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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Bills

Kingsley-Pierson Community School

Aberson, Joshua  Official    160.00
Advanced Systems Inc.  Copier Service, Supplies    633.84
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.  Legal Services    609.50
Alarcon Adame, Arturo  Reimbursement    35.10
Beelner’s Service Inc.  Plumbing/Heating Repairs    484.70
Bohle Construction LLC  Services    987.50
Borchers, Bryan  Official    110.00
Card Service Center  Credit Card Pymt    859.40
Cherokee County  Election Expense    62.26
Chesterman  Fund Raising Supplies    427.60
Chet’s  Supplies    131.62
Chute, Erin  reimbursement    25.68
City Of Kingsley  Water/Sewer    257.62
City Of Pierson  Water/Sewer    152.44
Clark’s Hardware LLC  Supplies    91.70
Dean Foods North Central  Milk, Milk Products    123.22
Dejong, Michael  Reimbursement    4.18
Electronic Engineering  Communication Equipment    200.00
Evenhuis, Leann  Reimbursement    71.37
First Cooperative Association  Fuel, Supplies    364.17
Frontier Communications  Telephone Service    781.37
Goodwill Industries, Inc.  Tuition    439.19
Grahams Graphics  Supplies    180.00
Grainger Industrial Supply  HVAC supplies    1,304.42
Greenway Lawn Care  Services    379.75
Gym Floor Specialists Inc.  Services    0.00
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc.  Supplies    850.00
Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.  Supplies    715.88
IA Dept. of Human Services  Medicaid Reimbursement    5,895.37
Iowa Communications Network  Services    53.39
K-Purchase LLC  supplies    375.00
Kraft Kleaners LLC  Services    96.00
Kreber, Nicolas  Official    110.00
L&G Products Inc.  Ag Supplies    468.00
Lammers Automotive  Vehicle Repairs    46.80
LeMars Daily Sentinel  Ads    23.36
Lunchtime Solutions Inc.  Food Service    24,566.64
Malloy, John  Official    110.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.  Instr Supplies    162.95
Mauch, Maggie  Reimbursement    50.31
Mid American Energy Company  Gas/Elec Service    9,602.61
Mid-West 3D Solutions, LLC  Equipment    3,652.00
Midstates Bank/Randi Anstine  State Dance Meals    302.50
Morningside College  Entry Fee    225.00
Moville Record  Minutes/Ads    335.79
New Cooperative Inc.  Fuel, Maintenance Supply    3,069.87
Nolte, Cornman & Johnson P.C.  Auditing Services    4,140.00
Northern Plains Fitness, Inc.  Equipment    40.00
Northwest Iowa Band Association  Dues    150.00
Plymouth County Auditor  Election Expense    1,147.44
Pollow, Taylor  Official    240.00
Powell, Suzanne  Reimbursement    43.68
Pratt, Kate reimbursement    172.10
Presto X Company  Pest Control    116.00
Ranniger, Royce  Official    110.00
Ray’s Midbell Music  Band Services    57.31
Really Great Reading Company, LLC  Supplies    95.00
Reinking, Jody  Reimbursement    98.12
Rick’s Computers  Computer Equip/Service    716.25
River Valley Comm. School  Open Enroll    17,656.25
Rolling Oil Co.  Gasoline-Oil/Service    2,490.04
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies    248.36
Sanitary Services  Garbage Service    595.90
Scholastic  Instr. Supply    126.50
School Specialty Inc.  Instr. Supply    213.61
Schroeder, Jackie  Reimbursement    31.20
Schultz, Kevin  Official    110.00
Sergeant Bluff-Luton CSD  Entry Fee    125.00
Sioux City Journal  Advertising    90.00
Slaughter, Jason  Official    110.00
Software Unlimited, Inc.  Training    250.00
Spooner, Jenni  Reimbursement    10.99
Staples Advantage  Supplies    1,236.95
Storm Lake CSD Entry Fee    90.00
Sunnybrook  Flowers, Supplies    671.00
Timberline Billing Service LLC  Medicaid Services    557.95
United Rentals  Equipment Rentals    731.40
Western Iowa Tech Comm College  Tuition    1,460.00
Wiatel  Phone Service    390.31
Wiese, Rob  Reimbursement    147.42

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

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