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Correctionville City Council Minutes — January 13, 2020

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting
January 13, 2020

CALL TO ORDER:  The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on January 13, 2020, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Nathan Heilman.

ROLL CALL:  Council members answering roll:  Bob Beazley, Sonya Kostan, Adam Petty, Ron Sanderson, and Dan Volkert. Absent: None.  City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to approve the agenda.  Passed 5/0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Kostan to approve the minutes of the December 9, 2019 regular meeting, January 6, 2020, special meeting, bills as listed. Reports as filed.  Approval of liquor licenses for Brew, Casey’s General Store, Dollar General and Liz’s Food & Spirits pending all paperwork is filed correctly. Passed 5/0.


1.    Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to adopt
Resolution 2020-02
appointing Carla Mathers as City Clerk; Chad and Barry Thompson as City Attorneys;
Adam Petty as Mayor Pro-Tem; and The Moville Record as the Official Newspaper, all for 2020.

Roll Call: Passed 5/0.

2. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Beazley to adopt
Resolution 2020-03
appointing the following committees:  Budget – Mayor & Council; Annual Employee Evaluations – Heilman, Petty; Water Department – Beazley; Finance Department – Kostan; Sanitation Department – Kostan; Streets, Alleys & Sidewalks – Sanderson, Volkert; Economic Development – Heilman, Sanderson; Parks, Recreation & Cemetery – Beazley, Petty.
Passed 5/0.

3. Deputy Hertz reviewed the Sheriff’s monthly report.

4. Keith Radig, representing Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, and Dennis Butler, Woodbury County Financial Director, addressed the council concerning the need for a new law enforcement center in Woodbury County. Radig asked the mayor and council to each sign a letter of support for this project.

5. Maintenance report: Pat Langschwager reported that there were three sewer force main breaks in the last month. These breaks were repaired immediately. Mayor instructed maintenance department to work on cleaning up the drainage ditch going south from 1st Street to Bacon Creek.

6. Fire and rescue report – Jeff Wortman, Fire Chief, gave fire department report; one truck is needing repairs. Kara Pernick gave ambulance report; state inspection is Wednesday, January 15, 2020; department has two members attending EMT classes and another renewing nurse license for EMT.

7. Dave Christensen: No report given.  Council discussed finishing sidewalk projects in the spring. City clerk will contact Christensen about attending the council meeting February 10, 2020.

8. Council discussed the sale of property. The council will address this again at the next regular meeting.

9. Council looked at quotes to install cameras for city properties. Motion by Beazley, 2nd by Sanderson to accept the bid from Midwest Alarm. Passed 4/0, Petty abstained from voting.

10. Mayor Heilman and councilman Petty attended River Valley School Board meeting to discuss renewal of lease with the school district for the property currently being used for tennis/basketball courts and playground that is expiring in December of 2024. School board did not act on renewal of lease at this time.

11. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert giving Mayor and Clerk permission to sign Preconstruction Agreement (2020-6-059) with Iowa DOT for Primary Road Project. Passed 5/0.

12. Motion by Petty, 2nd by Beazley to adopt
Resolution 2020-04 setting public hearing for the Proposed Property Tax Levy FY 2020/21
to be held February 10, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa

Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

City Clerk

  DECEMBER              DECEMBER
General Fund
$23,323.68                    $29,600.49
Road Use Tax
$13,719.00                       $6,506.47
Employee Benefits
TIF Nelle Belle
Library Memorial
Copeland Fund
Fire Dept. Fund
Cemetery Maint.
Debt Service
Flood 2019
$1,397.90            $45,122.24
Water Fund
$12,114.40            $9,448.04
Sewer Fund
$7,394.29            $14,070.50
$57,949.27         $125,629.70

Vendor/ Description    Amount    
Ipers  IPERS    $2,907.09
Department of Treasury  Federal    $4,151.95
Iowa Dept. of Revenue  4th Quarter 2019    $1,779.00
Iowa Dept. of Revenue  Sales tax    $342.00
Iowa Dept of Revenue  WET tax    $1,280.00
Triple C Pest Control  Mosquito control    $3,230.00
Verizon Wireless  Phone    $52.33
United Healthcare  Health Ins.    $5,573.98
Midamerican Electricity    $2,854.27
Ron Gray  Deposit refund    $27.68
Iowa Prison Industries  Signs    $508.59
Gordon Flesch Company  Copier    $2,993.00
Brown Supply Co. Shovel    $84.00
Cedcorp, Inc.  Housing incentive    $5,000.00
City Clerk-Ambulance Meals  Meals    $10.41
Clerk of District Court  Nuisance    $85.00
Colonial Research  Supplies    $105.20
Corner Hardware  Supplies    $41.39
Correctionville Bldg. Center  Supplies    $17.50
Foundation Analytical  Water testing    $28.75
Iowa One Call  Locates    $26.10
Iowa Park & Recreation Assoc.  CEU workshop (2)    $310.00
Joy Auto Supply Inc.  Maintenance    $397.03
L.P. Gill, Inc.  3rd Qtr. 19/20    $3,985.96
Longlines  Phone    $199.39
Mckesson Medical Supplies    $1,878.45
Mercy Medical Services  Medical    $35.02
Swank Movie Licensing USA  Movie license    $175.00
Netsys  Support    $116.00
New Cooperative, Inc.  Fuel    $1,941.89
North American Truck & Trailer  Repairs    $183.43
NW Iowa League of Cities  Dues    $25.00
Office Elements  Supplies    $48.00
Pinnacle Performance LLC  Repairs    $225.40
Ruralwaves Wireless Internet  Internet Service    $239.94
Sanitary Services  Garbage    $14,028.80
SCE, LLC  Force main repair    $4,347.88
Secretary of State  Notary application    $30.00
Sioux Valley Automotive  Repairs    $845.23
Moville Record  Publishing    $134.99
Toyne Inc.  Parts    $54.60
Verizon Wireless  Phones    $52.19
Vicki Knaack  Supplies    $21.98
Visa  Supplies    $732.57
Western Iowa Equipment  Mower repair    $102.94
Woodbury County Election    $480.68
Woodbury County EMS  Ambulance    $200.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, January 23, 2020

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