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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — November 9, 2020

Woodbury Central Community School
Regular Board Meeting
Woodbury Central High School Library
Moville, Iowa
November 9, 2020 — 7:30 PM

Organizational Board Meeting
1. Opening
a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Approve or amend the agenda
d. Approve the minutes
e. Approve the bills
f. Election of Board President, Oath of Office
g. Election of Board Vice-President, Oath of Office
h. Determination of Date, Time, and Place of Regular Meetings

2. Reports
a. Mrs. Lambert
b. Mrs. Gilbert
c. Mr. Bormann
d. Mr. Glackin

3. Policies and Procedures:
a. Approve Open Enrollment In:
b. Notification of Open Enrollment Out:

4. Buildings and Grounds:
a. Update and recommendation from the Building and Grounds Committee
b. Review timelines for loan against VPPEL
c. Consider and Approve Materials from Piper Sandler
d. Approve Distribution of Term Sheet by Piper Sandler
e. Hire engineer/architect for MS remodel,  HVAC in gym, wrestling room addition (if necessary)

5. Personnel:
a. Accept Resignations:
i. Colton DeRocher from assistant baseball
ii. Heather Rollison from Vocal Music

b. Offer contracts:
i. Paraprofessional contract to Melissa Lenz for 5 hours a day at $14.13 per hour for 138 days
ii. Archery contract for Pat Tomoson at $1800
iii. MS Cheer: Angel Rocha
iv. Bus Driver to Kathi Groth at $32 per hour, 3 hours a day effective September 21, 2020.
v. Assistant Transportation Director: Roger Wilson as needed at $20 per hour.
vi. Approve vocal music contract(s)
vii. Part time Technology

c. Approve volunteer coaches/sponsors:
i. Brady Hannah, Adam McElrath for wrestling
ii. Colton DeRocher for baseball

d. Professional Leave for Bus Drivers

6. Board Items
a. Adopt a Resolution to Approve Modified Allowable Growth
b. Amend SBRC application amount from $3392.88 to $3769.13
c. Approve exhibits for SBRC application
d. Approve MOU with WITCC for “Gateway to College”
e. Approve MOU with Siouxland District Health
f. Approve TIF extension for The Ridge phase II and Meadow Drive housing areas
g. Open Bids: Sale of House
h. Increase Annual Flexible Spending Amount – amend plan
i. Visitor/Community Comments
j. Good of the Cause
k. Closed Session under Iowa Code 21.5(1)(j) Purchase of Real Estate
l. Purchase of Real Estate (if necessary)
m. Termination of employee contract

7. Adjourn

Published in The Record
Thursday, November 5, 2020

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