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Kingsley City Council Minutes/Bills — October 4, 2021

Kingsley City Council
October 4, 2021

The Kingsley City Council met in regular session on October 4, 2021. Present were Mayor Bohle, Councilmen Rolling, Bohle, Jasperson and Mathers. Beelner was absent.

Agenda was approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Minutes of the September 7, 2021 meeting were approved on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Mathers, all voted aye, motion carried.

Maintenance Report: Jantz reported work is continuing on the water tower with painting to do on the yellow and lights at top are fixed. Fixed a water leak in residential area, started fall spraying and patching streets. Tower may come back on-line within three weeks. Jake Collins will have to hook up to the city main with his own new service line.

Hearing on city grant for A to Z Preschool in the amount of $45,000 over a period of five years was opened at 7:15 p.m. on motion by Bohle, seconded by Rolling, all voted aye, motion carried. Clerk had no written or oral objections. Motion by Bohle to close hearing at 7:17 p.m., seconded by Rolling. Roll call vote: Rolling, aye; Bohle, aye; Jasperson, aye; Mathers, aye, motion carried. Bohle, Rolling.

Tom Grafft (I & S Group) was present to discuss future water infrastructure improvements including a water treatment plant and two new deep wells. The City now has two shallow wells 35-40 feet deep and one deep well 180 feet deep. Two hundred feet of legal control is needed around each well. The City may need a filtration system if water would come from another deep well. USDA rural development grants could be looked at. Cost is $50,000 for a test well at the southern site.

Would need a preliminary engineers report to start. Council gave the approval of a test well on motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

List of bills: Motion by Mathers, seconded by Rolling, all ayes.

A&B Business Solutions, patron printer pymt 21.39
Adobe, subscription 15.89
Amazon, Lib books/supplies 214.13
A-Ox, Amb oxygen 59.44
Baker & Taylor, Lib books/videos 591.66
Beelner Service, MidAm waterline hit 2,914.74
Beelner Service, gr opens, tower, generator 3,589.17
Bound Tree, Amb supplies 1.85
Deb Jantz, ins reimb 192.00
Eakes, supplies 8.32
FirstNet police phone bills 182.40
Foundation Analytical Lab, testing 481.25
Frontier, phone bill 138.32
GIS Benefits, life/disab ins Oct 54.72
Glen Sadler, boots reimb 100.00
Hawkins, water chemicals 701.06
Iowa Dept of Revenue, 3rd Qtr SWH 2,413.00
Iowa DNR, Water Use fee 95.00
Iowa Outdoors, Lib subscription 1 yr 15.00
Ipers, Ipers 2,998.00
IRS, Fed/Fica 4,640.50
Jack’s Uniform, police vest/
misc. 1,229.45
JJSS, jet sewer line 320.00
JoEtte Hiemstra, mileage 129.36
Keith Bohle, mileage 56.00
Kingsley Post Office, water bill postage 228.81
Kingsley Vol Amb, Sept. runs 1,220.00
Kingsley Vol Amb, meal stipend 150.00
KMEG, advertising September 760.00
KPTH, advertising September 1,700.00
Lammers, parts/repair 52.06
Lewis Drug, Amb supplies 4.99
Library Journal, Lib subscription 1 yr 99.00
Linda Betsinger McCann, Lib book 20.00
Mid-American Research, yellow & blue paint 628.34
Midwest Radar certification 40.00
Mother Earth News, Lib subscription 1 yr 17.00
O.C. Sanitation, porta pot 150.00
Pilot Rock, park trash receptacles 2,400.00
Pioneer Woman, Lib subscription 1 yr 12.00
Ply. Co. Solid Waste, Sept. tonnage 6,838.03
Presto-X, pest control 59.00
Quill, supplies 217.95
Rebecca Sitzmann, Amb supplies 87.16
Rick Bohle expenses Sept. 100.00
Sanitary Services, dumpster rental 69.50
Siouxland District Health, pool inspection 463.00
Steve Jantz, reimb cell phone 80.00
Taste of Home, Lib. subscription 1 yr 18.00
United Healthcare, health ins 4,213.41
Vicki Sitzmann, ins reimb 185.40
Wiatel, phone/internet 628.43
WEX, gas 1,403.79
Foundation, water/sewer testing 552.50
Doug Koch, Sept cleaning 268.75
Iowa League of Cities, dues 1,066.00
MidAmerican, utilities 3,730.42
Sanitary Services, 3rd Qtr garbage as billed 22,997.00
Baker & Taylor, Lib books 923.38
PCC, ambulance billing August 708.89
Hometown Pantry, supplies 156.48
Maguire Iron, tower maintenance yr 1 58,352.00
KMK, 5 shirts/B Book 70.00
MidAmerican, utilities 2,056.18
Treas of State, SWH interest 57.56
G-Works, Beacon meter software 1,782.00
Amazon 24.22
Iowa DNR, Water/Wastewater testing 60.00
Clark’s Hardware, supplies 146.97
Total 135,960.87

Library Special Expenses:
Blackstone Audio, Lib books 242.33
Demco, Lib supplies 225.25
ABC-CLIO, Lib book 51.00
Fire Dept. Special Expenses:
Mary Hagan, reimb parade candy 32.04
Toyne, halogen lamps 46.24
Feld Fire, foam 500.00
TNT Brush, squeegees 182.00

Expenses by Fund: General, 84,005.80; Road Use, 7,493.98; Employee Benefits, 6,666.13; Local Option, 31,491.00; TIF, 0.00; Lib Special, 1,340.95; Fire Dept. Special, 760.28; Amb. Special, 0.00; Debt Service, 0.00; Water, 11,817.76; Sewer, 6,434.40; Solid Waste, 8,941.14. Total: 158,951.44. Revenues by Function: Charges for Services, 64,089.74; Operating Grants, 141,304.43; General, 105,567.32; Transfer In, 0.00. Total: 310,961.49.

Treasurers report. Approved on motion by Bohle, seconded by Rolling, all voted aye, motion carried.

No Fire Report

Police Report distributed. Purchase tires for the squad. $728.00 total. Internet puck was ordered for $175.00 from FirstNet. Cain Junkman is working part-time (certified Maybe have a 10 p.m. curfew at the park.

Properties at 23 and 25 West 2nd Street will be demolished soon. Tear down 23 West 2nd will take place first then wait two weeks and tear down 25 West 2nd. It is going to take eighty to ninety loads of dirt to fill holes.

Ordinance #260 amend residential sidewalk specifications. Four inches thick except under driveway then five inches thick. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Jasperson to approve the first reading, all voted aye, motion carried.

Ordinance #261 Primary Council meeting will be the first meeting of the month, leave at 7:00 p.m. Second meeting will only be held when needed. Motion by Bohle, seconded by Mathers to approve the first reading, all voted aye, motion carried.

Resolution #2021-21 Sidewalk agreements with Jim Harvey Insurance Agency and Dave Riemenschneider are signed. Motion Rolling, Jasperson seconded, ayes all.

Ordinance #262 To limit the number of pets per residence will not be pursued at this time as an ordinance.

Brian Book was hired to fill the city maintenance at a rate of $20.00/hour. Attorney Thompson will draft an employment agreement, motion by Bohle to approve the new hire, seconded by Jasperson, all voted aye, motion carried.

Residential storage containers will be prohibited in the city limits. An ordinance will be presented at the November meeting.

Building permits. Andrew Hanson, fence; Steve Schroeder, fence; Mitchell Bohle, fence.

Adjourned on motion by Jasperson, seconded by Bohle, all voted aye, motion carried.

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 14, 2021


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