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Correctionville City Council Minutes — December 9, 2019

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting
December 9, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on December 9, 2019, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Nathan Heilman.

ROLL CALL:  Council members answering roll:  Bob Beazley,  Adam Petty, Ron Sanderson and Sonya Kostan. Absent: Tara Hill.  City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty to approve the agenda.  Passed 4/0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty to approve the minutes of the November 11, 2019 regular meeting, December 3, 2019 special meeting, bills as listed. Reports as filed.  Passed 4/0.

PUBLIC FORUM – CITIZEN INPUT:  Dan Volkert addressed the council regarding the sale of city owned property. It was suggested that the City assess our needs before selling.

1. Deputy Hertz reviewed the Sheriff’s monthly report, he also explained the legal process for red tag and eviction process.

2. Maintenance report: None.

3. Fire and rescue report-Jeff Wortman, Fire Chief, gave fire department report. Kara Pernick gave ambulance report. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Beazley to adopt
Resolution 2019-42
approving new member Alexa Hansen to the Correctionville Fire & Rescue.
Roll Call. Ayes: Beazley, Sanderson, Kostan, Petty. Passed 4/0.

4. Dave Christensen: No report given.  Chad Thompson updated the council on nuisance court cases.

5. Motion by Kostan, second by Petty to uphold the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Committee to issue fine of $65 (Code 1.14) for violation of Code 165.52 to Taunia Pry at location 1007 Fir Street. Passed 3/1.

6. Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Beazley to adopt
Resolution 2019-43 approving reappointment of Nancy Jacobs
to the Planning and Zoning Board for a five (5) year term.
Roll Call. Passed 4/0.

7. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty to approve the 2020 Humane Society Agreement.  Passed 4/0.

8. Cody Wortman asked the Council if they would consider selling city owned property located at 424 Sioux Avenue.  Council will take it under consideration. The council will address this at the next regular meeting.

9. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Beazley to approve the contract with Triple C Pest Control for the 2020 season.  Passed 4/0.

10. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty to approve the agreement with Avery Brothers Sign Company to furnish and install solar lights on the two Correctionville signs.

11. Quote for cameras was tabled until the next regular meeting.

12. Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Beazley to approve purchase of Canon printer and maintenance agreement with Advanced Systems, Inc. for printer. Passed 4/0.

13. Lease with the school district for the property currently being used for tennis/basketball courts and playground will expire in December of 2024. The City will inquire about renewing lease.

14. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Kostan to adopt
Resolution 2019-44
acknowledging the appreciation of Tara Hill
serving on the City council since December 11, 2017.  
Roll Call.  Passed 4/0.

Councilman Sanderson expressed concerns on
a) truck traffic, specifically on the south-east corner of 5th and Driftwood Streets; maybe the city should consider painting centerlines on Driftwood Street and
b) snow removal at 319 5th Street.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Attest: __________________

    NOVEMBER             NOVEMBER
General Fund
$21,565.57                       $41,656.26
Road Use Tax
$6,512.41                           $9,006.20
Employee Benefits
TIF Nelle Belle
Library Memorial
Copeland Fund
Fire Dept Fund
Cemetery Maint.
Debt Service
$13,538.40                     $12,444.20
Water Fund
$8,316.91                          $8,180.15
Sewer Fund
$10,936.22                       $13,435.19
    $60,869.51                       $111,468.13

Vendor/Description    Amount
IPERS  IPERS    $1,969.51
DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY  Federal    $2,709.72
IPERS  Late fee    $22.00
MIKE SEVENING CONSTRUCT-ION  Sidewalks    $2,629.00
MIDAMERICAN  Electricity    $2,799.00
VERIZON WIRELESS  Phones    $52.33
UNITED HEALTHCARE  Health Ins.    $4,939.68
USPS  Postage    $134.05
PEARL RICHIE  Deposit refund    $78.28
SIOUX VALLEY AUTOMOTIVE  Deposit refund    $76.78
FNB  Purchase CD    $20,539.59
AMERICAN UNDERGROUND  Water parts    $382.52
BANYON DATA SYSTEMS INC.  Support    $564.00
BUILDERS SHARPENING  Soil Cond. Rent    $660.90
CARLA MATHERS  Mileage    $92.80
COLONIAL RESEARCH  Supplies    $147.60
CORNER HARDWARE  Supplies    $43.55
ENGLESON ABSTRACT CO. INC.  713 4th Street    $125.00
HAWKINS INC.  Chemicals    $1,544.99
I & S GROUP, INC.  Engineering    $1,253.60
IOWA ONE CALL Locates    $25.20
IOWA RURAL WATER ASSOC.  Dues 2020    $225.00
JACOBS ELECTRIC  Lift station repairs    $378.47
JOY AUTO SUPPLY INC.  Maintenance    $503.52
LONGLINES  Phones    $202.23
MED COMPASS  Physicals    $1,820.00
NEW COOPERATIVE, INC.  Fuel    $635.85
NORTH AMERICAN TRUCK  Sander    $7,070.00
OFFICE ELEMENTS  Supplies    $17.37
PCC  Billing    $378.65
MOVILLE RECORD  Publishing    $213.43
TRUENORTH  Life Ins.    $159.60
USPS  Box rent    $94.00
UTILITY SERVICE CO. INC.  Water Tower    $3,266.48
VISA  Supplies    $1,180.83

Published in The Record
Thursday, December 19, 2019

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