Moville City Council Minutes — July 7, 2021

Moville City Council
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Mayor Jim Fisher called the meeting to order at around 5:30 pm. Roll Call: Nate Bauer, Paul Malm and Joel Robinson are present. Tom Conolly and John Parks are absent. Malm motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Robinson. Ayes, motion carries. Malm motioned to approve minutes from the last meeting, seconded by Robinson. Ayes, motion carries. Bauer motioned to approve the Utility Billing trial balance for June, seconded by Robinson. Ayes, motion carries. Council reviewed the fence permits from Paul Rhodes of 795 Glen Drive and the connecting fence of Michael Barber of 785 Glen Dr. Malm motions to approve both permits, seconded by Bauer. Ayes, motion carries. No speakers during Open Forum.

Guests include Chad Thompson, Blake Stubbs, Chris Meredith, Brenden Gill, Stee Maxwell, Mike Weaver, and Edgar Rodriguez.

Chris Meredith and Brenden Gill with GM Acoustics gave an update on the Meredith Lane housing development. Due to increases in the cost of building materials, they request amendments to the contract to allow either an increase in the asking price to around $250,000 for the town homes they build, or an extension on the time to completion. Council recommends starting digging and pouring basements now, but wait for the rest of the build in case of a lumber price decrease, and update council by end of September. Malm motions this plan, seconded by Robinson. After further discussion and due to increased interest the proposed future housing there, Robinson motions that if the town homes can be sold at the increased price of around $250,000, continue building and move forward, but renegotiate before the next pair is built, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Chief Jerry Sailer was not present to give a Fire Department update. Chief Edgar

Rodriguez gave a Police Department update. Clerk Peterson gave a Pool update.

Council considered hiring of a fourth Public Works employee. Weaver has completed interviews and recommends hiring Trapper Forch at an hourly rate of $23.00. Malm motions to approve this hiring, seconded by Robinson. Ayes, motion carries. Weaver presented an estimate for repair work to be done on the street sweeper of around $4720. Bauer motions to approve this repair work, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Weaver requests to rent a mini-excavator for a few months at a rate of around $2700 per month to assist with many planned projects. Bauer motions to approve this rental, seconded by Malm. Ayes, motion carries. Council reviewed the current Ordinances for Golf Carts, UTVs and ATVs on city streets. Attorney Thompson has drafted a proposed amendment and changes will be added to the next agenda for review. No action at this time.

Mayor and Council comments and concerns were discussed. With no further business Robinson motioned to adjourn at around 6:35 pm and Malm seconded. All ayes, motion carries-meeting closed.

Jodi Peterson, City Clerk
Jim Fisher, Mayor

Published in The Record
Thursday, July 22, 2021

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