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Correctionville City Council Minutes — February 10, 2020

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting
February 10, 2020

Call To Order:  The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on February 10, 2020, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Nathan Heilman.

Roll Call:  Council members answering roll:  Bob Beazley, Sonya Kostan, Adam Petty, Ron Sanderson, and Dan Volkert. Absent: None.  City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.

Pledge Of Allegiance.

Approval Of Agenda: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to approve the agenda.  Passed 5/0.

Consent Agenda: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty to approve the minutes of the January 13, 2020 regular meeting, January 15, 2020, special meeting. Bills as listed. Reports as filed.  Passed 5/0.

Public Forum – Citizen Input:  None

New Business:
1. Captain Garrett reviewed the Sheriff’s monthly report. Discussed setting up trailer to monitor stop signs/speeding in town.

2. Maintenance report: No maintenance personnel in attendance. Began working on drainage ditch from 1st Street south to Bacon Creek. Discussed getting bids to replace skid loader. Discussed maintenance personnel to be at every meeting.

3. Fire and rescue report: Reviewed report included in packet.

4. Dave Christensen: No report given.  April Putzier, deputy clerk, presented a report of the sidewalks that still need to be replaced. Clerks will be sending out reminder letters for the properties that still need sidewalk repairs. Letter will state a deadline of June 30, 2020 for these repairs to be completed or the city will hire contractor to complete repairs and assess cost of repairs to the property taxes for collection. Attorney updated council regarding acquisition of nuisance properties.

5. Council discussed the sale of property. At this time the city will not be selling parcels 894234476023 or 894234476002 (424 Sioux Ave). Council discussed selling city owned properties 208 Birch Street (parcel #884301234002), 817 4th Street (parcel #884206127012) and 884206127022. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to adopt
Resolution 2020-05 setting public hearing for the sale of city owned properties, 208 Birch Street (parcel # 884301234002), 817 4th Street (parcel #884206127012) and parcel #884206127022 to be held March 9, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa.
Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

6. Council opened two bids received for mowing of cemetery for 2020 season. Mike Frahm bid $17,250, Forch Farms bid $22,000.  Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Sanderson to accept Mike Frahm bid for $17,250 for the 2020 mowing season. Passed 5/0.

7. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Petty authorizing mayor to enter into financial agreement with Woodbury County Emergency Services for ambulance tiered response services. Passed 5/0.

8. Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Petty to adopt
Resolution 2020-06
authorizing mayor and city clerk to enter into an agreement with Sanford Museum & Planetarium for TAP Grant.
Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

9. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to close meeting at 8:20 p.m. and go into a public hearing to hear comments both for and against the Proposed Property Tax Levy FY 2020/21. With no written or oral comments, motion by Petty, 2nd by Sanderson to close the public hearing at 8:21 p.m. Passed 5/0. Motion by Petty, 2nd by Kostan to approve
Resolution 2020-07
approving the proposed Property Tax Levy as published.
Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

10. Motion by Petty, 2nd by Hill to approve
Resolution 2020-08
setting March 9, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa, for the Public Hearing to approve the FY 2020/21 Budget.
Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

11. Motion by Hill, 2nd by Sanderson to approve
Resolution 2020-09
approving transfer of funds, Flood to Sewer Fund.
Roll call, Passed 5/0.

Other Business:
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Carla Mathers, City Clerk
Nathan Heilman, Mayor

Vendor/ Description    Amount    
FNB  Postage    $10.15
Ipers  IPERS    $1,931.83
Departmane Of Treasury  Federal    $2,662.89
United Healthcare  Health Ins.    $5,573.98
USPS  Postage    $134.05
Midamerican Electricity.    $2,951.76
American Underground Supply  Supplies    $110.78
Builders Sharpening & Service  Repairs    $9.90
Cedcorp, Inc.  Business Grant    $5,000.00
Colonial Research  Supplies    $71.22
Corner Hardware  Repairs    $43.67
Correctionville Building Center  Repairs    $31.88
Dearborn Life Insurance  Insurance    $82.05
Feld Fire  Supplies    $85.00
Foundation Analytical  Water testing    $212.50
IMFOA  Dues    $100.00
Iowa One Call  Locates    $9.30
Jacobs Electric  Repairs    $175.40
Joy Auto Supply Inc.  Maintenance    $218.82
Longlines  Phone    $197.96
MC Welding  Repairs    $270.00
Mckesson Medical  Supplies    $383.25
Mercy Medical Services  Physical    $897.24
Myles McCrea  Training    $108.00
New Cooperative, Inc.  Fuel    $2,392.44
O’ Halloran International  Repairs    $974.32
Office Elements  Supplies    $38.90
Office Of Auditor Of State  Annual Exam Fee    $1,200.00
PCC  December billing    $424.50
Robertson Implement Co.  Repairs    $95.81
SCE, LLC  Repairs    $7,095.65
Storey Kenworthy  Minute book    $177.11
Moville Record  publishing    $305.51
Chad Thompson  Legal fees    $4,090.98
Verizon Wireless  Phone    $52.19
Visa  Supplies    $962.74
Woodbury County Extension  Training    $35.00

JANUARY                    JANUARY
General Fund
$41,773.70                  $19,431.89
Road Use Tax
$5,090.16                     $11,162.42
Employee Benefits
Copeland Fund
Fire Dept Fund
Cemetery Maint.
Debt Service
Flood 2019
Water Fund
$7,511.66             $9,186.95
Sewer Fund
$9,767.13            $13,284.48
$64,142.65          $94,945.97

Published in The Record
Thursday, February 20, 2020

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