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Lawton City Council Minutes — April 7, 2020

Lawton City Council
Special Meeting
April 7, 2020 — 5:30 p.m.

The Lawton City Council met in special session at 5:30 p.m. on April 7, 2020, at Lawton Friendship Center. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was impossible and impractical to hold this meeting with the public present, therefore this was a conference call meeting. Mayor Jeff Nitzschke called the meeting to order. Roll call was answered by Baltushis, Heiss, Hennings, and Saunders. Otto was absent. Also in attendance: City Clerk Carla Eidenshink, City Attorney Glenn Metcalf, Public Works Justin Dunnington, City Engineer Jerry Steffen and several members of the public called in. After verifying everyone could hear the meeting we continued on.

Agenda: It was moved by Baltushis, second by Saunders, to approve moving item #3 on the agenda to item #6. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Public Hearing: Mayor Nitzschke opened the meeting at 5:35 pm. Emails from the following citizens were read: Loyanne and Brian Jensen, Jeff and Jennifer Sparr, SteveWitt, Nicole Scott, and The Latimers. After a lengthy discussion and listening to residents concerns it was moved by Heiss, second by Saunders to close the public hearing at 6:15pm Motion carried, all voting aye.

Bid Opening – Bids on the Oak Street Project were received from Gill Construction, Bainbridge Construction, and Mark Albenesius, Inc. City Clerk Eidenshink opened and read the bid amounts. They were Gill $405,682, Bainbridge $387,985, and Albenesius $321,300. Attorney Metcalf verified the bid bonds were received and Jerry Steffen checked the bids.

Lagoons – Correspondence from ISG was received regarding a proposal to use sonar at the lagoons to evaluate the existing sludge depths. After discussion it was decided that Mayor Nitzschke and Justin will negotiate the cost with ISG and get the evaluation done in order to keep moving forward with the lagoon project.

Temporary Summer Help –Mayor Nitzschke and Justin will look at and hire a temporary person to help during the busy summer season.

Sanitation Contract – City Clerk provided a spreadsheet of the 2 bids received on the sanitation services. After discussion it was moved by Saunders, second by Heiss, to approve Western Disposal 2 year contract. Motion carried on a roll call vote 4-0. Ayes: Baltushis, Heiss, Hennings, Saunders. Absent: Otto

Bid Acceptance –
Resolution regarding Awarding Contract
for Oak Street Improvement Project.

Contract awarded to Mark Albenesius with a bid of $321,300 on a motion by Hennings, second by Heiss, Roll call vote: Aye: Heiss, Hennings, Saunders, Nay: Baltushis, Absent: Otto. Motion carried 3-1. City will contact all homeowners affected and try to answer their concerns within the next week or two.

It was moved by Hennings, second by Saunders, to adjourn at 7:20 pm. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Jeff Nitzschke, Mayor
Carla Eidenshink, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, May 7, 2020

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