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Moville City Council Minutes — December 3, 2019

Moville City Council
Tuesday December 3, 2019

Mayor Jim Fisher called the meeting to order at around 6:00 pm. Roll Call: Nate Bauer, Tom Conolly, Bruce Schmidt, and Mike Ofert are present. Paul Malm is absent. Ofert motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Conolly. Ayes, motion carries. Bauer motioned to approve minutes from the last meeting with one correction to mark Tom Conolly as absent (the minutes had mistakenly stated he was present), seconded by Ofert. Ayes, motion carries. Permits are being reviewed by Dave Christensen. Bauer motioned to approve the Utility Billing Trial Balance, seconded by Conolly. Ayes, motion carries. Guests include Chad Thompson, Officer Edgar Rodriguez, Kent Baker, Clint Thomsen and Joel Robinson.

No one wished to speak during open forum, and no Fire Department update as Chief Jerry Sailer is not in attendance. Officer Edgar Rodriguez gave a brief Police Department update. Council reviewed the 2020 Insurance plan renewal from ICAP and Bauer motioned to approve it, seconded by Ofert. Ayes, motion carries. Council did not review the permit fee schedule as it needs amended before approval.

With no further business, Bauer motions to adjourn at 6:15 pm, Ofert seconds. All ayes, motion carries-meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 12, 2019

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