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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Bills

Kingsley-Pierson Community School

Aberson Construction  Services    4,485.00
Ace Refrigeration Co.  Repairs    70.00
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.  Legal Services    343.50
Andersons  Supplies    305.97
Bailey, Scott  Reimbursement    219.88
Batteries Plus-129  Exit Batteries    161.90
Beelner’s Service Inc.  Plumbing/Heating Repairs    542.40
Bohle Construction LLC  Services    665.00
Bottjen Implement  Supplies    335.50
Card Service Center  Credit Card Pymt.    777.51
Chemsearch  Maint. Supplies    280.00
Chesterman  Fund Raising Supplies    21.00
Chet’s  Supplies    92.92
City Of Kingsley  Water/Sewer    378.02
City Of Pierson  Water/Sewer    130.24
Clark’s Hardware LLC  Misc. Supplies    184.33
Dean Diary Holdings LLC  Milk, Milk Products    30.91
Dejong, Michael  Reimbursement    85.10
Electronic Contracting Company  Maintenance Supplies    30.00
FEH Associates Inc.  Architectural Study    182,789.40
First Cooperative Association-Corp.  Fuel, Supplies    709.86
Frontier Communications  Telephone Service    750.46
Gordon Flesch Company Inc.  Copier Service, Supplies    633.84
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc.  Supplies    99.00
Hillyard/Sioux Falls  Janitorial Supplies    5,840.11
Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.  Custodial Supplies    493.11
IA Dept Of Human Services  Medicaid Reimbursement    6,788.01
Instrumentalist Awards  Instr. Supplies    199.00
Iowa Communications Network  Services    65.59
Iowa Division Of Labor Services  Boiler Inspection Fees    120.00
Iowa School Finance Information Service  Subscription    48.00
Iowa State University  Entry Fees    160.00
Joensen, Alexsandra  Reimbursement    35.20
JT Enterprises  Services    276.25
Klemmensen Commercial Doors & Frames  Services    650.00
Lammers Automotive  Vehicle Repairs    1,101.00
Loreth, Heather  Reimbursement    100.23
Lumber Pros  Lumber Supplies    99.36
Lunchtime Solutions Inc.  Food Service    20,121.92
Lyle’s Garage Door Service Inc.  Services    48.00
Magnussen, Kevin & Wendy  Reimbursement    15.65
Mast, Peggy  reimbursement    6.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.  Instr. Supplies    172.93
McQueen’s Soft Water Corp.  Services    25.90
Menards-Sioux City  Supplies    410.76
Mercer H&B Admin – Iowa  Fiduciary  Services    310.41
Mid American Energy Company  Gas/Elec Service    8,976.69
Midwest HVAC Solutions  Services    550.00
Moville Record  Subscription    574.78
New Cooperative Inc.  Fuel, Maintenance Supply    1,454.74
Northwest AEA  Instr. Supplies    300.00
Presto X Company  Pest Control    116.00
Ray’s Midbell Music  Supplies    271.58
Rick’s Computers  Computer Supplies/Service    791.00
Rolling Oil Co.  Gasoline-Oil/Service    1,565.95
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies    135.88
Sanitary Services  Garbage Service    595.90
Secure Benefits Systems  Flex Plan Fees    8,824.30
Select Fire & Safety  Services    2,104.58
Shindigz  Prom Supplies    241.98
Sioux City Community Theater  Costume Rental    100.00
Staples Advantage  Supplies    1,422.00
Tangible Play, Inc.  Prom Supplies    217.00
Thompson Innovation  Services    100.00
Timberline Billing Service LLC  Medicaid Services    642.45
Time Clock Plus  Time Clock Software    8.00
United Bank Of Iowa  Funds Transfer    1,021.78
Walsworth  Yearbook    3,226.51
Wiatel  Telephone Service    426.39
Wiese, Rob  Reimburse    314.34
William V Macgill & Co.  Medical Supplies    934.80
Woodbury Central Comm. School  Open Enrollment    1,782.18
Wurth, Melissa  Reimbursement    713.36

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

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