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City of Bronson — Ordinance on Maintenance Entrances


WHEREAS the City of Bronson has no policy or requirement regarding construction maintenance of entrances from the curb line of the traveled portion of the street to the adjacent property owner’s property line.   And

WHEREAS Iowa Code Section 374.12 permits the City to establish and enforce such a policy by ordinance.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED the City adopts New Code sections 8-4.10 through 9-4.13

8-4.10 Maintenance of Street Entrances.  Property owners having access to city streets and alleys are responsible for the maintenance of their entrances as follows: (1) For an entrance that does not have a paved surface, the property owner is responsible for maintaining the entrance from the outer shoulder line of the street or alley to the right-of-way line. (2) For an entrance that has a paved surface, the property owner is responsible for maintaining the entrance from the paved edge of the street or alley to the right-of-way line.

8-4.11 Maintenance of Drainage Structures.  Drainage Structures located within the Street right of way shall be maintained by the adjacent property owner except for concrete box culverts and bridges constructed by the City as part of the city storm water drainage system.

8-4.12 Construction of an Entrance Impacting Drainage.  When the construction of an entrance necessitates crossing a ditch that has been constructed to carry drainage, a drainage structure shall be installed in the ditch by the adjacent property owner at their expense. The low point of the ditch shall dictate the location for culvert or drainage tube placement unless otherwise specified by the City. Under no circumstances shall existing ditches or gutters be filled without adequate alternate provisions for drainage.  The City will assist in determining the size and length of culverts and aprons. A drainage tube shall be of adequate size to handle drainage, but in most situations shall not be less than 18 inches in diameter. Where shallow ditches exist, the City may approve small arched culverts or tubes than 18 inches in diameter.  The length of culvert pipe shall be sufficient to accommodate the entrance side slopes away from the graded entrance.

8-4.13  New Construction with Existing Curb and Gutter. Where drainage is carried along an existing curb, the entrance shall be constructed with a rise in elevation of at least 6 inches from the street gutter at the entrance to a point 6 feet behind the gutter to prevent runoff from spilling onto private property. The flow line of the gutter through the entrance shall be restored.

2.  EFFECTIVE  DATE:  This ordinance shall  be  effective  upon publication

3.  PUBLICATION:   The  clerk  is  directed  to  publish   this ordinance as required by law.

4.  RETROACTIVE AFFECT.  This ordinance shall control the City’s responsibility for maintenance in the future but shall not effect any arrangement or responsibility for repair to an entrance or drainage structure arising prior to passage.

Adopted May 12, 2020.

The Record, Moville, Iowa

Lindy Jessen, City Clerk
City of Bronson

Published in The Record
Thursday, May 28, 2020

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