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Representative Tom Jeneary — January 21, 2020

Greetings from the State Capitol!

This past week the legislature heard from the Governor, the acting Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice and the commanding general of the Iowa National Guard. Governor Kim Reynolds laid out her agenda for the 2020 legislative session by delivering her annual Condition of the State, entitled, “Opportunity Lives Here.”

Four of her priorities are:

  1. K-12 funding – increase funding for K-12 by $103 million. This combines SSA and transportation funding for rural schools.
  2. Invest in Iowa Act/IWILL – this would increase the sales tax by one cent and would be used to fund Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust, reduce property taxes, reduce income tax rates and create a funding source for mental health.
  3. Felon Voting Rights – Gov. Reynolds wants to pass a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights to convicted felons who have completed their sentences.
  4. Protect Life Amendment – the Governor would like to amend the Iowa Constitution to clarify a recent court decision.

Wednesday morning, Acting Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, David Wiggins, delivered the annual Condition of the Judiciary address. He noted the passing of Chief Justice Mark Cady. Major General Benjamin Corell delivered the Condition of the National Guard. He mentioned work on cybersecurity that will be a large part of the National Guards’ agenda.

My committee assignments are:

  1. Vice Chair of Natura Resources
  2. Public Safety
  3. Veteran’s Affairs
  4. Local Government
  5. Health and Human Services Budget Sub Committee

Please contact me at if you have questions or concerns

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