age and condition of the existing sanitary sewer mains.  The City experiences high flows in the collection system due to infiltration and inflow (I/I) along portions of 4th Street.  The 4th Street sanitary sewer is made up of various size pipes that have sharp bends that make televising and lining impractical, therefore complete replacement is needed.  In addition, some properties along Front Street have pipe joints that are showing signs of infiltration or places where the pipe is cracked or broken.  The project will be funded with a combination of CDBG funds and SRF Loan.  It is estimated that total project costs will be$430,000.  The grant application will be submitted to the Iowa Economic Development Authority no later than October 1, 2019 at midnight. The City is requesting $300,000 in CDBG funds for the proposed project. The project will result in target neighborhood benefit and based on a 2019 survey, 51.6% of the residents living in the community are of low-and-moderate income.  The proposed project activities will take place along 4th Street and Front Street.  The proposed project will not result in the displacement or relocation of any persons or businesses. No persons will be displaced by the proposed project. The nature of the proposed project involves the installation of a new eight-inch sewer main and the addition of subdrain for sump pump discharges along 4th Street.  CIP Lining will be completed for the Front Street sewer reaches where the pipe joints are cracked or broken.

With no comments for or against the city’s application a motion to close the public hearing was made by McQueen Seconded by Sistrunk, all voted aye; motion carried.

Mayor Struve opened the sealed bids on the Main St Bridge planks. One bid was received for$552.00 from Gordon Bubke.    Mayor Struve opened the public hearing in regards to selling the bridge planks.  With no comments for or against the sale a motion to close the public hearing was made by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke all votes aye; motion carried.

The Consent Agenda was approved with a motion by Bubke, seconded by Sistrunk all voted aye; motion carried.  The consent agenda included minutes from August regular meeting and an August Special meeting.  August financial statements and claims and disbursements through Sept 16.  Disbursements by fund: General$10175.50, Road Use$2664.96 Special Rev$2401.25 Proprietary$8429.85, Receipts by fund: General$9065.79, Road Use$4214.67, Debt Service$12.88, Proprietary$16292.76.

Absolute Inspection Services  inspections    $741.59
Beelners Service  labor    $325.00
City of Pierson  utility    $142.64
Clarks Hardware  supplies    $100.39
Earl May  trees    $900.00
EMP  amb. Supplies    $237.27
Feld Fire  supplies fd    $133.30
Frontier  phone/internet    $176.87
GPM  calibration     $412.00
Iowa One Call  locates    $26.10
Jeanette Beekman  mileage    $176.90
Lowes  freezer    $599.00
Mahoney Auto Repair  ambulance/pumper    $532.40
Mangold  testing    $170.00
Menards  supplies    $26.60
Menards  supplies    $73.44
New Coop  fuel    $365.29
PCI  chemical boom    $134.64
Postmaster  postage    $2.45
REC  electric    $26.34
Richarson Trucking  bridge demo    $8,432.00
Staples  paper/ink    $108.48
The Record  publishing    $137.00
Treasurer – Woodbury Co.  taxes    $74.00
USA Blue Book reagents    $302.86
Verizon  internet    $56.88
Zoll  amb. Supplies    $507.27

The Woodbury Co Sheriff’s office gave their report: The responded to 12 calls for service and conducted over 42 hours of directed patrol.

Public Forum: Justus Moodie discussed a compliance timeline with the council, Doug Koch discussed a utility bill from a rental property.

Council discussed a late fee removal motion by Bubke, seconded by McQueen to not remove the late fee.

Building inspection updates:  Council agreed to a continuance on the property located at 315 Elm St as long as improvements are being made.

Motion by Sistrunk to move forward with application for the CDBG Grant on the 4th Street sewer project, seconded by Bubke; all vote aye; motion carried.

A quote for stump grinding for $340 was approved with a motion from Bubke, seconded by Sistrunk, all vote aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk seconded by McQueen to approve the offer for the bridge planks, McQueen, Sistrunk, Krier, and Swanson voted aye; Bubke abstained, motion carried.

Motion to approve
was made by McQueen, seconded by Bubke, all vote aye; motion carried.

The clerk presented a request for a donation to support the KP yearbook.  Councilmen McQueen motioned to approve the$50 donation, seconded by Bubke all voted aye; motion carried.

Council discussed the water line at the park. Cost will be between $1500-$2500 depending on where the water line is located. Motion by Swanson, seconded by Bubke to move forward with moving the line, all voted aye; motion carried.  The lagoon flowmeter is being calibrated- clerk received a quote for a new flowmeter.   Library rent was discussed, motion by Sistrunk seconded by Swanson to bill from the first of the fiscal year (July 1, 2019) and not October as requested, all vote aye; motion carried.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Swanson, seconded by Sistrunk; all vote aye motion carried.

Jeanette Beekman,
City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, September 26, 2019

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