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Pierson City Council Minutes — March 10, 2021

Pierson City Council
Wednesday, March 10

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday March 10th 2021. Mayor Struve called the meeting to order and opened the public hearing for the FY22 budget at 7PM. Bubke, McQueen, Sistrunk and Krier were in attendance, Saxen was absent. With no written comments received and no oral comments given the public hearing was closed upon a motion by Sistrunk, seconded by McQueen, all voted aye; motion carried.

The consent agenda included minutes and financial statements from February & claims and disbursements thru March 10th was approved upon a motion by McQueen, seconded by Bubke, all voted aye; motion carried.

Disbursements by fund: General $4457.41, Road Use Tax $1293.75, Special Rev. $2065.48, Proprietary $2259.38 Receipts by fund: $32282.31, Road Use $2549.27, Special Rev $331.29 Debt Service $240.84, Proprietary $28680.30

The sheriff report was given by Deputy Rose, they provided over 26 hours of patrol, and spent 2 hours 40 minutes in the school and responded to one call for service. Sheriff Sheehan introduced himself to the council and invited them to reach out with questions or concerns.

Public Forum: The KP little league addressed the council regarding their needs. Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Bubke to approve purchase of a pitching machine and directed the clerk to purchase for a cost not to exceed$1500. All council voted aye; motion carried.

Motion by Bubke, seconded by Sistrunk to approve RESOLUTION 2021-04 A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE BUDGET FOR THE 2021-2022 FISCAL YEAR, all voted aye; motion carried.

Discussion was held on the alley west of Hillcrest, city attorney Thompson advised the alley was vacated and could not be reopened.

Council discussed the steps on Main St. Motion by Sistrunk to get a couple of quotes and directed clerk and public works to hire the lowest bid to repair them. All voted aye; motion carried.

Clerk informed the council of garbage being placed in the recycle bin located at the maintenance building. Council decided to remove the recycle bin and only have curbside pickup.

Motion by Sistrunk, seconded by Krier to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.

Jeanette Beekman
City Clerk

Amazon  paper, supplies    $470.81
Badger  read fee    $170.88
City of Pierson  utility    $141.04
Clark’s Hardware  supplies    $84.51
Clerkbooks  annual fee    $150.00
EMP  supplies    $200.71
Foundation Analytical  testing    $28.75
Frontier  phone/internet    $118.37
GEMT  fees    $217.00
IAMU  dues    $590.00
IAWEA  training    $40.00
IAWEA  cont. ed.    $15.00
IMFOA  conference dues    $125.00
IPERS  pension    $873.32
Joy Auto  belt    $19.60
MidAmerican  electric    $1,452.37
New Coop  fuel    $460.15
New Coop  propane    $209.58
REC  electric    $31.22
Schoon Const.  manhole repair    $5,305.59
The Record  publishing    $210.96
United States Treasury  withholding    $1,239.44
Verizon  internet    $24.33
Vista Print  door hangers    $37.01
Wellmark  insurance    $2,586.36
Western Insurance  insurance    $33.00
Wix  web hosting    $24.85
Woodbury Co. Recorder  recording fee    $12.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, March 18, 2021

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