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Lawton Notice of Public Hearing — 2020 Oak St. Improvement Project

2020 Oak Street
Improvement Project

A public hearing on the Plans, Specifications, and Form of Contract to be held at 5:30 PM on 7th day of April, 2020 or as soon thereafter as the matter may be reached will be held at the Friendship Center 300 Cedar Street, Lawton, Iowa (Phone 712-944-5960)

The proposed contract will be for the furnishing of all labor, materials, use of contractors equipment and all else necessary for the 2020 Oak Street improvement Project which shall include the following items which are fully described in the project bidding documents:
• Removal of 1,150 feet of 32 ft. and 34 ft. asphalt paving and concrete curb and gutter
• Replacement of 1,150 ft. of 36 ft. wide PCC paving.
• Removal and Replacement of a portion of 20 driveways.
• Removal and replacement of storm water inlets.
• Reseeding of the disturbed area of the City’s ROW.

Other items will also be necessary to complete the project.

A set of the approved Plans and Specifications is available for review at the Lawton City Hall, 101 East Maple Street, Lawton, Iowa (Phone 712-944-5960) or it can be obtained by request from Steffen Engineering, Inc., 1844 Highway 20, Lawton, Iowa 51030

Carla Eidenshink, City Clerk

Publishing Date(s): 3/12/2020

Published in The Record
Thursday, March 12, 2020

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