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Citation — Anthon Municipal Infraction (Allen Frease)

Amended Citation – Municipal Infraction
City of Anthon Ordinance Violation
County of Woodbury, City of Anthon
in the Court at Sioux City, Iowa

CASE NO: 03971 ANCICV193127
Citation No. 2020-0005

The City of Anthon, a Municipality, Plaintiff, vs.
Defendant Name: Frease, Allen
Address: 315 Main St. East
City: Anthon
State: Iowa
Zip: 51004

The undersigned states that the Defendant cited herein did violate the Anthon Municipal Code on or about: 8/11/20 All Day
Address of Violation(s): 315 Main St. East, Anthon, Iowa 51004

Defendant herein did violate the following City Ordinance(s):
Anthon Mun. Code §§ 50.02 et seq. & 51.01 et seq.  Allowing junk vehicle(s) on private property

Scheduled penalty and court costs may be paid on or before the date, time and place of the court appearance shown on the citation.  Checks should be made payable to Clerk of District Court, Woodbury County, in the Law Enforcement Building, 407 7th Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51101.  Do not mail cash.

Scheduled Penalty Assessed    $750.00
Court Costs: $95.00
Total: $$845.00
[X] 1st Violation — $750.00 max
[ ] Subsequent Violations —  $1000.00 max

Defendant is forthwith directed to correct the violations(s) described above, correction of the violation(s) is required as provided below.
You must abate the above violation. If you have failed to abate the violation after the date set below for the initial appearance, the City will request authorization to perform any and all abatement per Anthon Mun. Code § 50.06
If you choose not to follow the provisions of the reverse side of this citation, you must appear in court to answer the citation on: 11/6/20 at 1:30 P.M.
In the court at the Law Enforcement Center, 407 7th Street, Sioux City, Iowa.

Except in cases where Defendant has chosen to enter a written plea of guilty as provided on the following pages of this citation, failure to appear in court will result in judgment being entered against the Defendant for the penalty and court costs, and an order to correct/abate the violation(s).

The undersigned attests that the matters herein set forth are true and correct.
By City Employee: Allyson C. Dirksen
Title: City Attorney
Date of Amended Citation: 09/18/20
Phone No.: 712-255-8838

You have the option to enter a plea of guilty without a court appearance before the designated appearance date by delivery in person, or by agent, or by mail, to the court specified on the citation, a copy of the citation completed below, and a check in the amount of $ 750.00 and court costs of $95.00 for a total amount of: $845.00. Checks should be payable to Clerk of District Court, Woodbury County, 407 7th Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51101.  If the check is not paid by the drawee for any reason, you may be held in contempt of court.

Appearance Plea of Guilty
I, the undersigned, do hereby enter my appearance on the complaint of the offense charged on the other side of this citation.  I have been informed of my right to a trial, that my signature to this plea of guilty will have the same force and effect as a judgment of court.  I do hereby Plead Guilty to said offense as charged and agree to the penalty prescribed for my offense.
Signature of Defendant
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Published in The Record
Thursday, October 8, 2020
Thursday, October 15, 2020
& Thursday, October 22, 2020

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