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Moville City Council Minutes — January 29, 2020 Budget Meeting

Moville City Council
1/29/20 Budget Meeting

Mayor Jim Fisher called the meeting to order at around 6:00 pm. Roll Call: Tom Conolly, Mike Ofert, Joel Robinson and John Parks are present. Paul Malm arrived around 8:00 pm. Ofert motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Robinson. Ayes, motion carries. Guests include Mike Weaver, Blake Stubbs and Edgar Rodriguez. No speakers during open forum.

Due to the resignation of Chief Muller on 1/27/20, council discussed appointing Officer Edgar Rodriguez as Interim Police Chief. Conolly motioned to appoint Rodriguez as Interim Police Chief, seconded by Parks. Ayes, motion carries.

Council, Mayor and staff discussed budgets for Pool, Parks, Water, Wastewater, Streets / RUT, wages, and Community Center.

Council discussed Resolution 2020-08 setting public hearing for Maximum Property tax dollars to certify for levy.

Conolly motioned to set the new maximum levy rate to 10.10 % and the Public Hearing to February 19, 2020, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries.

Due to several planned absences, Council is cancelling next scheduled meeting on Monday February 3rd and moving budget discussions to the next regular meeting on Wednesday February 5th.

With no further business, Malm motions to adjourn at 9:25 pm, Conolly seconds. All ayes, motion carries — meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, February 13, 2020

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