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Lawton City Council — April 14, 2021

Lawton City Council Meeting
April 14, 2021 — 5:30pm

The Lawton City Council met in regular session at 5:30pm on April 14, 2021 at the Lawton Friendship Center. Mayor Jesse Pedersen called the meeting to order around 5:30pm. Roll call was answered by Baltushis, Nelson, and Saunders. Also in attendance: city clerk Tricia Jernberg, public works director Justin Dunnington, attorney Glenn Metcalf, Blake Stubbs, Carly Hummel, Clark Hummel, Howard Smith, Eric Hanson, Marie Farrell, and Deputy H. Reising.

Agenda: Motion by Baltushis, second by Saunders to approve the agenda as posted. Motion passed, with all voting aye.

Public Forum: No speakers during public forum.

Sheriff’s Report: Deputy H. Reising gave the March report, including patrols totaling 51 hours and 49 minutes, and 5 calls for service. Deputies spent 8 hours doing school related activities in the Lawton-Bronson School District. Mayor Pedersen expressed some concerns regarding speeding on Elm St and vehicles not stopping at the Cedar and Maple intersection.

Fire Report: There were 5 calls for service in March. Members were given a tour of H&H and received training on building structures and design.

Clerk’s Report: Clerk reported sidewalk audit scheduled for 4/26/21, meeting with little league, Grigg family would like to donate a memorial bench for Don Grigg on the walking trail, letter was sent to Mark Richardson in reference to resolution 2019-06 building on his property, received informal complaints and a written formal complaint against 319 W Creek for not cleaning up after dog on trail, received $200 donation to the fire department, discussed American Rescue Plan and will receive more information soon, the city will receive additional road use tax funds in April, FY22 budget was certified, 7 building permits were submitted, received two checks from the Income Offset program for outstanding utility bills, looking into new garbage cans for parks, city hall will be closed 4/22 and 4/23 for clerk to attend IMFOA conference, we were awarded a grant for paint from the Paint Iowa Beautiful program, and Tara Way park was rented. Council discussed meeting with the little league.

Mayor’s Report: Mayor Pedersen reported meeting with little league, dealt with a neighborly issue around a post by an alley entrance, completed employee evaluations, dealt with neighborly burning dispute, dealt with an issue with a drainage ditch cleanup, and discussed street sweeping with the council.

Public Works’ Report: Director reported moving stop signs on Main St and Cedar St, dealt with post on alley dispute, met with Frank’s Asphalt to repair some areas around town, working on getting ball fields ready, discussed changes with technology at lift stations and water treatment plant, met with Gardner Tree Service to grind tree pile, setup area for yard waste disposal period, working on alleys, started spring cleanup at parks and community garden, received the 2020 Water Quality Report, and the safety grant signs that were awarded from the LTAP grant were delivered. Marie Farrell asked about a sign that has been knocked down on Cedar St and inquired about getting trash cans back on Cedar St. Council agreed to bring the discussion back to the May meeting.

Attorney’s Report: Attorney Metcalf had nothing new to report.

Consent Agenda: Motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve the minutes of the March 10, 202 regular meeting. Motion carried, all voting aye. Motion by Nelson, second by Saunders to approve April disbursements and March claims for payment and financial reports. Motion carried, all voting aye. Motion by Baltushis, second by Saunders to approve the utility billing trial balance and accounts receivable audit reports. Motion carried, all voting aye.
Telephone/internet/technology: More discussion on changes with technology services at lift stations and water treatment plant.

City Hall/Maintenance Building: Eric Hanson presented his proposal for services for the project. After discussion, motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve hiring Eric Hanson/KC Engineering. Motion failed with 2-1 vote, with Baltushis voting nay. It was decided to table until the next meeting when all members of the council could be in attendance. Carly Hummel expressed concerns on the project. Mayor reminded the public that a 200 person capacity community center is included in this project.

MRHD Grant: After discussion it was moved by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve clerk to request the application for the Missouri River Historical Development Grant to aid with expenses of new building costs. Motion carried, all voting aye.
Street improvements: Mayor discussed testing that was done on Main St. to determine an adequate fix. Council discussed waiting for the full project until it can be done right and complete. Discussion on fixing cracks around town. PW director proposed purchase of a street sweeper coming up on an auction. Motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve up to $15,000 toward the street sweeper on auction. Motion failed with 2-1 vote, with Baltushis voting nay. Discussion on repairs by Frank’s Asphalt. Motion by Saunders, second by Baltushis to approve the quote with the exception of the alley by the Post Office. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Budget Amendment: After discussion it was moved by Baltushis, second by Saunders to set the public hearing for the FY21 budget amendment for May 10, 2021, at 5:30pm, in the Lawton Friendship Center.
Resolution 2021-10
Spring Yard Waste Disposal Period

Motion by Saunders, second by Baltushis to set the dates for Spring Yard Waste Disposal for April 15 to May 2. During which time residents can bring leaves, grass clippings, small plants, etc. to the city tree pile site, no bags, to be posted on sign, website, Facebook account, and sent via email.
Spring Cleanup Day: Discussion on annual spring cleanup day. City will have 4-6 roll-off containers placed for residents to bring items, specific locations TBD, appliances will still be curbside pickup. More details to be presented at May meeting.

Chickens: After discussion, permit for chickens at 402 E Oak was denied.

Volunteer Opportunities: Mayor Pedersen discussed wanting to partner with the Lawton-Bronson School to offer volunteer opportunities such as cleanup parks, homes, and yards in town. Councilman Baltushis also offered Adopt a Highway as an option. Motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to direct Mayor Pedersen to move forward with the partnership. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Grigg Memorial Bench: The family of Don Grigg to donate a memorial bench on the walking trail; city to install and determine best placement. Public works to see about concrete pad. Motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve bench. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Special Events Permit: Motion by Saunders, second by Nelson to approve the special event permit for the LB FAMILY Group’s Color Run on May 1st.

With no further business it was moved by Saunders, second by Nelson to adjourn at 7:30pm. Motion carried, all voting aye.

Jesse Pedersen, Mayor
Tricia Jernberg, City Clerk

City of Lawton Claims & Revenue Report — March 2021
Bomgaars Shop Supplies $197.04
Brown Supply Co. Water Valve Box $135.00
City of Lawton Fire Utilities $40.05
Collection Services Center Child Support $692.30
Eagle Ridge Cafeteria Plan Setup $250.00
EFTPS FED/FICA Taxes $2,834.28
HAKA, LLC Public Works Fuel $555.74
Hydraulic Sales & Service Co. Plow Cylinder & Parts $351.31
IA Dept of Rev – Payroll State Withholding $465.00
Iowa League of Cities IMFOA Clerk School Summer Sess $508.00
IA Community Assurance Pool Property/Liability Insurance $21,802.00
IPERS Regular IPERS $1,839.58
Jesse Pedersen Jan. Mileage 32mi @.58 $17.92
Justin Dunnington PR Advance $1,180.00
McQueen’s Soft Water Drinking Water $42.00
Menards – Sioux City Shop Supplies $112.89
Metcalf & Beardshear Law Office Legal Services $640.00
MidAmerican Energy Company Utilities $3,071.40
Nathan Niehus Fire-Hose Battery Box $30.38
O’Reilly Automotive Inc. Grass Truck Maintainer $39.99
SG Concrete Cedar St. Water Stops $615.00
Sioux City Foundry Co. Payloader Plow $390.60
Stamp Fulfillment Services Addressed Envelopes $1,318.85
Staples – Sioux City Office Supplies $102.34
Stateline Electric & Automation Replace Transducer @lftstatn $1,136.60
Steffen Truck Equipment Inc. Plow Controller $237.54
Stubbs Construction Inc. Dig valves on Cedar St. $875.00
The Record February Legal Publishing $484.25
Treasurer State of Iowa February WET payment $667.00
USA BlueBook Chemicals for water testing $176.10
Wellmark Medical Insurance $2,190.12
Western Iowa Telephone Ass’n Telephone & internet $572.66
Wigwam Company Water Heater for Trmt Plnt $1,080.10

Total Claims by fund: General $21,669.46, Fire $7,657.65, Road Use Tax $2,731.79, Water $9,559.46, Sewer $3,032.68

Total Revenue by fund: General $19,641.28, Road Use Tax $3,930.39, Local Option Sales Tax $18,143.31, Water $14,119.08, Water Deposit $100.00, Sewer $12,553.70

Published in The Record
Thursday, April 22, 2021

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