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Pierson City Council Minutes — June 9, 2021

Pierson City Council
June 9, 2021

The Pierson City Council met in regular session on Wednesday June 9th 2021. Mayor’s Struve called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. All council were present. Motion by Sistrunk to approve the consent agenda with the exclusion of the animal permit seconded by Bubke, all voted aye; motion passed. The sheriff report was given: the Sheriff’s Office provided 26 hours and 48 min up directed patrol and responded to four calls for service. Council thanked them for their service.

Expenses by fund: General $14708.98, Special Revenue: 3159.91, Debt Service: $33365.00, Proprietary $29505.39. Income by fund: $9843.95, Special Revenue: $3559.28, Debt Service: $422.99, Proprietary $12273.95

The animal permit for 709 South St was approved upon motion by Sistrunk to allow 6 hens, seconded by Bubke, four votes yes, one nay vote cast by McQueen, motion carried.

Council briefly discussed speeding on Front St and adding a stop sign on Front Street. City attorney will discuss with county engineer. Motion by Sistrunk seconded by McQueen to approve paying the membership dues to SIMPCO for the 21/22 fiscal year. Motion by Sistrunk seconded by Krier to appoint Doyle Struve as a board member to the county landfill all voted aye; motion carried.

The City Clerk will republish the ordinance on storage containers due to an error on the numbering of the ordinance. The correct ordinance number should have been 173. No other changes were made to the content of the ordinance.

Mayor Struve updated the council on nuisance inspections that had occurred the night before. Letters will be going out in the mail.

Council reviewed photos of the area around the welcome sign and garden on the west edge of town and decided to place the new LED sign in that area and to move the current sign to the east side of town.

Motion by Sistrunk seconded by Bubke to adjourn the meeting. All voted aye; motion carried.

Jeanette Beeman
City Clerk

Badger Meter cell fee $172.66
Beelner light repair $45.00
Bomgaars sprayer $645.20
Clark’s Hardware supplies $21.69
Dorsey Whitney prof fees $4,989.00
Foundation Analytical testing $346.50
Frontier phone/internet $236.24
GEMT fees $66.89
Iowa Finance Authority debt payment $11,920.00
Iowa Finance Authority debt payment $13,125.45
IPERS pension $855.88
Kiley Kuhl credit/deposit return $697.29
MidAmerican electric $2,440.28
New Coop fuel/chemicals $591.37
REC electric $29.70
Steward Signs LED Sign $9,318.50
The Record publishing $135.52
United States Treasury withholding $1,211.48
Verizon internet $57.09
Wellmark insurance $2,586.36
Western Iowa Tech ff class $540.00

Published in The Record
Thursday, June 17, 2021

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