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Kingsley City Council Minutes — December 2, 2019

Kingsley City Council
December 2, 2019

The Kingsley City Council met in regular session on December 2, 2019 at Kingsley City Hall. Mayor Bohle called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Councilmen Rolling, Bohle, Jasperson and Mathers. Peters was absent.

The agenda was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Minutes of the November 4, 2019 meeting were approved on motion by Mathers, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Public Forum: None.

Maintenance Report: Last snowfall is cleaned up. Need to visit with Scootch’s and Severn concerning the parked cars before 5:00 a.m. It makes snow removal from Main St. extremely difficult. Jantz also asked the Council about 53.75 hours of vacation that he will not be able to use up before the end of the year. The Council will discuss the matter at the January meeting.

The following list of bills was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.
AgriVision, parts    6.42
Amazon, Lib books & supplies    394.38
American Legion, 4 flags    85.40
AT & T, police phone/tablets    195.51
Baker & Taylor, Lib books    644.72
Barco, flags & paint    555.40
BCK, rent assistance    4,500.00
Beelner Service, labor Nursing home meter    125.00
Bohle Constr., Clarendon St. drainage/snow/alleys    14,252.90
Bottjen Implement, mower part    8.61
Casey’s, Amb gas    252.20
Certified Amb Group, Amb billing    144.68
Clark’s Hardware supplies    198.91
Deb Jantz, ins reimb    164.70
Dirt Road Design, NW Iowa Outdoors/websites    679.00
Doug Koch, Comm Center cleaning    100.00
Electrical Engineering, lagoon generator service    508.25
First Co-op, gas    598.81
GIS Benefits, life/disab ins    23.04
Iowa League of Cities, (7) Municipal Leaders handbooks    280.00
Iowa Rural Water, dues    275.00
Indoff, HP magenta toner    209.99
Iowa One Call, locates    170.10
Ipers, Ipers    3,147.21
IRS, Fed/Fica    4,999.42
Kingsley Post Office, water bill postage    188.16
Kingsley Vol Amb, November runs    1,400.00
Kingsley Vol Amb, meal stipend    150.00
KMEG, advertising    2,110.00
KPTH, advertising    200.00
Lammers, parts    119.66
Lewis Drug, Amb supplies    47.53
Lumber Pros, posts    21.60
Lyrical Iowa, book    9.00
Malware Bytes, anti-virus software    64.19
Mangold, water & sewer testing    1,043.00
MidAmerican, utilities    4,708.12
MidStates Bank, interest (SE View)    6,215.50
MidStates Bank, interest (sweeper)    1,375.00
Ply. Co. Auditor, election expense    978.27
Ply. Co. Solid Waste, November tonnage    4,252.43
Presto-X, pest control    56.00
Quill, office supplies    100.54
Rick Bohle, November expenses    100.00
Rolling Oil, gas    1,888.59
Sanitary Services, dumpster rent    69.50
State Revolving Fund, GO interest (Sagr)    3,870.00
State Revolving Fund, RV interest (Sagr)    4,072.10
Steve Jantz, reimb cell phone    50.00
Temple Display, 50 white bulbs    53.50
The Iowan, subscription    24.00
The Record, publications    344.79
United Bank, interest (land)    3,920.00
United Healthcare, Health ins premiums    908.73
UPS, shipping chgs    67.25
Vicki Sitzmann, ins reimb/mileage to workshop    244.48
WIT, landing zone class    10.00
Wiatel, fix utility billing computer    63.12
Wiatel, phone/internet    640.37
Ziegler, filters    268.75
TOTAL    72,153.83

Paid from Library Special Fund:
Cengage, Lib books    193.82
Paid from Fire Special Fund:
Mary Hagan, reimb parade candy    124.57
Dirt Road Design, time change flyers    75.44
Syntex Industries, hosebed/crosslay    630.52
Grahams Graphics, 4 jackets    276.00
Total Fire Special    1,106.53

Total Expenses by Fund: General, 55,703.40; Road Use, 8,199.49; Employee Benefits, 3,848.50; Local Option, 0.00; TIF, 0.00; Library Spec Inv, 193.82; Fire Dept Spec, 476.01; Ambulance Spec, 0.00; Fire Truck Spec, 0.00; Debt Service, 0.00; Perpetual Care, 0.00; Water, 8,302.96; Sewer, 8,020.32; Lagoon Sinking, 0.00; Solid Waste, 6,746.30. Total: 91,49.80.

Total Revenues by Function: Charges for Services, 28,582.56; Operating Grants, 22,028.72; General Revenues, 67,810.44; Transfers, 0.00. Total: 118,421.71.

Treasurer’s Report for October, November and December will be presented at the January meeting.

Police report was distributed. Discussion was held concerning hiring a police officer when Officer Kremer retires. Officer Kremer has vacation time he will not be able to use before the end of the year. January agenda will include this item.

Fire Report: Chief Huth reported they had one vehicle fire and sent a grass rig to a fellow firefighers funeral in Remsen.

Community Building ceiling fan quote from Beelner service was discussed. Project includes six 56” heavy duty fans w/white painted finish, all conduit and wire to install, three-speed controls and all labor at a cost of $4,150.00. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, to accept the quote. Roll call vote: Rolling, aye; Bohle, aye; Jasperson, aye; Mathers, nay. Motion carried.

One snow removal bid was opened by Mayor Pro-Tem Mathers from Bohle Construction. Prices are same as last year. Motion by Rolling, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Librarian Julie Culler discussed installing cameras on the outside rear of the library. She also pointed out that there are numerous cars parking behind the library, leaving no space for her to park. She then told the Council about the library certification inspection that will be done soon. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) rules must be followed.

Rural 360 program for low interest loans for new housing will be discussed at the January meeting.

On motion by Rolling, seconded by Jasperson, a contract will be signed with Siouxland Humane Society for stray pets. All voted aye, motion carried.

Raises for the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief will be discussed at the January meeting.

Motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, to give Christmas bonuses (Kingsley Bucks) as follows: Sitzmann, Jantz, Sadler, Kremer, Hoover and Culler, $200.00; Slota, Schaeuble and Kim, $100.00; Bainbridge, Irwin and Schweitzberger, $50.00. All voted aye, motion carried.

Mid-Sioux request for donation was discussed. On motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers, the City will give $500.00. All voted aye, motion carried.

Fletcher property: Court date is December 4th. More on this at a later date.

Rental prices for the Community Center and park shelterhouse will be discussed at the January meeting.

Budget workshop will be held on January 6th at 6:00 p.m.

Building permits: None.

Adjourn on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Rick Bohle, Mayor

Vicki Sitzmann, Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 12, 2019

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