Bronson City Council Minutes — July 13, 2021

Bronson City Council Minutes
July 13, 2021
Bronson City Hall Chambers

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Garnand. Council members answering roll: Dave West, Chad Merchant, Brandi Jessen, and Doug Williams. Attorney Metcalf was present.

Woodbury County Sheriff’s report. During the month of June, in the town of Bronson, deputies conducted direct patrol totaling 22 hrs. and 34 minutes and responded to 0 calls for service. Additionally, deputies spent 0 hours performing school related activities.

Cindy Ingebritson was present to listen in on the meeting.

Ambulance: Nick Lahrs was present for the ambulance report. Nick reported that there were 9 transports in May. Thankfully he said he it had slowed down in June. Nick said he has caught up on most all the paperwork for the ambulance and supplies have been ordered and received. On July 20th the medical helicopter will be landing on the grassy area by the ballfield.

Maintenance: CJ was present. Frank’s Asphalt gave a bid of $9975.00 to clean, tack and overlay half of Elm Street. After much discussion, council decided that there are other parts of the town that needs street work done more than Elm Street, so council did not want to authorize the work done on Elm Street till a later date. Discussion on quite a few culverts that need repaired and flushed out. CJ will bring a list of culverts to the next meeting. Culvert on Oak Street needs replaced.

There was a motion from Councilman Merchant and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to approve to do the culvert on Oak Street at an approximate cost of $450.00.

Matter of business of city buying the post office building was brought up. Matter of how much property taxes are each year and what the city will be responsible for as far as costs of repairing the driveway and front door thresh hold. Council will make a decision at the next regular meeting after they get quotes for repairs. Matter tabled until the next meeting.

Mayor Garnand left at this time and Councilman West took over the meeting as Mayor Pro Tem.

Water/Sewer Operator report: Nick was present. Reported that everyone has a new meter installed and everything is going smooth as far as the water project. Nick respectfully requested that if anyone takes tools out of the office that he needs to turn water on and off, that they return the tools so he has them in an emergency. Nick reported that a cleaning of the outside bottom half of the water tower would be around $6000.00.

Minutes: There was a motion from Councilwoman Jessen and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to approve the minutes for the regular June 8th meeting.

BY FUND            BY FUND
Interest earned
1934.79                  17,579.08
2247.89                   4520.64
Road Use Tax
3267.46                   2433.19
1556.03                    617.34
6734.96                30618.21
1841.05                   2523.15
Local Option Sales Tax
3805.25                 1583.33
0.00                          0.00

There was a motion from Councilman Merchant a second from Councilman Amick, with all council present voting yes, to approve the Treasurer’s financial report.

Badger Meter water project $1200.00
Bomgaars park $190.47
Bomgaars keys to maintenance shed $9.95
Bomgaars park and new tractor $199.92
CHN garbage $1539.32
Bronson Shelter house water $76.00
City of Bronson city hall water $76.00
DNR annual water supply fee $36.69
Frank’s Asphalt sidewalk $885.00
Iowa League of Cities annual membership $368.00
Jackson Pumping pump sewer $155.00
Kelsey West reimb. for shelter $37.46
Lindbloom Services 4th of July spot-o-pots $600.00
Menards supplies for city hall $72.16
Metering & Tech Solutions water project $173.01
PCC ambulance billing $263.19
Postmaster 6 rolls of stamps $330.00
The Record publications $105.38
S&S air filter new tractor $42.89
Siouxland District Health bacteriological $14.00
Thompson Dean Drug supplies for ambulance $10.93
Wiatel 2 months for telephone $167.83

There was a motion from Councilman Amick and a second from Councilman Williams, with all council present voting yes, to approve to pay the aforementioned bills.

1. MRHD matching grant: MRHD is offering a grant program designed to bring other funders together. This grant starts at $250,000.00 – 1 million. If the city was interested, they would have to come up with the least amount of $250,000.00. After much discussion, council is not interested in applying for this grant at this time.

2. 4th of July: Clerk Jessen had a complaint that kids were lighting off fireworks in the downtown area where residents were trying to watch the fire department’s fireworks. It is illegal to shoot off fireworks on the city’s public ground.

3. Had 80 ft. ball field light poles with fixtures on their site. After discussing the matter, all poles needed to be removed by August 15th, 15 days after the auction. Also a crane would have to be rented. Council not interested in bidding for the poles.

4. American Rescue Plan Act: Treasurer Junge reported that this plan is to help small communities because of the COVID pandemic. She said the town of Bronson may be getting around $47,687.00. This money can be used on broad band improvements, infrastructure, etc. and we have till 2024 to use it. Treasurer Junge will keep the council updated.

City Election: City election will be held on November 2, 2021. We have 3 council positions to fill for a 4 year term, and the mayor position is open for a 2 year term. First day to file papers with the city clerk is August 23, 2021 and the last day will be September 16, 2021 at 5:00 PM. The Clerk will be present at City Hall from 3:45-5:00 on the last day to receive any last minute papers. Anyone interested in running for these positions, please contact the clerk at City Hall by leaving a message at 948-3354 or emailing to: [email protected]

Anything from Councilman Williams: no

Anything from Councilman Merchant: no

Anything from Amick: no

Anything from Councilwoman Jessen: had a few questions on the budget.

Anything from Clerk Jessen: no

Anything from Treasurer Junge: no

Anything from Attorney Metcalf: no

Since there was no further business to discuss, there was a motion from Councilman Williams and a second from Councilwoman Jessen, with all council present voting yes, to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.

Jason Garnand, Mayor
Dave West, Mayor Pro Tem


Lindy Jessen, City Clerk

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 22, 2021

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