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Correctionville City Council Minutes — October 11, 2021

Correctionville City Council
Regular City Council Meeting –
October 11, 2021

CALL TO ORDER: The Correctionville City Council met in Regular session on October 11, 2021, at the Correctionville City Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Nathan Heilman.

ROLL CALL: Council members answering roll: Adam Petty, Ron Sanderson, Bob Beazley, Sonya Kostan and Dan Volkert. Absent: None. City Attorney was represented by Chad Thompson.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Volkert to approve the agenda. Passed 5/0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Beazley, 2nd Kostan by to approve the minutes of the September 13, 2021 regular meeting. Bills as listed. Reports as filed. Annual Financial Report for 2020/21. Passed 5/0.

Sgt. Rose reviewed report.

Pat Langschwager, maintenance, reported tube and inlet for corner of 4th and Hackberry should be here mid November. Worked on seeding library property. City workers will be working on grinding stumps at the pool.

Jeff Wortman, Fire Chief, reviewed fire and rescue report. Advised council that the 93 Chevy pumper has a leak in the water tank. Probably be looking to replace this vehicle sometime in the future.

Dave Christensen updated council regarding nuisance abatements. Christensen asked the council if he should proceed with the Court ordered repairs and assess costs to the property owners. Council delayed making a decision until after the first of the year when the new council is elected. Council was given a list of nuisances that are ready for citations to be issued. Several on the list have been or are in the process of abating their nuisances these will be given an additional 30 days, the remaining will move forward with the citation process. Councilman, Volkert addressed the council and audience regarding the sidewalk project stating that sidewalks enhance and are an essential part of our community. After much discussion the Council agreed to table phase 3 of the sidewalk project until the first of the year. Phase 2 of the sidewalk project will continue as scheduled. Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Sanderson adopting Resolution 2021-43 approving assessment of costs for sidewalk improvements to property taxes for collection. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Morgyn Langschwager asked the council for permission to have one horse within the city limits at 617 Birch Street. Motion by Sanderson, 2nd by Kostan to allow Langschwager to have one horse at her residence, 617 Birch Street. Passed 5/0.
Motion by Petty, 2nd by Sanderson adopting Resolution 2021-44 approving construction contract, bond and insurance coverage and authorizing Mayor and Clerk to sign on behalf of the City.

Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Volkert adopting Resolution 2021-45 awarding Sanitary Sewer Lining repairs, section 2 of the sewer project, contract to CIT Sewer Solutions in the amount of $124,550.00. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Beazley authorizing the cost of the storm sewer project along Sioux Ave. be paid out of the American Rescue Plan fund (199).

Motion by Volkert, 2nd by Petty adopting Resolution 2021-46 setting public hearing for the vacating of east/west alley in Block 23, Railroad Second Addition to be held November 8, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 312 Driftwood Street, Correctionville, Iowa. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Petty adopting Resolution 2021-47 approving the Annual Urban Renewal Report as presented. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Motion by Kostan, 2nd by Sanderson adopting Resolution 2021-48 approving policy regarding Incident Reporting and Company Nurse Policy. Roll Call. Passed 5/0.

Councilman Volkert has been in touch with the school officials regarding a crossing guards program. Volkert would like to move forward with this program as long as council is on board. Council did approve and recommended Volkert move forward with the school.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


September      September
Expenditures  Revenues
General Fund
$26,515.94          $28,747.06
Road Use Tax
$10,146.32           $12,745.06
Employee Benefits
Copeland Fund
Fire Dept Fund
Cemetery Maint.
Debt Service
Sewer Force Main
$3,499.75        $2,000.00
Water Fund
$13,184.07      $10,354.22
Sewer Fund
$5,679.37        $15,852.26
$59,025.45     $91,069.63

Vendor/Description Amount
Ipers IPERS $2,186.75
Department Of Treasury Federal $3,091.34
Iowa Dept Of Revenue Sales Tax 3rd Quarter $376.00
Iowa Dept Of Revenue WET Tax 3rd quarter $1,534.00
Iowa Dept Of Revenue Withholding 3rd quarter $1,487.00
USPS Postage $156.00
Kera Johnson Deposit Refund $86.02
United Healthcare Health Ins. $5,785.02
MidAmerican Electric $3,205.58
April Putzier Mileage $38.08
AT&T Mobility Phone $89.80
Badger Meter Inc. Beacon Meter Hosting $32.32
Corner Hardware Supplies $45.25
Correctionville Building Center Repairs $6.83
Elegant Lawn & Landscape Mowing October $3,333.35
Foundation Analytical Testing $28.75
Gordon Flesch Company maintenance agreement $32.74
Iowa DNR Annual Water Use 2022 $95.00
Iowa DOT Supplies $365.73
Iowa League Of Cities Budget Workshop $100.00
J.P. Cooke Company Tags/receipt books $101.70
Jacobs Electric Lights $989.29
Joy Auto Supply Inc. Maintenance $144.21
L.P. Gill, Inc. 2nd quarter 21/22 $4,228.15
Linda Betsinger McCann Book $20.00
Longlines Phone $145.84
McKesson Medical Supplies $308.57
Metering & Technology Solution Beacon hosting software $6,500.00
Netsys Back up $55.00
New Cooperative, Inc. Fuel $1,374.43
PCC Amb August 2021 $687.52
Sanitary Services Garbage 3rd Quarter $13,787.10
Moville Record Publishing $533.70
Thompson Law Office, LLC Legal fees $3,150.00
Visa Supplies $518.64

Published in The Record
Thursday, October 21, 2021

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