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Kingsley-Pierson School Board — September 14, 2021

Kingsley-Pierson Community School
September 14, 2021

• The meeting was called to order by President Bubke at7:00 p.m.

• Present: Members Haggin, Collins, Pratt and Herbold.

• Motion was brought by Pratt, seconded by Collins, to approve the agenda. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Motion was made by Collins, seconded by Herbold to approve the August minutes. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Motion was brought by Pratt, seconded by Collins, to approve listed bills in the amounts of $85,597.74 from the general fund, $222,949.48 from the schoolhouse funds, $11,143.53 from lunch, $8,439.67 from the Kingsley activity fund and $224.80 from Pierson activity. All voted aye, motion carried.

• Discussed year-to-date revenue and expenses. Discussed MidAmerican bills and the timing of when the gas usage is paid by the Iowa Local Gov’t Risk Pool per their contract agreement. Sales Tax Revenue FY22 $494,930.04 and bond payments $387,993.60. FY22 PPEL Revenue $132,611. School Board elections are November 2, 2021. There are two open seats on the board and the last day to file will be September 16, 2021. Motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt, to approve the financial report. All voted aye, motion carried.

Principal Wiese (K-4, 9-12):
On 9/14, Day 15 for HS “3 week grades”. Homcoming 2021 on October 1st. Queen Candidates include: McKenzie Goodwin, Sarahy Hamman, Katie March, Chloe Peschau, Elle Ploeger and Jaelyn Riemenschneider. King Candidates include: Malakie Christopherson, Jackson Howe, Juan Juarez, Harrison Nissen, Damond Schmid and Grant Schroeder. Homecoming events incluce: 9/26 Dodgeball, 9/27 Jersey Day/Jeans, 9/28 Class Color Super Class Night at 7 p.m., 9/29 Yee-Haw Day, 9/30 Movie Genre Day, Coronation 7 p.m., 10/1 Black & Gold Spirit Day, school dismissed at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. parade and 7 p.m. game. Grandparents/Special Friends Day a success! Thank You’s to Megan Thompson and Emily and Shelby Harvey. The Book fair and photo booth was a success as well. The KP Booster Club provided gift certificates as a thank you to the KP

Staff: This November, Mrs. Mauch will direct the fall play, “Back to the 80’s”.

Principal Brand (5-8):
Mr. Brand let the Board know new gutters were installed in August. Pierson staff is continually working on the appearance of the front of the school and school spirit. Advisory time is 15 minutes every day. Middle School has incorporated 2 days of DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PAWS) program is off and running. Student have had 3 weekly drawings and 90 winners. Pierson Athletics: First Football game 9/27 in Lake Park. Volleyball. Shout out to Coach Dreckman and the girls. First pep rally 9/20. Cross Country. There are 5 students from the 7th grade and the first meet on 9/14. Academic Council will meet 9/15. Progress reports will be emailed to parents on 9/16. FAST testing in 5-8th grades next week. These assessments are required by the State. Middle School Band. 5th grade students will be able to rent instruments from MidBell Music on 9/21 from 5-6 p.m.

Supt. Bailey
Mr. Bailey shared having principals in both Kingsley and Pierson buildings is going extremely well. On 9/15, the State requires annual reporting for various State funding sources including Title funds, Transportation and Early Literacy funds. The first three weeks of school and going well. Iowa Association of School Board Conference is 11/17-11/18. Since the new gym is not completed the Conference Volleyball tournament will not be held in the Kingsley gym. KP will host the tournament next year.

Return to Learn Plan
A Federal Judge issued a temporary restraining order regarding Governor Reynolds’ no mask order. In the district, there were a few who voluntarily quarantined due to illness. When the absence rate is greater than 10%, a notice would be sent out to the parents. At this time, the Board has no action on the topic.

Late Filed Open Enrollment Applications
Motion by Collins, seconded by Herbold to deny the Late Filed Open-Enrollment Application.
The deadline was March 1, 2021 and the application was received August 26, 2021. All in favor, motion carried.

2011 Legislative Resolutions:
Motion by Pratt, seconded by Herbold to recommend 5 resolutions for the Iowa Association of School Boards. These including Mental Health, Teach Recruitment and Licensure, Supplemental State Aid, Unfunded Mandates and Market-Competitive Wages. All in favor, motion carried.

Space Settlement Design Competition: Motion by Herbold, seconded by Collins to approve the NASA trip in March 2022. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Pratt, seconded by Herbold to approve Benji Cotter’s resignation Co-Musical Director. All in favor, motion carried.

Continuing Contract Recommendations:
Motion by Collins, seconded by Herbold to approve Chris Nissen as the JH Boys Basketball coach. All in favor, motion carried.

Facility Projects/Update
Motion by Collins, seconded by Pratt to approve a 2023 Blue Bird Bus for $103,886 from Thomas Bus Sales. Mr. Bailey has the state approval to purchase the bus out of ESSER dollars to “help prevent the spread of COVID 19”. All in favor, motion carried. In Kingsley, there was a sprinkler system installed in the front of the building and the ground was seeded for grass. Mr. Bailey applied for a MRHD grant for weight room equipment. The new gymnasium floor continues to be worked on. Delays from contractors and suppliers have delayed the completion of the project. The Galles family donation purchased software for the TV message boards in Kingsley. New doors on the Kingsley building are complete. The crow’s nest at the football field was struck by lightning which will require a new PA system.

Fundraiser Requests:
Motion by Pratt, seconded by Collins to approve the Dance Team fundraiser for t-shirt sales to support the yearly expenses for the Dance Team. All in favor, motion carried.

At 8:12 p.m., motion was brought by Collins, seconded by Pratt to adjourn the meeting. All voted aye, motion carried.

Laurie Schweitzberger, Board Secretary
Matt Bubke, Board President

Kingsley-Pierson Newspaper Report
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. Legal Services 104.00
All Iowa Honor Drill Team Entry Fees 32.00
American Pop Corn Co. Fund Raising Supplies 165.25
Bailey, Amy Reimburse 140.47
Basalyga Jr., Russell Official 110.00
Basalyga, Jill Official 110.00
Beelner’s Service Inc. Plumbing/Heating Repairs 6,249.43
Bohle Construction LLC
Services 17,839.83
Bottjen Implement Supplies 181.08
Brand, Adam Reimburse 87.20
Burke Engineering Sales Repair Parts/Service 5,590.00
Card Service Center Credit Card Payment 3,950.70
Cash-Wa Distributing Supplies 351.45
Certified Testing Services, Inc. Services 39.00
Chesterman Fund Raising Supplies 1,102.68
Christensen, Chris Reimbursement 30.42
City Of Kingsley Water/Sewer 1,090.38
City Of Pierson Water/Sewer 66.56
Clark’s Hardware LLC Misc. Supplies 439.90
Cornerstone Geospatial Consulting Services 2,052.18
Cowley, K. Anne Official 110.00
Cronin, Kent Or Sheila Reimbursement 919.98
Department Of Administrative 403(B) Fees 550.00
Drew, Jana Official 110.00
Dutch Bakery LLC Supplies 64.35
E-Rate Complete LLC Services 2,250.00
Eakes Supply Supplies 7,495.51
FS Repair Repairs 2,986.00
FEH Associates Inc. Services 3,103.04
First Cooperative Association-Corp Fuel, Supplies 449.40
Fleet US LLC Supplies 699.60
Frontier Communications Telephone Service 776.11
Goettsch, Eric Official 110.00
Gordon Flesch Company, Inc. Copier Service, Supplies 633.84
H & H Roofing Services 1,195.00
Hackett, Kristine Reimburse 6.24
Hagan Auto Body Vehicle Repairs/Service 1,434.28
Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc. Supplies 120.00
Hertz Furniture Supplies 1,730.44
Hillyard/Sioux Falls Janitorial Supplies 208.12
Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. Supplies 1,317.52
Hometown Pantry Supplies 59.50
Horan, Keith Official 110.00
Iowa High School Athletic Directors Dues/Fees 160.00
Iowa High School Speech Assoc. Entry Fees 189.00
Iowa State Dance/Drill Team Assoc. Dues 216.00
Iowa Association Of Track Coaches Dues 50.00
Iowa Communications Network Services 94.36
Iowa Division Of Labor Services Boiler Inspection Fees 40.00
Iowa School Finance Information Subscription 1,000.00
Iowa Testing Programs Testing Materials 80.00
KMK Apparel & Design LLC Printing Supplies 182.00
Kuntz, Wally Services 338.00
L & L Builders Co. Services 158,894.15
Lammers Automotive Vehicle Repairs 805.57
Lawton-Bronson Schools Fees 75.00
Learning A-Z License 1,188.00
Let’s Shred It Services 30.00
LRI Graphics & Signs Building Improvements 11,140.00
Lumber Pros Lumber Supplies 1,776.58
Lunchtime Solutions Inc. Food Service 9,658.57
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. Instr. Supplies 193.99
Mauch, Maggie Reimburse 15.60
Maxfield, Kenneth Official 110.00
McKesson Medical-Surgical Medical Supplies 207.74
McQueen’s Soft Water Corp Services 105.60
Menards-Sioux City Supplies 339.52
Mercer H&B Admin – Iowa Fiduciary Health Ins 2,375.92
Mid American Energy Company Gas/Elec Service 15,823.98
Mid-West 3D Solutions, LLC Mower 1,130.00
Midstates Bank/Randi Anstine Gate Petty Cash 1,000.00
Midwest Alarm Services Services 2,153.40
Mobilityworks Of Tea Auto Repair 189.00
Moville Record Minutes/Bills 419.47
Nash Post 140 Flag Account Flags 50.00
New Cooperative Inc. Fuel, Maintenance Supply 87.31
NVB Playground, Inc. Equipment 1,807.00
Plank Road Publishing Inc. Instr Supplies 112.45
Pratt, Stephanie Reimbursement 100.00
Press Repair Services Services 222.60
Presto X Company Pest Control 122.00
Ray’s Midbell Music Repair 690.19
Rick’s Computers Computer Supplies/Service 4,807.75
Roepke Gregg Reimburse 100.00
Rolling Oil Co. Gasoline-Oil/Service 1,084.13
Sam’s Club/Gecf Supplies 1,122.96
Sanitary Services Garbage Service 703.00
Savvas Learning Company LLC Supplies 930.71
Scholastic Book Fairs- 8 Book Fair Cost 2,306.74
School Bus Sales Repair Parts/Service 311.76
School Specialty LLC Instr. Supplies 3,761.66
Schroeder, Jackie 12.48
Seamless Gutter Kings LLC Gutters 1,751.50
Secure Benefits Systems Flex Plan Fees 4,173.87
Shane’s Glass & More Services 2,695.00
South Central Calhoun Entry Fee 95.00
Staples Advantage Supplies 2,069.58
Team Dynamics Fees 360.00
Thomas Bus Sales Of Iowa Inc. Repairs 474.09
Thompson Services 9,244.55
Tricor Direct D.B.A. Seton Products Signs 1,065.24
Trophies Plus Inc. Awards 392.50
Uline Supplies 40.13
US Postal Service Mailing Permit 92.00
Van Meter Supplies 319.56
Verizon Wireless Services 428.48
Walsworth Services 1,738.41
Welte, Brad Reimburse 16.51
Wessling, Doug Official 110.00
Western Iowa Tech Comm College Dues/Fees 330.00
Wiatel Cable/Internet 12.99
Wiese Rob Reimbursement.. 74.16
Worthington Direct Holdings, LLC Supplies 8,056.00
Wurth, Melissa Reimbursement 220.00
Zahnley, Douglas Official 110.00

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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