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Kingsley-Pierson School Board Minutes/Bills — May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

• The meeting was called to order by President Bubke at 6:30 p.m.

• Present: Members Haggin, Collins, Pratt and Herbold

• Kate Pratt volunteered to be the temporary secretary for the meeting with the absence of the approved board secretary.

• Motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Haggin, to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21.9 to discuss strategy in matters relating to employment conditions of employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

• Motion by Collins, second by Pratt, to approve a Principal contract for Adam Brand. Terms to be 220 day contract, Family Insurance, $100/month cell phone allowance and $74,000. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Motion was made by Herbold, seconded by Collins, to approve the March minutes. All voted aye, motion carried.

• There was discussion regarding Rick’s Computer bills which were computers for the building secretaries and laptops for special education students. There were a few additional bills that will need to be paid online and those were listed for the board’s approval. Motion was brought by Herbold, seconded by Collins, to approve listed bills.

• Due to the School Business Official not being available for the meeting, a financial report was not available.

Principal Wiese
• Mr. Wiese expressed his gratitude to the teachers as last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. There were a lot of generous donations from local businesses, given to the teachers. Middle School track season is winding down. The conference track meet is on Tuesday and the final meet on Friday in Hinton. Preschool visitation is Friday, as well. There are orientations taking place next Monday. The 4th grade will be going to the middle school for 5th grade orientation and the 8th grade will be visiting the High School for 9th grade orientation. The elementary concert is next week with it being a split concert due to social distancing. The Middle School concert is the next day and will be a split concert, as well, due to social distancing. The elementary track meet will be Wednesday the 19th starting at 1:00pm. We will be going over teacher goals at the end of the year before the teachers leave for the year.

Supt. Bailey
• A lot of events have taken place this spring and the next few weeks. The state qualifying meet is Thursday and the boys’ and girls’ golf teams are competing in sectional tournaments. One of the big events is the seniors’ last few days. Wednesday, the kids will check out of classes and at the end of the day, practice for Senior Awards Night. On Thursday morning, the seniors will do the Senior Walk through the hallways of the Kingsley building. A special event to mark the last time to walk through the halls. They will then go to the gym and practice for graduation. After practice, they will go to Doosky’s for a last meal all together as a class. Mr. Bailey also thanked the staff for their hard work during the pandemic and reminded the board they will have a teacher appreciation meal the last day of school. Baseball and softball practices have started. I don’t have participation numbers, yet, but games will start on the 24th of May.

• Return to Learn Plan:
Our numbers have stayed consistently low over the last month. The board had a brief discussion on the current masking rules within the school, during the school day. No action was taken due to the board wanting to continue the current practice through the end of the school year.

• Contract Recommendations:
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Collins, to approve the transfer of Jenni Spooner from 1st grade teacher to full time instructional coach. All voted aye, motion carried.
Motion by Herbold, seconded by Collins, to approve the transfer of Jackie Lammers from 6-8 Language Arts to 6-8 half time Reading/half time Special Education. All voted aye, motion carried.

• 2021 Calendar Modification: After a discussion on the number of hours over and above the 1,080 hours required by the state and after it was brought up that we again were one of the earliest to start school and were able to be in person the whole school year, a motion was made by Collins, seconded by Herbold, to end school on May 21 st and forgive 2 days of the teacher’s contract, continue to pay the non-certified staff for the two days waived and give 260 day contract employees an additional 2 days of vacation. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Coaching/Sponsor Contract Listing:
There was an error in the listing as the assistant volleyball coach that had resigned was listed. The position has been filled at a previous meeting. Motion by Collins, second by Haggin, to approve the corrected coaching/sponsor contract listing with the understanding that the spring coaches’ contracts will be acted on in June and the summer coaches’ contracts will be acted on when the seasons are over. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Facility Projects:
The HVAC upgrade to the current Kingsley gymnasium was discussed. This originally was an alternate to the current building project and allows the gym to be air conditioned. Due to the availability of material and the timing of the project, the total price has increased some. With the recent ESSER funds made available to schools, for improved air quality, the project is now possible. Motion by Collins, seconded by Herbold, to approve the change order for L and L Builders to upgrade the HVAC in the current Kingsley gym for $78, 646. All voted aye, motion carried.
There was continued discussion on upgrading the HVAC in the Pierson gym. The cost for the project was estimated to be between $220,000-$240,000, with design fees on top of it. This is more than a third of the ES SER funds received by the district. The discussion continued with Mr.

Bailey talked about looking into fans for the gym to get air movement and the possibility of getting some piping of air from the new structure to the Pierson gym.  Mr. Bailey said he would talk to the architect about this. No further action was taken on this item.

The final project discussed was adding a security camera system to the new construction area to complement the current system being used in the Kingsley and Pierson facilities. Motion by Collins, seconded by Pratt, to approve adding the camera system for $15,023.97 from Thompson Innovations. All voted Aye, motion carried. This will come out of PPEL funds.

• School Board Recognition Month:
Mr. Bailey expressed his gratitude to the board members for their tireless efforts to ensure the students were able to start school, stay in school, and end the school year with in-person learning. He also thanked them for keeping the students’ best interest in mind when making decisions.

• Fundraiser Requests:
A fundraiser by the KP Dance team was discussed. Motion by Herbold, seconded by Collins, to approve the pizza fundraiser request by the KP Dance Team, All voted aye, motion carried.

There was no other business.

At 8:22 p.m., motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Herbold to adjourn the meeting. All voted aye, motion carried.

Scott Bailey, Superintendent
Matt Bubke, Board President

Kingsley-Pierson CSD Newspaper Report
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. Legal Services 858.00
Akron-Westfield Comm School HR Sharing 8,382.01
Allied 100, LLC Health Office Supplies 5,632.50
Beelner’s Service Inc. Plumbing/Heating Repairs 1,085.89
Cardis Mfg. Co. Fencing Materials/Repairs 2,025.00
Castle, Julia Reimburse 79.66
Chesterman Fund Raising Supplies 80.00
City Of Kingsley Water/Sewer 316.40
City Of Pierson Water/Sewer 75.44
Clark’s Hardware LLC Misc. Supplies 136.16
Conrad, Jennifer Reimbursement 26.76
Dean Foods Company Milk Products 67.10
Eakes Supply Supplies 372.71
EMC Insurance Co. Deductible 1,000.00
FEH Associates Inc. Architectural Study 5,195.50
First Cooperative Association-Corp. Office Fuel, Supplies 2,820.40
Flinn Scientific Inc. Instr. Supplies 52.55
Frontier Communications Telephone Service 778.91
Gordon Flesch Company Copier Service, Supplies 1,267.68
Graham Tires Tires 957.74
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc. Supplies 252.80
Herbold, Kelcy Reimburse 10.47
Hillyard/Sioux Falls Janitorial Supplies 2,774.24
Hobart Sales & Service Repairs/Service 64.65
Holiday Inn Downtown Lodging 2,102.24
Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. Supplies 787.60
Iowa Communications Network Services 53.23
Iowa DHS Services 3,493.31
Iowa FFA Association Registration 240.00
Josten’s Grad Supplies 335.17
Josten’s, Inc. Graduation Supplies 643.27
Kami Subscription 1,410.00
KMK Apparel & Design LLC Printing Services 2,130.00
Kraft Kleaners LLC Services 99.00
L & L Builders Co. Services 186,622.75
Lemars Community School Tuition 3,606.62
Lunchtime Solutions Inc. Food Service 32,064.91
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Instr. Supplies 287.45
Mauch, Maggie Reimburse 24.96
McQueen’s Soft Water Corp. Services 76.80
Menards-Sioux City Supplies 19.36
Mid American Energy Company Gas/Elec Service 9,108.92
Moville Record Minutes/Bills 345.25
New Cooperative Inc. Fuel, Maintenance Supply 437.12
O.C. Sanitation Inc. Services 139.28
Odeys, Inc. Supplies 1,026.00
Omaha Truck Center Inc Dba Truck Center Companies West Supplies 101.76
Perfection Learning Corp. Instr Supplies 157.46
Ploeger, Elle Reimburse 21.85
Powell, Suzanne Reimbursement 90.48
Presto-X Company Pest Control 122.00
Proathlete, Inc. Supplies 749.90
Professional Office Services Bkkp Supplies 111.18
Ray’s Midbell Music Supplies 26.64
Reinking, Jody Reimburse 55.00
Remsen Union Community School Tuition 14,426.47
Rick’s Computers Supplies 7,905.00
River Valley Community School Open Enroll/Spec Ed 18,033.08
Rolling Oil Co. Gasoline-Oil/Service 2,513.35
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 595.90
School Specialty Inc. Instr. Supplies 89.60
Schroeder, Jackie Reimbursement 6.24
Schroeder, Michelle Reimbursement 39.78
Secure Benefits Services 4,596.97
Sergeant Bluff-Luton CSD Tuition 14,426.46
Staples Advantage Supplies 521.24
Sunnybrook Flowers 36.00
Thompson Services 3,528.53
Trans-Mississippi Bio Supply Instr Supplies 133.46
US Postal Service Mailing Permit/Postage 245.00
Visa Supplies/Services 1,704.78
Western Iowa Tech Comm College Tuition 32,956.95
Wiese, Rob Reimburse 435.90

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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