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Pierson City Council Minutes — May 13, 2020

Pierson City Council
May 13, 2020

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, May 13th at 7PM.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions placed on gatherings the meeting was held electronically via zoom. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order at 7PM. All council were in attendance.    Motion by Krier seconded by Sistrunk to call to order the public hearing on the Plans, specs, form of contract, and estimate of costs for the 4th ST Sanitary Project, all voted aye; public hearing was opened.  No one was present for or against and no written comments were received. Motion by McQueen to close the public hearing, seconded by Sistrunk; all vote aye motion carried.  The consent agenda included minutes from the April meeting, financials from April and claim and disbursements thru May 13th, Two building permits and an animal permit for chickens.  The consent agenda was approved upon a motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier.  Sistrunk, Krier, Bubke and Saxen voted aye, McQueen voted nay. Motion carried.

Absolute Inspection Services  prof. fee    $1,905.62
American Stair Tread  treads    $340.00
Badger Meter  cell fee    $170.88
Clark’s Hardware  oil    $9.96
Clerk Books  tax training    $125.00
EMP  Amb supplies    $190.60
Frontier  telephone/internet    $195.34
GEMT  amb. Fee    $54.72
IPERS  pension    $999.22
Joy Auto  solenoid    $25.24
LP Gill  landfill    $1,776.93
Mangold  testing fee    $263.00
MidAmerican  electric    $1,382.85
New Coop  fuel    $323.66
PCC  billing fee    $166.52
REC  electric    $30.04
Rehab Systems  jet vac cleaning    $1,975.25
SRF  loan    $10,259.09
The Record  publishing    $412.13
Thompson Phipps and Thompson  attorney fee    $819.42
United Bank of Iowa  loan    $31,195.00
United State Treasury  withholding    $1,255.86
USPS  postage    $28.55
V & K  prof fee    $4,757.50
Verizon  internet    $57.30
Webroot  anti-virus    $84.79
Wellmark  insurance    $2,368.50
Woodbury County Sheriff  service    $45.00
Woodbury EMS  assist    $200.00
Zoom  meeting host    $16.04

The sheriff report was given by Lt Hertz, 4 calls for service were responded to and over 78 hours of patrol. Motion by McQueen, seconded by Saxen to proceed with theft of service charged, all voted aye, motion carried.

Request to be on the agenda:  Todd Weick regarding his sheriff candidacy, Blake Saxen regarding town ordinances on junk,

Motion by McQueen, seconded by Krier to place an addendum to the bidding to include the acceptance of form and screed on the concrete part of the 4th street project, all vote aye; motion carried.

was approved upon a motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier, all voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier to set a public hearing on adoption the Comprehensive Plan for June 10th 2020 at 7PM.  All voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Sistrunk to waive late fees for the month of May, keep the shelter house and community building closed until the governor raises the group gathering restrictions, and to open city hall  on May 15th with glass guard., seconded by McQueen, all voted aye, motion carried.
The council reviewed a quote on installing an automatic door at city hall, tabled until more information is received.

Motion by Saxen, seconded by Krier to order sand play equipment for the playground, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Krier, seconded by Sistrunk to purchase a security light for the well house to assist the ambulance for helicopter landings; all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Krier, seconded by Sistrunk to approve first reading of
Ordinance 169
amending the fees paid for discontinued accounts to restore service.
All voted aye; motion carried.

Trucks off the truck route were discussed; will look into signs.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier to adjourn the meeting, all voted aye, motion carried.

Jeanette Beekman, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, May 21, 2020

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