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Plymouth County Board of Supervisors — January 7, 2020 Minutes & Claims

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
January 7, 2020
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Boardroom on January 2, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.  All members were present.  All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated.  Chairman Don Kass called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the January 7, 2020 agenda.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Meis, to approve the minutes of the January 2, 2020 meeting.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Loutsch, to approve the claims for January 7, 2020 as presented.  Motion Carried.

Amanda Harper of SIMPCO was present to review the Housing Trust Fund program for Plymouth County.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the Recorder’s quarterly report from October to December 2019 as presented by Jolynn Goodchild, Plymouth County Recorder.  Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors reviewed and discussed the FY 2020-21 budget.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 1:20 p.m.

Stacey Feldman, Plymouth County Auditor
Don Kass, Chairman

Plymouth County – Claims paid on 1-7-2020
A & M Laundry  SUNDRY    87.00
Accurate Reporting  deposition    92.00
Noel Ahmann  mileage    115.42
City of Akron  SUNDRY    126.05
Akron Hometowner  minutes    323.95
Anthony Plumbing/Heating  BUILDINGS    753.48
Arnold Motor Supply  PARTS    70.71
Assoc. for Psychiatric Services  substance abuse assessment    400.00
Kelsey Bauerly Langel  attorney services    379.20
Cole Beitelspacher  cell phone allowance    60.00
Bentson Pest Control  services    100.00
Beyond Trust Corporation  Bomgar remote support    2163.70
Blohn Inspection/Environmental  BRIDGES    1528.00
Bomgaars  supplies    1179.86
Robert B. Brock  attorney services    1592.41
Budden Plumbing, Heating  pressure switch    61.04
Bugman Pest & Rodent Control  services    53.50
Calibre Press  training    259.00
Century Link  Ali data services    598.33
Chapman Overhead Door  BUILDINGS    65.00
Christensen Bros  construction project    5761.80
Cornhusker International  PARTS    871.02
Crittenton Center  Juvenile shelter care    1212.90
Culligan Water Cond.  services    317.95
The Dailey Stop  fuel    65.81
Dean Foods  kitchen supplies    399.38
Conner Delfs  cell phone allowance    90.00
Des Moines Stamp  SUPPLIES    32.40
DLT Solutions  data processing supplies    186.20
Scott Dorhout  cell phone allowance    90.00
Drivers License Guide  ‘20 ID guide    29.95
Eakes Inc.  supplies    985.09
Easy Clean Car Wash  wash card    55.00
Electronic Engineering  radio/equip install    1402.14
ESRI  ARCGIS maintenance    400.00
Farmers Coop-Craig  fuel    811.36
Fastenal  supplies    250.43
Floyd Valley Healthcare  medical services    673.03
Frericks Repair  TIRES & TUBES    2759.36
Frontier  phone services    1991.35
GCC Alliance Concrete  PIPE CULVERTS    1590.00
Daniel J. Gengler  well closing    500.00
Get Branded 360  uniform    19.50
Jolynn Goodchild  cell phone/mileage/supplies    158.83
Govconnection  office equipment    1176.10
Graham Tire  TIRES & TUBES    3938.64
Greenway Lawn Care  2020 lawn contract    1900.22
GRP & Associates  medical waste services    107.00
Hardware Hank  supplies    119.60
Kirk Hatting  cell phone allowance    90.00
Jamie Hauser  mileage    190.82
Brian Heidesch  cell phone allowance    90.00
Pat Heissel  cell phone allowance    90.00
Marilyn Hitzmann  land purchase    5000.00
Holiday Inn  lodging    734.29
Peter Holtgrew  premium refunds    162.54
Jill Holzman  cell phone allowance    90.00
Hoogeveen Enterprises  wash card    50.00
Stephanie Hoppe  cell phone allowance    90.00
Nathan Hoss  cell phone allowance    90.00
Hundertmark  PARTS    127.55
IMWCA  work comp. premium    7214.00
Indoff  SUPPLIES    182.18
Ingram Technologies  tablet    2650.00
Inland Truck Parts  PARTS    1213.06
Interstate Battery System  BATTERIES    241.90
Iowa Concrete & Paving Assoc.  SCHOOLS & MEETING FEES    780.00
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy  CTE testing    2425.00
Iowa One Call  locate    20.70
Iowa Prison Industries  garbage bags    108.07
Iowa State University  SCHOOLS & MEETING FEES    100.00
ISAC  registration fee    195.00
I-State Truck Center  FILTERS    894.87
Jack’s Uniforms  uniform    260.73
Jami L. Johnson deposition    77.40
Jeneary Dental  dental services    341.00
Jensen Motors  2019 Dodge Durango    26,582.47
Jochum Agri Service  watershed pumping    24,300.00
Tamara Jorgensen  cell phone allowance    90.00
J-W Tank Line  fuel    1281.28
Don Kass  mileage    185.60
Kellen Excavation  GRANULAR    2233.08
Kimball-Midwest Co.  PARTS    594.88
City of Kingsley  SUNDRY    29.62
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    1710.00
Lampert Lumber  LUMBER    561.83
Sherwin Lassen  spray training, mileage    206.70
City of Le Mars  utilities    68.66
Le Mars Daily Sentinel  publications    426.54
Aaron Leusink  cell phone allowance    90.00
L.G. Everist Inc.  GRANULAR    5886.64
Mail Services  renewal notices print    1125.67
MD Products Inc  PARTS    548.96
Menards  supplies    129.28
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    5096.75
Midwest Service & Sales  BLADES    41,850.00
Midwest Wheel  PARTS    297.83
Mike’s Inc  fuel    3368.00
MOCIC membership dues    150.00
Mouser Digging & Pump  TILE & INTAKES – REIMB.    7034.00
MPH Industries  vehicle equipment    155.49
Mullally Properties  rent assistance    600.00
National Emergency Number  membership    142.00
Northside Glass Service  OUTSIDE SERVICE    1394.00
O’Keefe Elevator  elevator maint contract    940.00
Shawn Olson  misc. reimbursements    743.60
One Office Solutions  office supplies    146.21
City of Oyens  SUNDRY    56.78
Lisa Penning  DL training/mileage    276.08
Kyle Petersen  cell phone allowance    90.00
Plymouth County Drug Court  FY ‘19-’20 allocation    1000.00
Plymouth Co Employees  Health insurance reimburse    1614.80
Ply. Co. Sheriff  transports/fees    1791.96
Ply. Co. Solid Waste Agency  assessment/hauling    26,870.46
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex benefit reimb.    473.22
Premier Communications  internet & phone services    906.96
Primebank  safety deposit box rental    22.50
Protex Central  fire alarm inspection    780.00
Darin Raymond  computer monitor reimb.    408.47
Northwest REC  park    778.78
Rees Mack Sales & Service  FILTERS    152.17
Reliance Telephone  repairs    540.00
City of Remsen SUNDRY    671.59
Remsen Bell Enterprise  publications    198.82
Jill Renken  postcard stamps    105.00
Rolling Oil Co.  oil    3368.02
Sapp Bros. Petroleum  fuel    11,775.93
Schorg’s Amoco Service  fuel    788.21
Sherwin Williams  supplies    52.54
SHRED-IT USA  shredding    48.97
Rick Singer  cell phone allowance    90.00
Shelly Sitzmann  office supplies    67.47
Solutions  Kofax-imager license    488.00
Southern Sioux Co. RWS  Hillview park water    141.75
State Medical Examiners  medical examiner    10,244.02
Luke Steeg  SUNDRY    74.00
Matt Struve  cell phone allowance    90.00
Jeff Te Brink  cell phone allowance    350.00
The Home Depot Pro  supplies    970.56
Total Motors  OUTSIDE SERVICE    173.67
US POST Office  stamps for passports    414.00
USIC Locating Services  locate service    219.00
Van’s Sanitation  garbage pickup    381.50
Verizon Wireless  cell phone services    1232.40
VISA  Misc. Sheriff’s expenses    1374.39
Vogel Traffic Services  PAVEMENT MARKINGS    90,636.40
Wagner Auto Supply  FILTERS    321.36
Wal-Mart  supplies    425.64
WesTel Systems  SUNDRY    40.88
Wex Bank  fuel    5027.32
Willson & Pechacek, P.L.C.  BoDeans PAAB case    552.00
Jacob Wingert  cell phone allowance    90.00
Woodbury Co Sheriff  service SMSM44120    80.00
Northwest Iowa YES Center  Juvenile shelter care    3199.00
Ziegler Inc.  PARTS    43,769.06

Published in The Record
Thursday, January 30, 2020

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