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Plymouth County Supervisors Minutes & Claims — July 7, 2020

Plymouth County Board of Supervisors
July 7, 2020
Le Mars, Iowa

The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors met in the Plymouth County Courthouse Board room on July 7, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.  All members were present.  All votes following are aye unless otherwise indicated.  Board Chairman Don Kass called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the July 7, 2020 agenda.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Horton, seconded by Loutsch, to approve the minutes of the June 23, 2020 meeting.  There was no meeting on June 30, 2020.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Meis, to approve the claims paid on June 30, 2020 and July 7, 2020 and the payrolls dated 6-26-20 and 6-30-20.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Loutsch, seconded by Horton to approve the Sioux Rivers Regional MHDS job description/contract.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Meis, seconded by Horton to approve Schenzel Addition in Hungerford Township.  Motion Carried.

The Board of Supervisors adjourned the meeting at 10:47 am.

Stacey Feldman, Plymouth County Auditor
Don Kass, Chairman

Plymouth County – Claims paid on 6-30-2020
A & M Laundry  SHOP SUPPLIES    58.00
AgriVision Equipment  Tractor chains    1358.37
Noel Ahmann  mileage    179.27
Akron Hometowner  publications    234.92
Allendan Seed Company  prairie seed    13,125.00
Alpha Wireless  radio, charger & programming    8297.90
Craig Anderson  mileage    363.40
Anthony Plumbing, Heating  AC repairs    452.45
James W Barker  BORROW-WORK AREA-MISC.    26.32
Bauer Built  TIRES & TUBES    21,000.00
Chris Beeck  mileage    59.80
Cole Beitelspacher  parts, cell phone    72.00
Bentson Pest Control  pest control    100.00
Bob Barker Co.  jail supplies    330.90
Bomgaars  supplies    915.26
Backhoe Services  dump station, RBWA    4000.00
Carroll Construction Supply  PAINT    277.88
Casey’s Business  fuel    2168.74
CDW Government  server upgrade/camera    10,302.47
Central Valley Ag  chemical    84.34
Century Link  Ali data services    537.59
Christensen Bros.  construction project    20,022.65
Jeff Collins  BORROW-WORK AREA-MISC.    2100.00
Cornhusker International  PARTS    18.00
Cummins Sales and Service  generator service    622.60
CWD  kitchen supplies    4419.74
D & T Customs  PARTS    400.00
Dakota County Sheriff  service    22.84
Conner Delfs  cell phone allowance    90.00
Dell Marketing  computers, monitors    1838.89
Victoria DeVos  misc. reimbursements    1919.26
District III Recorder’s Assoc.  FY 20-21 dues    50.00
Donovan’s  Dive team equipment    1571.37
Scott Dorhout  cell phone allowance    90.00
Diana Dowhower  radio    16.36
Drico Products  clock    130.00
Eakes Inc.  SHOP SUPPLIES    376.31
Ben Erdmann  rent assistance    139.47
Farm & Home Publishers  SUPPLIES    228.00
Fastenal  Supplies    104.52
Haley Feldman  election prep/labor    60.00
Floyd River Materials  Hillview pond rip rap    2874.43
Floyd Valley Healthcare  services    2717.78
Frontier  phone services    1851.58
Galls  vest    789.00
Kyle Gengler  sign labor    200.00
Get Branded 360  uniform    195.54
Godbersen-Smith Construction  construction project    ..526,065.82
Govconnection  computer/supplies    5101.53
Government Forms and Supplies  absentee ballot envelopes    4104.80
Groves Emergency Lighting  car equipment    5600.00
Hardware Hank  PARTS    8.00
Lisa Harris  mileage    228.85
Kirk Hatting  cell phone allowance    90.00
Brian Heidesch  cell phone allowance    90.00
Pat Heissel  cell phone allowance    90.00
HGM Associates  OUTSIDE ENGINEERING    406.15
HIWAY PRODUCTS  6×6 posts    7103.25
Jenna Hodgson  postage    4.60
Jill Holzman  cell phone allowance    90.00
Stephanie Hoppe  cell phone allowance    90.00
Nathan Hoss  cell phone allowance    90.00
Hummer’s Mowing & Lawn Care  spring spraying    922.44
HyVee  inmate meds    29.97
ICAP  deductible    3000.00
Impact Power Technologies  batteries    383.46
Ingram Technologies  vehicle computer    2925.00
Inland Truck Parts PARTS    717.39
Iowa Dept. of Public Safety  Iowa system    2334.00
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy  jail in-service    250.00
Iowa Prison Industries  chairs    1544.20
IPAC  FY 20-21 precinct atlas    4211.92
I-State Truck Center  PARTS    237.09
Jack’s Uniforms uniforms    1828.55
Jeremy Ahlers well closing    500.00
Tamara Jorgensen  cell phone allowance    90.00
Keltek Inc.  vehicle equipment    255.79
KEMPS  milk    90.42
Kiesler Police Supply  ammo    3724.86
Colleen King  kitchen menu review    168.00
City of Kingsley  UTILITIES    29.62
Dave Klohs  mileage    148.35
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    1710.00
Lampert Lumber LUMBER    372.71
City of Le Mars  utilities    33.48
Le Mars Agri Center  elk feed/dust control    7800.72
Le Mars Chamber of Commerce  registration    300.00
L.G. Everist Inc.  GRANULAR    1821.38
Lonneman’s Waptiti Acres  cow, calf elk    2775.00
Matthew Loutsch  MILEAGE    270.26
Alan Lucken  postage    55.00
Marcia Mahon  deposition    100.00
Mai Welding Supply  WELDING SUPPLIES    2912.50
Mail Services  MV renewal notices    924.93
Marco Inc.  large format printer    5263.77
MCI  911 Line    13.14
Menards  supplies    2738.49
Metal Culverts Inc.  CORRUGATED METAL PIPE    3506.04
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    787.56
Midwest Lubricants  oil    363.00
Midwest Honda  prairie seeder    14,800.00
Mr. Muffler  parts    1694.20
North American Rescue  medical    667.73
O’Keefe Elevator  elevator service    488.80
O.C. Sanitation  rental    105.00
Oden Enterprises  PILING    14,137.56
Shawn Olson  service    59.90
One Office Solutions  election supplies    165.37
Kyle Petersen  cell phone allowance    90.00
Pheasants Forever Native Seed  native seed/FEMA project    34,800.00
Pictometry International  2020 Aerial photography    39,022.75
Plymouth County EMS  rural EMS grant    4950.00
Plymouth County Employees  health insurance reimb.    17,513.37
Ply. Co. Secondary Rd Dept  TIF Reimbursement    566,609.54
Ply. Co. Sheriff  fees    584.60
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex benefit reimbursements    3639.55
PRIA  annual membership    60.00
Primebank  spayer water    56.00
Indira Probst  postage    8.25
Raveling Inc  ROADWAY CULVERTS    4277.50
Ray Allen Mfg.  K9 supplies    1774.98
Darin Raymond  transfer tax reimb.    54.84
Northwest REC  electric    1159.93
Red’s Printing  printing/supplies    2645.63
Regency Villa Apts.  rental assistance    505.00
Rexwinkel Funeral Homes  indigent burial    1833.75
RMA Armament  rifle plats    4127.82
Thomas Rohe  meal    29.20
Dan Ruhland  sign labor    200.00
Sapp Bros. Petroleum  fuel    10,948.58
Scheels  supplies    764.77
Bob Schlesser  mileage    176.53
Janet Schroeder  mileage    369.90
Rick Singer  cell phone allowance    90.00
Sioux City Foundry  REINFORCING STEEL    1053.23
Sioux Sales Company  uniform    292.60
Siouxland Concrete  PIPE CULVERTS    2873.88
Siouxland Dist. Health Dept.  well testing    300.00
Solutions  COMPUTER SERVICES    4200.00
Sooland Bobcat Rental  BRIDGE SITE EXCAVATION    255.00
Southern Sioux County RWS  Hillview water    247.93
Specialty Tree Service  tree cutting/truck    500.00
Stan Houston Equipment  PARTS    200.95
Staples  office supplies    426.77
Luke Steeg  OFFICE CLEANING    74.00
Steffen Truck Equipment  FILTERS    186.35
Storey Kenworthy  supplies    1232.76
Streicher’s  jail masks    2905.00
Matt Struve  cell phone allowance    90.00
Taggart’s Power Sports  UTV sprayer    2164.00
Jeff Te Brink  cell phone allowance    90.00
The Home Depot Pro  supplies    1353.60
TNT Sales & Service  mister/spray    1650.00
Total Motors tires/repairs    4396.15
US POSTAL SERVICE  postage    6222.00
Van Diest Supply  sprayer dye    840.60
Mike Van Otterloo  uniform/apparel    250.00
Verizon  cell services    329.10
VISA Prime Bank  Sheriff’s misc. expenses    358.69
Wagner Auto Supply  mower parts    589.17
Wal-Mart  supplies    421.84
Wex Bank  fuel    3014.10
Jacob Wingert  cell phone allowance    90.00
Woodbury Co. Sheriff  juvenile transport    55.00
Northwest Iowa YES Center  Juvenile shelter care    8869.50
Zep Manufacturing  SHOP SUPPLIES    750.04
Ziegler Inc  PARTS    4013.20

Plymouth County – Claims paid on 7-7-2020
A & M Laundry  SHOP SUPPLIES    29.00
AgriVision Equipment  PARTS    264.77
Noel Ahmann  mileage    269.10
City of Akron  UTILITIES    67.65
Akron Ambulance Service  FY 20-21 allocation    9134.00
Allied Oil & Supply  fuel    413.00
Astech Surface Technologies  ASPHALT CONCRETE    178,697.80
Bomgaars  PARTS    31.50
Brandon Borkowski  well closing    500.00
Bugman Pest & Rodent Control  pest control    50.00
Campbell’s Electric  BUILDINGS    298.07
Century Link  phone    90.80
Certified Testing Services  SUPPLIES    13.46
Christensen Bros.  construction project    259,269.65
Council on Sexual Assault  FY 20-21 allocation    20,000.00
Crittenton Center  shelter care    1026.30
Culligan Water  water    311.04
The Dailey Stop  gas    61.69
Kevin & Lesa DeBoer  GROUNDS    600.00
Dirks Hardware Hank  PARTS    13.98
Document Depot & Destruction  shredding    270.00
Eakes Inc.  courthouse supplies    69.92
Farmers Coop-Craig  fuel    584.08
Brian Feeney well closing    500.00
Frericks Repair fuel/tires    1554.58
Frontier  phone    6.50
Le Mars Truck Stop  fuel    8.56
Godbersen-Smith Construction  construction project    66,618.91
Gordon Flesch Company  Assessor copier    19.43
Graham Tire  TIRES & TUBES    3640.00
Hancock Concrete Products  pipe    881.28
Hinton Ambulance  FY 2020-21 allocation    7252.00
Brent Hobson GROUNDS    380.00
Hungry Canyons Alliance  FY 2020-21 membership    4250.00
IMWCA  July work comp premium    6610.00
Jensen Motors  spray truck service    46.62
J-W Tank Line  fuel    953.42
Kellen Excavation  GRANULAR    4563.67
City of Kingsley  FY 2020-21 allocation    7193.00
Klass Law Firm  attorney fees    5261.10
Kristin Teel  transcripts    23.00
Trish Kunkel  cleaning services    855.00
L. A. Carlson Contracting  watershed work    1000.00
City of Le Mars  utilities    34.91
Le Mars Ambulance Service  FY 2020-21 allocation    59,711.00
Le Mars Daily Sentinel  publications    343.93
City of Merrill  FY 2019-20 recycling dump    1080.00
Merrill Rescue Ambulance  FY 20-21 allocation    3156.00
Metal Culverts  CORRUGATED METAL PIPE    48,530.00
Mid-Sioux Opportunity  FY 20-21 allocation    11,500.00
MidAmerican Energy  utilities    249.36
Mike’s Inc.  fuel    1274.51
David Moller  GROUNDS    510.00
Joe Mouser  well closing    500.00
Nohava Construction  RCF roofing/RTU repair    443.75
Northside Glass Service  OUTSIDE SERVICE    666.00
One Office Solutions  supplies    81.16
Oyens Fire Rescue/Ambulance  FY 20-21 allocation    1999.00
City of Oyens  UTILITIES    57.78
Pat Murphy Trust Account  land purchase payment    200,000.00
Ply. Co. Board of Health  pass thru grants    13515.74
Plymouth County Drug Court  FY 20-21 allocation    1000.00
Plymouth County Fair Board  FY 20-21 allocation    28,000.00
Ply. Co. Historical Museum  FY 20-21 allocation    15,000.00
Ply Co Solid Waste Agency  hauling/assessment    41,194.28
Ply. Co. Treasurer  flex reimbursement    517.91
Premier Communications  UTILITIES    95.39
Quality Lawn Care  mowing    140.00
Red’s Printing  office supplies    49.45
City of Remsen UTILITIES..135.14
Remsen Ambulance Service  FY 2020-21 allocation    9555.00
Remsen Bell Enterprise  publications    135.82
Rolling Oil Co.  oil    3500.03
Ron’s Radiator Repair  OUTSIDE SERVICE    180.00
Safe Fleet  Jail body cameras    2730.00
Sapp Bros.  fuel for spray trucks    3461.85
Le Mont Schmid  pioneer cemetery care    735.00
Kristi Silverthron  watershed inspection    1400.00
SIMPCO  FY 20-21 membership dues    16,467.00
Siouxland Concrete  PIPE CULVERTS    1272.17
Siouxland Reg Transit System  FY 20-21 allocation    34,986.00
Susemihl’s Uptown Auto Care  service    145.80
The Record  publications    56.40
Total Motors  repairs/service    171.12
Van’s Sanitation  garbage pickup    235.50
Verizon Wireless  cell phones    187.22
WesTel Systems UTILITIES    49.07
Western Iowa Tourism Region  FY21 Iowa Econ. Dev. fund    500.00
Woodbury Co. Sheriff  transport service    38.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 23, 2020

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