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Woodbury Central School Board Agenda — March 8, 2021

Woodbury Central Community School
Regular Board Meeting
Woodbury Central High School Library, Moville, Iowa
7:30 p.m.
March 8, 2021
1. Opening
    a. Call to order
    b. Roll call
    c. Approve or amend the agenda
    d. Amend the minutes from June 2020
     e. Approve minutes
     f. Approve bills
2. Community Comments
3. Reports
    a. Mr. Bormann
    b. Mr. Glackin
4. Policies and Procedures
    a. Approve Open Enrollment (in):
    b. Notification of Open Enrollment (out):
    c. Board Policy 407.6 Licensed Employee Early Retirement
5. Buildings and Grounds:
    a. Review of Bids for house on 519 Fair Street
    b. Review of Bids for HVAC installation in gym/HVAC control upgrade
    c. Review of Bids for Parking Lot Pavement
    d. Review Bids for Wrestling Room Addition
    e. Open Hearing for the bids in 5a through 5d
    f. Approve/Reject bids Sale of House
    g. Approve/Reject bids for HVAC installation in gym and alternates 1 and 2
    h. Approve/Reject bids for Parking Lot Pavement
    i. Approve/Reject bids for Wrestling Room Addition
6. Personnel
    a. Accept Resignations
    b. Approve Middle School Wrestling: Scott Linden
    c. Approve volunteer coaches: Robin Chute and Heath DeStigter for baseball
    d. Initial Proposal from WCEA
    e. Approve Umpire Pay: Baseball $115, softball: $110
    f. Offer Elementary Principal Contract
    g. Approve Lane Change
7. Co-curricular
8. Board Items
    a. Approve Budget Estimate for 2021-2022 and Direct Publication
    b. Set Budget Hearing (2021-2022) for April 12, 2021 at 7:30 pm
   c. Direct the Use of Foundation Funds
   d. Approve Concurrent Enrollment for Summer Courses at WIT
    e. Accept the Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2020
    f. Approve April 1 as a snow make up day.
    g. Approve Washington D.C. trip
    h. Visitor/Community Comments
    i. For the good of the cause
9. Adjourn
Published in The Record
Thursday, March 4, 2021

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