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Plymouth County Board of Supervisors Minutes & Claims — September 3, 2019

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
September 3, 2019
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Boardroom on September 3, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.  All members were present.  All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated.  Chairman Don Kass called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the September 3, 2019 agenda.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Meis, to approve the minutes from August 27, 2019.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton, to approve payroll issued 08/30/2019 and 09/3/19.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Loutsch, to declare the additional County Auction items as surplus property for the Auction on September 21, 2019. The final list is available in the Plymouth County Auditor’s office.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Loutsch, to approve
Resolution #090319
for authorizing the use of the County’s preliminary official statement
for refunding the 2005 G.O. Bonds to 2019 G.O. Bonds.  

Motion Carried.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton, to approve the certificate of approval with
Resolution 090319-2
for the transfer of Siouxland Regional Housing Authority
to the Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Authority.  
Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Anderson, to approve the hiring of Kyle M. Schoen for the Hinton Motor Grader position beginning on September 9, 2019. Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 10:25 a.m.

Stacey Feldman, Plymouth County Auditor
Don Kass, Chairman

Plymouth County — Claims paid on 9-3-2019
A & M Laundry  floor mats    58.00
Advanced Systems  copier contract    220.11
Noel Ahmann  postage/mileage    218.90
City of Akron  utility assistance    150.00
Allied Oil & Tire  fuel    688.90
Anthony Plumbing & Heating  BUILDINGS    317.80
Arnold Motor  PARTS    542.72
Assoc. for Psychiatric Services  substance abuse eval.    400.00
Kelsey Bauerly Langel  substance abuse attorney    168.00
Cole Beitelspacher  cell phone allowance    60.00
Bentson Pest Control  services    100.00
James Bolton  health insurance reimb.    435.00
Bomgaars  supplies    259.45
Burlington Northern RR  FLASHING LIGHTS    2681.22
C&R Supply  sprayer parts    18.97
Carroll Construction Supply  PAINT    224.31
Century Link  ALI data services    569.70
Chapman Overhead Door  BUILDINGS    1051.35
Christensen Bros.  construction project    258,633.72
Clark’s Hardware  PARTS    4.49
Cornhusker International  FILTERS    1250.34
Dakota County Sheriff  service    22.88
Dean Foods  kitchen supplies    227.03
Kevin & Lesa DeBoer  GROUNDS    600.00
Eakes Inc  SUPPLIES    827.64
Faber & Otteman Funeral Home  county burial    1250.00
Stacey Feldman  meeting expenses    449.20
Floyd Valley Healthcare  ER services    780.00
FORCE America  PARTS    103.26
Frontier  phone services    623.22
GCC Alliance Concrete  PIPE CULVERTS    1572.50
H & H Dirt Work  PIPE CULVERTS    27,740.64
Hardware Hank  supplies    156.96
Kirk Hatting  health insurance reimb.    226.80
Jamie Hauser  mileage    102.16
Hoogeveen Enterprises  wash card    200.00
Paul Huth  health insurance reimb.    156.39
Hydraulic Sales & Service  PARTS    301.01
IACCVSO  school registration fee    60.00
IMWCA  work comp. premium    7214.00
Indoff  SUPPLIES    750.48
IPAC  meeting registration    25.00
ISAA  Assessor education    650.00
Jack’s Uniforms  uniform    468.65
Don Kass  meeting expenses    569.64
Keltek Inc.  equip Dodge Charger    4036.95
City of Kingsley  SUNDRY    27.62
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    1710.00
Lampert Lumber  BOX CULVERTS    632.65
City of Le Mars  utilities    37.96
Aaron Leusink  health insurance reimb.    252.12
Mai Welding Supply  WELDING SUPPLIES    15.00
Marx Truck Trailer Sales  PARTS    986.94
John Meis  meeting expenses    493.46
Menards  SUNDRY    98.28
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    615.52
Midwest Wheel  PARTS    722.94
MJ DeRocher Construction  EMA roof repairs    28,300.63
MJM Designs  uniform    191.00
Sharon Nieman  meals/parking    72.57
O.C. Sanitation  rental    100.00
One Office Solutions  supplies    374.99
Erica Pepper  health insurance reimb.    23.89
Pitchfork Ag LLC  saw    1000.00
Ply. Co. Board of Health  pass thru grant    3894.90
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex reimbursements    4013.00
Presto-X Co.  pest control    58.00
Primebank  water – weed comm.    70.00
Quality Lawn Care  lawn care    120.00
Ramada Des Moines  lodging    145.60
Northwest REC  power – radio    2183.40
Rees Mack Sales & Service  PARTS    1906.57
Jill Renken  meeting expenses    745.44
Richards Construction  construction project    117,397.95
Rick Waldschmitt  well closing    500.00
Thomas Rohe  MEETING FEES    219.96
Jeannie Schlichte  rent assistance    350.00
Select Fire & Safety  service call & maintenance    140.00
Shane’s Glass & More  BUILDINGS    245.00
Siouxland Concrete  PIPE CULVERTS    1397.00
Shelly Sitzmann  health insurance reimb.    496.43
Southern Sioux Co. RWS  Hillview water    294.75
Stan Houston Equipment  PARTS    715.09
Storey Kenworthy  paper    849.75
Ten Point Construction  CONCRETE    129,309.54
The Home Depot Pro  supplies    537.97
Thermo Bond Building  building repairs    1320.00
Titan Machinery  PARTS    6.75
Total Motors  vehicle maintenance    59.38
Tri-State Specialists  inmate medical    102.00
Heidi Tritz  health insurance reimb.    243.54
Brett Udell Trucking  GRANULAR    172,656.77
USIC Locating Services  locate services    219.00
Van Diest Supply  herbicides    2453.10
Van’s Sanitation  garbage pickup    235.50
Verizon Wireless  cell phone services    474.39
VISA  misc. sheriff’s expenses    825.23
Wagner Auto Supply  PARTS    256.11
Wal-Mart  courthouse supplies    416.46
Wex Bank  fuel    5648.21
Josh Wilson  health insurance reimb.    83.91
Woodbury Co. Sheriff  service    214.00
Yankton County Sheriff  service    52.50
Ziegler Inc.  FILTERS    7670.53

Published in The Record
Thursday, September 26, 2019

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