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Kingsley Legal Notice (Sale of Property)

City of Kingsley

The City of Kingsley shall hold a public hearing concerning the sale of the following described property located at 211 Brandon Street, Kingsley, Iowa:  Lot Fourteen (14), Block Five (5), Town of Kingsley, Plymouth County, Iowa;

The Hearing will be held December 7, 2020 at the City Hall, City of Kingsley at 7:15 P.M.  Seller will be accepting sealed bids on the above-described property until December 7, 2020, before 4:30 P.M.  The minimum bid must not be any lower than $1.00.

Any person interested in purchasing the property should submit a bid in writing in total dollars accurately describing the real estate to Vicki Sitzmann, City Clerk, at 222 Main Street, Kingsley, Iowa 51028 on or before 4:30 P. M., December 7, 2020.  The bids on the property will be opened and an auction for the final sale of the property will occur on December 7, 2020, at 7:15 P.M. at City Hall, City of Kingsley.

The highest bidder on the day of sale will be expected to pay ten percent (10%) of the purchase price on that day and sign a contract for the balance of the purchase price.  A condition of the contract will be that Buyer must remedy the city ordinance violations and have the red tag removed from the existing structures located on the property within a timeframe to be determined by the city council.  The sale will be on contract and warranty deed delivered to the buyer upon fulfillment of the contract.

Closing shall be within 45 days from the date the contract is fulfilled and that is when the unpaid balance shall be paid in full.  Seller shall pay all the real estate taxes that become delinquent as of October 1, 2020.  Buyer shall pay all real estate taxes thereafter.

Possession shall be given at closing.  Any announcements day of sale shall supersede any statements made herein.

Seller reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Any citizen may file oral or written comments for or against the sale of said property.

City of Kingsley
By: /s/ Rick Bohle
Rick Bohle, Mayor

/s/ Vicki Sitzmann
Vicki Sitzmann, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, November 26, 2020

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