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Plymouth County Board of Supervisors — October 15 Minutes & Claims

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
October 15, 2019    
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Boardroom on October 15, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.  All members were present.  All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated. Chairman Don Kass called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the October 15, 2019 agenda.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Meis, to approve the minutes from the October 8, 2019 board meeting.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Loutsch, to approve payroll issued 10/15/19 & claims paid on 10/15//19.  Motion Carried.

Duane Walhof, Plymouth County Emergency Management Director, was present to provide an update regarding the Hazard Mitigation Plan and provide public notice for public comment period.

Shari Kastein, Executive Director of Family Crisis Centers, was present regarding the services provided at Family Crisis Centers.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve Droegmillers Split, a minor subdivision in Section 12 of Plymouth Township. Motion Carried.

Nick Beeck, Plymouth County Conservation Director, was present to update the Board on the Conservation department and an update on the future grant funding.  He also introduced Dan Dirks as a new Park Ranger who started in September 2019.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton, to approve a permit to WesTel Systems in Section 16/21 on Marion Township on 190th St.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Horton, to approve
Resolution #101519
for the Powder Players, Inc. Trail system.  
Loutsch – nay; Horton – aye; Kass – aye; Meis – aye; Anderson – nay.  Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 11:56 a.m.

Stacey Feldman, Plymouth County Auditor
Don Kass, Chairman

Plymouth County – Claims paid 10-15-19
A & M Laundry  sundry    87.00
Advance Drainage Systems  EROSION CONTROL    2364.30
Advanced Systems  toner    64.31
AgriVision Equipment  oil/parts    80.94
City of Akron  SUNDRY    68.69
Akron Public Library  19-20 funding allocation    18,867.00
Kelsey Bauerly  court appt. attorney    180.00
Nick Beeck  meeting expenses    268.79
Lonnie Bohlke  misc. reimbursements    322.25
Bomgaars  supplies/parts    756.48
Boulder Company  PARTS    1081.80
Brock Auction Company  auction expenses    704.95
Brown Supply  EROSION CONTROL    497.25
Burnlight Glass  window leak repair    500.00
Carroll Construction Supply  PARTS    31.95
Casey’s  fuel    4762.08
Century Business Prod.  MACHINES & FIXTURES    312.42
Century Link  phone    47.18
Christensen Bros.  construction project    6914.16
Derek Christoffel  fuel/meals reimb.    82.62
Dan Clement  PAVEMENT MARKINGS    5850.00
Crittenton Center  JV shelter    1026.30
Culligan Water  water    102.04
CWD  kitchen supplies    2788.53
The Dailey Stop  fuel    124.27
Dean Foods  kitchen supplies    176.86
Victoria DeVos  misc. reimbursements    217.22
Dan Dirks  admin docs & meal reimb.    26.76
Diana Dowhower  sponges    6.72
Eakes Inc.  courthouse supplies    609.46
Fareway  kitchen supplies    360.16
Farmers Coop-Craig  fuel    844.34
Fastenal  supplies    157.53
Stacey Feldman  meeting expenses    708.64
Floyd Valley Hospital  Comm health allocation    35,415.45
Forestry Suppliers  deer repellent    163.10
Fort Dodge Asphalt  ASPHALT CONCRETE    20,405.03
Frericks Repair  TIRES & TUBES    6261.20
Frontier  phone services    475.26
Le Mars Truck Stop  fuel    6.29
Get Branded 360 uniforms    475.05
Jolynn Goodchild  meeting expenses    420.82
Graham Tire  repairs  699.00
Hardware Hank  supplies    276.35
Jamie Hauser  mileage/mtg. expenses    871.32
City of Hinton  SUNDRY    141.87
Jenna Hodgson  meeting expenses    398.84
Hoogeveen Enterprises  wash card    50.00
Stephanie Hoppe  jail school meal reimb.    29.39
IAAO  membership dues – 2020    220.00
Imperial Fastener  safety tabs    43.99
Indoff  SUPPLIES    29.97
Inland Truck Parts PARTS    397.25
Iowa DOT  Jacob Neubrand    1860.00
Iowa Prison Industries  signage    336.44
ISCTA  conference dues    50.00
I-State Truck Center  PARTS    853.10
ISU Extension  pesticide course    140.00
Jack’s Uniforms  uniform    598.96
Jami L. Johnson  deposition    156.30
J-W Tank Line  fuel    1786.32
Don Kass  mileage    150.80
Kellen Excavation  GRANULAR    9331.38
Kimball-Midwest  PARTS    587.88
Kingsley Public Library  19-20 funding allocation    18,074.00
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    1710.00
L. A. Carlson Contracting  fish habitat project RBWA    35,658.52
Lampert Lumber  election supplies    160.11
City of Le Mars  water    579.85
Le Mars Agri Center  softener salt    399.70
Le Mars Daily Sentinel  publications    834.36
Le Mars Public Library  19-20 funding allocation    29,859.00
Aaron Leusink  misc. reimbursement    256.20
L.G. Everist Inc.  GRANULAR    37,972.25
Mail Services  mv renewal notices    840.09
Marcus Lumber Company  treated posts    372.00
Mauer-Johnson Funeral Home  county burial    1250.00
Menards  supplies    44.82
Merrill Public Library  19-20 funding allocation    11,178.00
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    6038.68
Midwest Lubricants  oil    2071.50
Midwest Honda Suzuki  mower parts    100.50
Mike’s Inc  fuel    3794.36
Mr. Muffler  service    102.82
Sharon Nieman  meal    11.12
Northern Lights Foodservice  kitchen supplies    1387.89
Northside Glass Service  OUTSIDE SERVICE    255.00
O.C. Sanitation  garbage pickup    345.00
Office Systems  contract    505.56
Shawn Olson  misc. reimbursements    428.65
One Office Solutions  supplies    644.78
City of Oyens  SUNDRY    44.00
Plains Area Mental Health  inmate services    200.00
Ply. Co. Sheriff  services    2183.62
Ply. Co. Solid Waste Agency  assessment/hauling    32,777.24
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex benefit reimb.    2091.79
Premier Communications  box rental    1885.84
Primebank  data processing fee    7.50
Quality Lube Center  service  57.35
Raveling Inc.  ROADWAY CULVERTS    7025.00
City of Remsen SUNDRY    132.15
Remsen Bell Enterprise  publications    174.55
Remsen Public Library  19-20 funding allocation    22,022.00
Jill Renken  meeting expenses    653.20
Richards Construction  construction project    20,495.64
RJ Thomas Mfg  signage    96.00
Rock County Sheriff  service    60.00
Rolling Oil  oil    3913.71
Sam’s Club  fees    86.19
Sapp Bros Petroleum fuel    287.88
Schorg’s Amoco Service  fuel    725.68
SF Mobile-Vision  software for car cameras    1190.00
Simpco  Q4HMGP drawdown    17,208.00
Sioux City Ford  OUTSIDE SERVICE    1412.48
Sioux Co Sheriff  service    55.00
Sioux Rivers Regional MHDS  1st 1/2 taxes allocation..284,508.00
Siouxland Humane Society  services    37.00
Shelly Sitzmann  meeting reimbursement    178.32
Sherri Skou  meal    16.00
Stan Houston Equipment OUTSIDE SERVICE    116.00
State Medical Examiners  autopsy fee    2604.50
Luke Steeg  SUNDRY    74.00
Ten Point Construction  PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE    88,547.07
The Home Depot Pro  supplies    169.28
The Masters Touch  tax statements    1857.52
The Record  minutes    164.64
Thomson West Group  CLEAR investigations    1446.23
Thrifty White Pharmacy  inmate meds    634.76
Total Motors  repairs    2367.01
Town & Country Vet Clinic  services    166.00
Transit Works  EQUIPMENT    1260.00
Treasurer – State of Iowa  cabin taxes    182.00
Brett Udell Trucking  GRANULAR    15,656.01
Union County Electric  tower    87.00
UnityPoint Clinic  SAFETY    84.00
U.S. Cellular  cell phone service    160.77
USIC Locating Services  services    219.00
Utility Equipment  EROSION CONTROL    1225.00
Valley Ind. Powder Coating  paint rims    200.00
Van’s Sanitation  garbage pickup    318.00
Vanguard Appraisals  Archive Module 2019 file    3150.00
Verizon  cell phone service    130.24
Wagner Auto Supply  PARTS    550.28
Duane Walhof  misc. reimbursements    120.74
WesTel  Remsen trunk line    566.91
Woodbury Co. Sheriff  service    20.00
Northwest Iowa YES Center  Juvenile shelter care    1750.00
Zep Manufacturing  SUNDRY    831.38
Ziegler Inc.  PARTS    11,155.71

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 31, 2019

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