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Kingsley City Council — Ordinance #249 (Abandoned Service Pipes)

Kingsley City Council
An Ordinance adopting Section 13.02.340 regarding abandoned service pipes.

Be it enacted by the City Council of the City of Kingsley.

Section 1. 13.02.340  Abandoned Service Pipes.  All service pipes that may become useless because of laying of larger or other new service or because water will be no longer used through them, must be permanently abandoned at the water main at the expense of the owner of the premises and reported to the City Clerk. No one shall disconnect or remove water supply fixtures or piping from any premises served by city water, or alter the same in such a way as to make the service connection unnecessary for the premises without permanently closing off the connection at the water main and reporting the same to the City Clerk.

If the owner of the service line fails to comply with this section, the City may, in its sole discretion:
(a) Develop a schedule of compliance which the owner of the service line to be abandoned shall follow; or
(b) Terminate water service to the premises until proper abandonment of the unused service line has been performed; or
(c) Consider the abandoned service line a nuisance and abate it as otherwise allowed by this Code; or
(d)  Pursue the failure to abandon as a municipal infraction as otherwise allowed by this Code.

Section 2.  Repealer.   All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Section 3. Effective Date.   This ordinance shall be in effect from and after its final passage, approval and publication as provided by law.

First Reading:  September 10, 2019
Second Reading: October 7, 2019
Third Reading:  November 4, 2019

Passed and approved by the City of Kingsley Council on the 4th day of November, 2019.

City of Kingsley
By:  /s/ Rick Bohle
Rick Bohle, Mayor

City of Kingsley
Attest:  /s/ Vicki Sitzmann
Vicki Sitzmann, City Clerk, City of Kingsley

Published in The Record
Thursday, November 21, 2019

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