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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — January 13, 2020

Woodbury Central Community School
Regular Board Meeting
Woodbury Central High School Library
Moville, Iowa
7:30 p.m.
January 13, 2020

1. Opening
a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Approve or amend the agenda
d. Approve minutes
e. Approve bills

2. Reports
a. Mrs. Lambert
b. Mrs. Gilbert
c. Mr. Bormann
d. Mr. Glackin

3. Policies and Procedures:
a. Approve Open Enrollment In
b. Notification of Open Enrollment Out
c. Amend Board Policy: 507.9 Wellness Policy
d. Early Retirement Policy Discussion/Action

4. Buildings and Grounds: Prices and Warranties for Bus Cameras

5. Personnel:
a. Accept Resignation: Connie Brockhaus as para professional
b. Offer Contract: Danika Wollesen as a paraprofessional
c. Approve Pat Tomoson as Archery Sponsor – stipend to be determined
d. Approve Lane Change: Sue Bock from MA to MA+15

6. Co-curricular:
a. Approve volunteer/sponsor for Robotics: Donny Reblitz
b. Grant use for Community Service Project

7. Board Items
a. Approve Modified Allowable Growth for Dropout Prevention/At Risk for $99,654
b. Visitor/Community Comments
c. For the good of the cause

8. Adjourn

Published in The Record
Thursday, January 9, 2020

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