Correctionville City Council — April 12, 2021

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting –
April 12, 2021

CALL TO ORDER: The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on April 12, 2021, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Nathan Heilman.

ROLL CALL: Council members answering roll: Sonya Kostan, Ron Sanderson, Dan Volkert and Adam Petty. Absent: Bob Beazley. City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Petty to approve the agenda. Passed 4/0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Kostan to approve the minutes of the March 8, 2021 regular meeting and March 18, 2021 special meeting. Bills as listed. Reports as filed. Passed 4/0.

PUBLIC FORUM – CITIZEN INPUT: Brad Bond spoke regarding nuisance at 803 4th Street. Bond indicated that the car sitting on the property will be gone by the end of this week and siding on the house is scheduled for this spring.

Deputy Reising reviewed the Sheriff’s monthly report with the Council. Council asked that the department be more diligent about watching traffic along Hackberry Street.

Maintenance report: Pat Langschwager reported that they will be grinding stumps, repairing some sidewalks, cleanup at Copeland park and cemetery. Langschwager was asked to identify areas where streets need repaired to present to council. Councilman Petty has put together a map of areas that drainage needs to be addressed.

Fire and rescue report: Kara Pernick, reviewed ambulance report. Jeff Wortman reviewed fire report with Council. Wortman updated Council on status of equipment and repairs.

Council discussed the nuisance property at 803 4th Street. Council agreed to move forward with acquisition of property if the nuisances identified are not abated within 10 days.

Adam Kelly discussed the drainage problem at the intersection of Sioux Ave. and Driftwood Streets. Clerk will contact engineers to look at the area. Kelly also asked if the city would consider selling the property abutting his business at 816 Driftwood Street. Council will take under consideration and address at next regular meeting.

Terry Mammen asked the council for permission to use Copeland Park for a tractor pull July 4, 2021. Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Sanderson allowing Terry Mammen to use Copeland Park and concession stand over the July 4 weekend for a tractor pull event. Passed 4/0.

Kourtnee Fox asked the council to consider allowing a loading zone in front of 319 5th Street. Council will consider an ordinance for a loading zone at 319 5th Street and 400 5th Street.

Karen and Chris Weinreich made a presentation to the council about the historical railroad depot building they currently own. Weinreichs would like to donate the building to the city. The city has 60 days to make a decision. If the city chooses to take the building they will need to move it after the crops are out this fall.

Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Petty to adopt Resolution 2021-17 approving the contract with Iowa Economic Development Authority CDBG Program for the Housing Rehabilitation Project. Roll call. Passed 4/0.

Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Petty to approve Resolution 2021-18 setting time, date and place for public hearing to approve FY 2020/21 Budget Amendment to be held May 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa. Roll call. Passed 4/0.

Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to adopt Resolution 2021-19 approving the transfer of funds in the amount of $2075.01 from TIF Nelle Belle to Debt Service. Roll call. Passed 4/0.

Motion by Petty, 2nd by Kostan to approve a letter of support for SIMPCO – home program application. Passed 4/0.

Motion by Petty, 2nd by Volkert to adopt Resolution 2021-20 approving the list of documents to be destroyed. Roll call. Passed 4/0.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


March                March
Expenditures Revenues
General Fund
$18,223.47        $30,604.51
Road Use Tax
$9,245.35           $3,553.80
Employee Benefits
Copeland Fund
Library Memorial
Fire Dept Fund
Cemetery Maint.
Debt Service
Sewer Force Main
Water Fund
$15,005.20       $11,144.80
Sewer Fund
$6,645.85          $15,056.14
$51,658.16         $74,877.16

Vendor/Amount Description
Department of Treasury Federal $3,029.67
Ipers IPERS $2,075.10
Iowa Dept. Of Revenue Withholding $1,463.00
Iowa Dept. Of Revenue WET tax $1,319.00
Iowa Dept. Of Revenue Sales tax $356.00
USPS Postage $138.96
United Healthcare Health Ins. $5,785.02
Mike Hampf Deposit refund $10.86
MidAmerican Electric $2,472.05
Jaywil Software Web hosting $199.00
FNB cashed CD $40,000.00
April Putzier Mileage $50.96
AT&T Mobility Phone $79.64
Barry Motor Company Plow truck $293.55
Colton Johnson Recertification $80.00
Corner Hardware Supplies $116.13
Correctionville Building Center Supplies $47.06
Esteban Trujillo Reimburse $0.79
Foundation Analytical Water testing $28.75
Gordon Flesch Company Copier $35.14
Hawkins Inc Chemicals $1,272.48
I & S Group, Inc. Permitting $260.25
Iowa Dept Of Public Health Pool registration $105.00
Joy Auto Supply Inc. Maintenance $158.30
Kaylee Utesch WSI Cert $200.00
L.P. Gill, Inc. 4th Quarter $4,105.00
Longlines Phones $287.04
Mercy Medical Services Physicals $845.07
Metering & Technology Solution Water meters $2,145.57
Netsys Backup $135.00
New Cooperative, Inc. Fuel $2,249.79
Office Elements Supplies $38.90
PCC Feb. billing $456.55
Riteway Business Forms Forms $248.90
Robertson Implement Co. Maintenance $314.66
Sanitary Services Contract $14,101.80
SCE, LLC Main repair $2,157.26
Simmering-Cory Grant Writing $1,000.00
Stan Houston Equipment Street patch $279.80
Moville Record publishing $232.39
Utility Equipment Co. Water parts $318.50
Visa Supplies $584.95
Woodbury County Debt Service Reimburse $62.75
Woodbury County EMS Ambulance Assist $1,400.00
Absolute Inspection Services Nuisance $1,506.24
Iowa DOT Paint $221.65

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

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